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The university was founded on New Thought - Transpersonal Approach(SM) philosophies studied and developed by Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.   For more than forty-seven years, Dr. Bell has studied in the fields of Transpersonal Psychology, Mysticism, Qabalah, Western Astrology, Shamanism, New age philosophies of Divine Mind sciences, and psychism. T he course curriculum for SPICA - Way of Light University of Divinity is based on the many subjects she has taught over the last 27 years as she firmly established herself as a minister, teacher, and spiritual counselor.

Joining Dr. Bell are faculty members who have shown outstanding support and background wisdom in providing spiritual education to others. As the university grows and develops, faculty members throughout the world will provide extended programs to further the wisdom of students interested in the New Thought - Transpersonal Approach(SM) philosophies and matriculating through SPICA -Way of Light University of Divinity.


Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D. is the Founder and President of SPICA - Way of Light.   She has over four decades of dedicated spiritual practice.   She provides spiritual counseling/coaching, Astrology, Reiki and Shamanic healing modalities, and much more, as she helps others find their purpose and passion. Rev. Bell established the mystical studies of Daughters of the Moon and the Wizard Circle programs, which set the foundation of the Divine Feminine wisdom that has inspired the growth of SPICA - Way of Light.  She is an author, lecturer, teacher, and heads the SPICA - Way of Light University of Divinity.  Her spiritual, doctoral degrees are in Metaphysical Sciences, Transpersonal Psychology, Holistic Astrology, and Mysticism.

Rev. Celeste Mulvihill, B.A., B. MSc. is the Vice President of SPICA - Way of Light.  She is a spiritual counselor and has been providing guidance to others for nearly a decade.   She is also a Board Member of the SPICA - Way of Light university, as well as a Faculty member.  Her expertise in the metaphysical sciences of symbology and correspondences is exceptional.   She has been supporting the growth and evolution of SPICA - Way of Light since its inception.   She is also a graduate of the Daughters of the Moon mystical wisdom studies of the Divine Feminine, and has sacrificed much time in helping establish the course-work for SPICA - Way of Light University of Divinity.

Barbara Hightower, M.A. is the Secretary/Treasurer of SPICA - Way of Light.   She has over 45 years in service to the community as both a Respiratory Therapist and Elementary School teacher.   After retirement in these fields, she began supporting the process of SPICA - Way of Light.  Stepping in as Secretary/Treasurer, she also stands side-by-side the other two board members to initiate the educational programs for the SPICA - Way of Light University of Divinity.  Her educational degree and curriculum writing expertise has been Divinely guided and used in the spiritual program of the university.  She is the leader of the Gathering Classes that assist individuals in flowing with the cycles and phases of the lunar month.  Barbara is a graduate of the Daughter’s of the Moon wisdom studies program.   She is also the author of, Shift Up, a book about affirmations and how to use them to shift to a higher level of consciousness, which qualifies her as the faculty expert in the affirmations and prayer treatment classes.

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