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We are currently NOT accepting new students.

Begin your spiritual program today!  You will Ignite Your Life with a spiritual alchemy that will change your world to a brighter, ever-positive alignment with Source.   You will express peace, love and harmony in all that you do and all processes you will perform in your Service to Source—Service to Humanity.

Establish your professional position in the New Thought - Transpersonal Approach(SM) field.   As an ordained minister holding a Master of Spiritual Philosophy or a Doctor of Divinity, you set a prestigious tone for clients, a congregation and the community you will serve.   A high level of respect and honor will be given to you as one dedicated to work and achieve a spiritual and academic alliance.  You will hold a professional standing in common with all other professions.

When you complete your studies as a minister, you will be registered with SPICA - Way of Light Church, a Nonprofit Religious organization that will maintain your records to fulfill legal requirements.  It is up to you to establish your position in your State or Country under legal requirements dictated by your jurisdiction to perform certain rites (particularly marriages).   You must be in compliance with local laws.     You also must be in compliance with SPICA - Way of Light Church and University of Divinity requirements to maintain your Ministerial status by submitting monthly reports and annual ministerial affiliation fees.   Shall you establish an affiliated church under the requirements of SPICA - Way of Light, an annual Church Affiliation fee and reports of business management will be required.   Bi-Yearly Continuing Education Units will be required to maintain your ministerial status or church affiliation.

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