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2016 Events

Church & Educational Services for SPICA - Way of Light


Sunday Services for 2016

Texas Sunday Services are held Quarterly* (Time: 9:00 AM).

We move through a Scavenger Hunt and uncover Sacred Mystery – What’s in Your Bag?

January 11 - The Mystery Behind 2015

February 8 - Seeking the Mystery of Truth

March 8 - What’s under the Coral of Creativity?

April 12 - Stirring the Path releasing the swirling energy of Divine Purpose

May 10 - Picking the Roses and Finding a Mystical Light

May 17 - Texas Church Services


June 14 - What, Where, Why and How do we scavenge?

July 12 - Diving In, retrieving another Secret of the Universe

August 9 - The Sacred Scavenger Hunt of Playfulness

Aug 16 - Texas Church Services


Sept 13 - Hunting for Sacred Service

Oct 11 - Culling the Roots, uncovering a Golden Seed

Nov 15 - Scavenging through the Temple

Nov 22 - Texas Church Services


Dec 13 - The Wonders of Wisdom gleaned through our Scavenger Hunt


Sunday Services in Texas (Time: 9:00 AM) are held at the home of Rev. Annie Watts and Bob Watts.


We Look Forward to Serving you throughout the year!

Further information may be obtained by writing Rev. Bell* at

or calling (800) 498-2353.    Do Bring a Friend;  let’s fill up our services and spread the word of the Divine Feminine Principle of the Universe.


*Classes - $20 donation - Themes may be changed due to inspiration of Spirit.


*Formerly known as Katherine Torres, Ph.D., D.D.


Transpersonal Approach(SM)


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