Degrees Awarded


Degrees Awarded

SPICA - Way of Light offers continuing education for spiritual development and professionalism in the Transpersonal Approach(SM) of ministering, counseling, healing and teaching.  Our programs provide opportunities for individuals to become knowledgeable within the field of new thought modalities that support the growth of conscious evolution.

As a student seeks to respond to the “call” of their soul to enrich their lives spiritually and support others in their life-enrichment goals, SPICA - Way of Light’s university programs are designed to aid in the highest achievement of these ideals.  The student can rest assured that the programs provide, enhance and encourage sacred growth and professionalism in the manner in which credentials will be awarded.

The programs are designed for Distance Learning.  This allows each student to study in their own private environment and create the levels of focus needed to succeed in self awareness and self actualization.  One or more classes (such as Reiki) will require on-sight experience.  A Workshop is required for graduates of the Masters program and will be the venue in which ministerial performance will be examined via rituals and ceremony, spiritual lectures to be spoken, healing modalities demonstrated, and prayer treatments given.  The culmination of this workshop is a graduation ceremony and ministerial ordination ceremony.

As the student continues to advance to the level of Doctor of Divinity, the graduation ceremony also culminates with a second level ordination ceremony. The specialty of the graduate will be honored by the expressed presentation of expertise they will carry on in their career, pursuant to the highest academic degree conferred upon them.

Each level of graduation will not only honor the academic status of an individual, but will provide honors for students showing exceptional and outstanding levels of education.

Cum Laude - Honor with praise - Reached minimum requirement of 100% in all classes.


Magna Cum Laude - Great Honor and praise - Reached minimum requirement of 100% in all classes and performed additional work to reveal knowledge of subjects.


Summa Cum Laude - Highest Honor and praise - Reached a minimum requirement of 110% (provided by extra credit programs such as volunteer work in the church or community, and brings a New Theory to the study of New Thought - Transpersonal Approach(SM) modalities).


Spica - Way of Light Church and University of Divinity offices are located in El Cajon, California. Inspirational Services are held in La Mesa, California. Affiliate churches are developed throughout the country as graduates establish their venue of service.


Bachelors of Spiritual Philosophy (B.SPh.)

Level one - Basic Philosophy

The foundation of SPICA - Way of Light University of Divinity is uncovered through the Bachelor of Spiritual Philosophy.  The philosophy of the Transpersonal Approach(SM) is provided in the basic studies of this level.

Legal and Spiritual Ethics is the first course required to set the pace for a higher purpose in one’s intention to follow a spiritual philosophy and share it with others.  Meditation, prayer and affirmations are taught.  Universal Laws and Transpersonal Numerology continue to reveal a foundation for awareness of the individual’s connection to Source.  Symbology is a basis of this awareness as well. Within symbology is the wisdom of color and its radiant effect on body and mind.  Angelic assistance is recognized and astrological wisdom is considered as the imprint of soul wisdom.

Healing modalities for self, and helping others comes through the teachings of the inner wheels (Chakra philosophy). Inner dialogue, and the first level of Reiki training continues the path of self awareness. All of these subjects are reviewed as the basis of our spiritual practices..

The students performance in each class will be evaluated and final exams from each class will require a grade of 80% or better to receive their diploma, and the title, Bachelor of Spiritual Philosophy (B.SPh.) will be awarded.


Master of Spiritual Philosophy (M.SPh.)

Level Two - Basic Ministerial Ordination

The students may choose to continue the spiritual education process and enhance their intentions to be of Service to Source and Humanity as a minister.  In the Master level studies, comparative religion, particularly focused on the Divine Feminine, will unfold and further awareness of the foundation of SPICA - Way of Light’s philosophy is continued.

At this level, the students aim toward their Ministerial status.  To aid in this awareness, spiritual counseling and hands-on healing is taught.  Demonstrating the union with Celestial beings is practiced.  Further advancement and use of Astrology unfolds. Ceremonial practices are studied as well as effective speaking and writing as a Minister.  Further work in the healing system used by SPICA - Way of Light is taught through the continual use of Reiki and radiant healing through the dimensions.  To aid the practitioner in successful business practices as a minister, the subject of Spiritual Administration is covered.  Finally, a 10,00 word thesis or project is required as the fulfillment of this level; and the student creates a class designed for service to the Church or Community.

The student will take an overview test that includes information learned in Level One and Level Two.  A grade of 80% or better is required.  The Final exam will be held through a workshop.  The examination will provide a venue in which the students will demonstrate their ability to perform rituals and ceremony, spiritual lectures, healing modalities, and prayer treatments.  The culmination of this workshop is a graduation ceremony and ministerial ordination ceremony.


Doctor of Divinity (D.D.) Specializing in...

Level Three - Specialization

The student continuing to advance their spiritual quest at this level is required to demonstrate their ability to reveal the basic philosophy of SPICA - Way of Light as learned in Levels One and Two, and to express their speciality in one of the areas revealed below. If one of the specialities of a student is not listed, they can appeal to the Board of Directors and demonstrate their capabilities in the specialty desired. The student is also required to create the plans for a church and the programs to be used in the church that follow the edicts of SPICA - Way of Light and the specialty of the student.

The student is provided a Thesis/Project supervisor who will mentor and encourage the student to fulfill their requirements as a Doctor of Divinity.


  • Ceremony and Ritual
  • Chakra Therapy
  • Healing Modalities
  • Mysticism
  • Shamanism
  • Spiritual Astrology
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Spiritual Education
  • Spiritual Symbology and Correspondences
  • Tree of Life

... or other area of spiritual expertise

A 30,000 word dissertation or special project (determined by student, Board of Directors and dissertation Supervisor) will be required to complete the Doctor of Divinity level.


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