History of University of Divinity


Dr. Bell* established SPICA - Way of Light, with her Board of Directors, officially through the State of California and the Internal Revenue Services in early 2007.  The church began performing inspirational services in February of 2007.   The establishment of the University of Divinity began its development soon after.   Dr. Bell*’ dream of over 20 years comes to fruition with the university anchored in the higher intent to serve a community of spiritual practitioners desiring higher degrees and ministerial credentials that professionally substantiate their wisdom.  To help students throughout the world, this educational program is set for Distance Learning and the internet forum is set for student’s to make contact with other students!   Blessings of technology has opened the door for more interactive learning without the need to travel to study. This offers the student the freedom to continue their daily responsibilities while growing in their spiritual intent to serve in a spiritual career.

Dr. Bell* has been counseling, teaching, lecturing and writing in the area of New Thought - Transpersonal Approach(SM), and mysticism for over four decades.  Her full-time service in the field of transpersonal development was firmly established by 1986.  Her own educational background in spiritual counseling and esoteric ministry qualifies her as the Head of the Church of SPICA - Way of Light and her doctoral status as Ph.D. and Doctorate of Divinity satisfy requirements to teach the educational program from bachelor level through doctoral level degrees for all incoming students.

The philosophy that Dr. Bell* brings to the school is solidly based in spiritual psychology, esoteric philosophy and Hermetic practices.  These studies and her spiritual work are the foundation for the SPICA - Way of Light Church and the University of Divinity.   Her educational journey with the spiritual masters of the human field and the masters of the spiritual realm have brought significant wisdom in of the area of the Transpersonal Approach(SM) to New Thought, and the Divine Feminine Principle, which is the foundation of SPICA - Way of Light.  She is a minister, astrologer, healer and philosopher engaged in furthering the discovery of Oneness, Peace, Love, and Harmony in all levels of existence.

*Formerly known as Katherine Torres, Ph.D., D.D.


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