Career Opportunities


Career Opportunities as a SPICA - Way of Light Minister

As you graduate from SPICA - Way of Light University of Divinity, you have the right to practice in a spiritual career.  Your opportunities are varied and expand as you grow in your specialized career.   You not only fulfill the gift of spiritual leader through sacred services, but identifiably, you can provide specific processes for helping others.   The financial return for your work will vary according to your expertise, your region and your own belief in you’re abundance.


Practitioners work in Counseling

In today’s society, spiritual counseling and coaching are top fields of ministry.   They are fields that help individuals demonstrate their inner power and personal growth.  Spiritual Counseling is geared with the sacred philosophy of helping the individual discover his or her Higher Self—Source Self and the empowered state of Being.   The quality of coaching helps individuals maintain their Higher Self awareness and live from this state in all avenues of their life.  You, as a spiritual minister, will find tremendous fulfillment in the area of the Practitioner of Spiritual Counseling and Coaching as you help individuals align with the highest state of being in the areas of:

  • Abundance
  • Health & Fitness
  • Job/ Career
  • Personal Growth and Organization
  • Relationships
  • Quality of Life
  • Self-Esteem
  • Spiritual Approach to Living


Lectures and Writing

This is an open area of career opportunities.   Lectures and writing offer the doorway to expressing your sacred philosophy and inspiring others. Speaking before groups is fulfilling as you see positive responses to the wisdom you share.    Writing provides the opportunity to reach thousands of people and enliven your intentions to follow a spiritual path that fulfills others and supports their life-style advancement. Publishers often look for experts in a field that can provide “self help and motivation,” and those carrying doctoral status frequently are reviewed before other authors. In our modern society, e-books and electronic books are becoming a popular modality for public consumption of wisdom.


Seminars and Workshops

As you feel the knowledge you carry is viable for the use and education of others, Seminars and Workshops become an avenue of service.   Inspirational messages can be placed in applicable dialogue for your students to advance their knowledge and place the wisdom into action in their daily lives.  Workshops create an interactive and experiential environment that helps blend thought, emotion and action into cellular memory and further assists the participants in weaving the knowledge easily into their daily lives.  Energy healing is sanctioned by the philosophy of SPICA - Way of Light and will be taught through seminars and workshops by graduates.


Practitioner of Spiritual Healing

As we continue to live in the 21st millennium, healing alternatives are sought by a greater populace, especially energy healing.   There is at least a 47 percent increase in the use of holistic fields of healing since the 1990's (according to Healing Choices, an on-line guide to alternative modalities). As a practitioner of SPICA - Way of Light, you will be using Reiki practices of energy healing.  Those of you with specialty degrees may be including Healing Touch, Shamanic healing techniques, and other specialities that support energetic healing.    This career field assists individuals in relaxing and opening to the healing fields of the Divine Mind (Source).


Practitioner of Sacred Rites and Ceremonies

Ministers often specialize in Weddings, Birthing Ceremonies, and Rites of Passage that support someone’s significant life changes.  This, too, is a growing area and your sacred attitude brings a special alignment to the rites you will perform.


Inspirational CDs, DVDs and other technological methods

We are experiencing an age of advancing technology.   Classes, workshops, inspirational messages, books, etc. are often placed on CDs and DVDs, MP3s and Video programs.   Again, similar to books, this modality reaches a large audience and provides methods of learning how to meditate, advance self growth, and to study mini-programs through classes you create.


These are but a few areas to advance your career. You may wish to establish your own church, open your own bookstore, or create a healing center. Under the umbrella of SPICA - Way of Light, you will have legal opportunities to do so.


If you have any questions or need more information, please send us an email.

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