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Inspirational Sundays!

With Rev. Katherine Bell*, Ph.D., D.D.

A New Thought

Metaphysical/Transpersonal Approach(SM) Church!

We meet two Sundays each month, in the process of finding a new location in Colorado, to be announced soon.  We are a pro-active, experiential church.  We live the principles of transpersonal philosophies based in Divine Mind sciences and mystical wisdom.   Our foundation is union with Source through the doorway of the Divine Feminine.

We practice Radiant Healing modalities that support balance of body, mind, emotions and ego for union with Soul-Source consciousness.   Radiant Healing is utilized by our ministers and practitioners as taught through Reiki and Shamanic philosophies in the University of Divinity, a Division of SPICA - Way of Light.

Meditative and contemplative practices are embraced as a way to assist each person in their connection with Source.  Aligning with the Law of Living, meditation guides each person through the multi-dimensions of consciousness.  It becomes evident that we live on All Dimensions at all times.  SPICA - Way of Light teaches the principles of thirteen dimensions.

Ultimately, SPICA - Way of Life honors the Universal Law of Love.   This is the unconditional, loving element of Source and resides in every person.  It is released by each thought, emotion, and action being aligned congruently in the flow of oneness.

Rev. Bell* provides inspiration messages on the 4th Sunday of each Month.   Barbara Hightower provides inspirational guidance on the 2nd Sunday of each month that follows the flow of the Divine Feminine through the messages gleaned from lunar cycles of each month.


If you have any questions or need more information, please send us an email.

Phone:  (800) 498-2353

The Place: New place will be announced soon.



*Formerly known as Katherine Torres, Ph.D., D.D.

Transpersonal Approach(SM)


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