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Mission Statement of SPICA - Way of Light

The University of Divinity

SPICA - Way of Light’s ministerial mission is to assist students who are ready to progress spiritually, to advance their studies and acquire the status as Ordained Minister or Doctor of Divinity.  The assistance to be provided in this study program, is the right to become a Minister of SPICA - Way of Light and to open to the service of Spiritual Counseling, Healing and Ministry.

SPICA - Way of Light intends to uphold the sacred process of Service to Others as it teaches each student to honor and revere the sacred quality of all life.  It is expected that each student will continue the progression and expansion of spiritual wisdom and to extend their wisdom to humanity by espousing the tenets of love, peace, harmony, and union with Source.  Graduates will provide services of basic rites through sacred ceremonies, spiritual counseling, hands on healing, radiant healing, teaching, and prayer therapy.  Reiki Healing modalities are the foundation of healing for SPICA - Way of Light.

Through this distance educational program and experiential studies, the student will be guided to realize and minister the truth that Source and Humanity are One.  The realization of this truth is within, and each student will not only know this mentally, but will know it emotionally, and will spiritually seal it within their daily lives.  In so doing, they will be prepared to teach this to others without hesitation.

Each student will investigate, study and experiment with an open mind, the multi-dimensions of consciousness that also reveals the intuitive capabilities of each person.  This will open the empowered state of Oneness, the gift of healing, and spiritual communication. From this place of awareness the student, as minister, can administer to others and assist them to awaken to their empowered state of Oneness.

SPICA - Way of Light will encourage the extension of this work, after ordination of students, inspiriting the new ministers to hold meetings, classes and express their personal ministry by opening auxiliary churches and centers in their part of the world. This will aid the expansion and sharing of the Spiritual Truth espoused by the philosophy of SPICA - Way of Light.

The Will of Source Blesses and Expresses through everyone!

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