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Venus Center Stage

Monday, July 4th, 2011

<b>Happy 4th of July! May the Gifts and Blessings of our Country be fully recognized by all of us. Thank you to the men and women who have supported and protected us, gave their life for our security, or came home with physical, emotional and medical challenges. May we all use this day to Pray for Peace and Ignite the Light of Peace in our thoughts, feelings and language for our entire world.

Today Venus stepped on the path through the Zodiac sign, Cancer, today. She has much to share as she makes her journey through this Sign. She will curve along the path and will arch light to other planets to she stimulates their work for humanity.

First, let me comment on Venus. Such a sweet energy. Feminine, a cauldron, creative, nurturing, resourceful, abundant, interpersonal….and oh so much more. As she journeys through the Zodiac Sign of Cancer, she stirs the love of family and asks for the harmony within the family. Since she is the sign of our American Nation, she will stir the Love of the USA….ah but there is much more.

Venus carries mystical secrets. She is a major player of energy for the Universe. She is the doorway to the Soul, thus calling everyone to nurture one’s soul intentions. She stirs our cauldron of creative and abundant power. She aids us to respond and interact with others who help us make the journey of our soul’s intention to fulfill life dreams, lessons and experiences.

As she has entered this sign at Crescent Moon time (a time to clarify what it is you want to achieve this lunar month), she is sending vibrations to Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron. She is gaining momentum to meet them all in a strong angle of light. In fact, her tightest angle right now is with Neptune. What is the blessing of this angle? Well, first, take into consideration that Neptune is considered the Higher Order of Venus. Neptune (who is right along side Chiron), is retrograde in Pisces right now. Put these two into a connection and you do have Sacred Attitudes, Goddess alignment, compassion with others and of course the sharing of creative ideas. Neptune will call you inside so you may feel the flow of the Universal Consciousness guiding every soul.

While sending the Light of Grace to Neptune, she is also connected to Chiron. The power of resourcefulness will be used by both Chiron and Venus. Most certainly the gift of healing and the wonder of sharing Great Mystery with others is occurring. If you are a teacher or healer, this time with Chiron will stir inspirational feelings and thoughts as to what you can bring to an ever growing process of energetic healing to the forefront. Sound healing, Radiant healing and Touch healing will be enhanced. You will be aware of more people who desire to have this occur for them.

So, of course, with Venus moving the energy of Grace, she is also moving the energies of motivation and complimentary visioning for practicing union. As most would say, this arching is challenging because the motivational process is how she is squaring Uranus and the complementary process is how she is opposing Pluto. All three planets are in Cardinal Signs: those who are pioneers, leaders, authority figures…all wanting “their way” to be recognized and utilized. However, how can we move into the positive alignment so that the true reason for squares and oppositions can occur: to motivate and compliment? Respond! That is the key. If we fight the process of motivation, we simply get angry. If we fight the complimentary process, we see differences and do not recognize the benefit of being different and offering ideas in such a manner as to help us get excited and take up new levels of awareness.

It is up to every individual to form a positive alignment with these angles…otherwise, you may experience a confusing time with Uranus, uproars that are “out of the blue” rather than an enlightening and motivating time. You may leave yourself in states of anger and argument with your family, as Pluto and Venus connect with each other….and since both Uranus and Pluto are significant activators of the whole wide world, we may see countries react negatively rather than respond positively to support each other.

Okay, so that motivation process with Uranus and Aries is quite important. At one level, Uranus needs to listen to the message of Venus in Cancer and to not be too impulsive right now. Let the Cancer “need to be at home” and the Venus “need to nurture creative powers through resourcefulness” be used in an ebb and flow…..not a “get going right now!” If we all take head to this message, then new and innovative ideas will emerge and we will know how to develop them with a whole lot of love and awareness of our Service to Source.

Pluto in Capricorn is being arched with the home-base reality of Venus in Cancer, calling for that “stay at home” field of energy. Now for some of you, that may mean you feel too lazy to go to work (tomorrow). It most certainly may bring about a lot of drama at home (or work). Passionate obsessiveness may get in the way. Open communication will likely not happen if the negative has taken control. It may also mean that challenges are occurring with corporations and governments. Drama, trauma, controlling issues and passionate abusiveness may show up in all relationships (personal, social, world-wide).

Well, we are in charge. Yes? I hope you feel that way. If you are, then get passionate with the power to change drama into creative motivation to make the changes that stir the healing, sacred attitudes and loving purpose to follow your soul. Get passionate with your desire to radiate energy that most certainly Ignites the Light of Healing (family, intimate relationships, and the world). Allow yourself to highlight the wisdom to know there are differences and they present many more opportunities to gain insight and create new ways of living out the gifts of your soul.

Of course, this movement of planets arching lights to each other will increase over the next few days and then decrease as Venus journeys quickly through Cancer, finishing on the Black Moon of July 29th (2nd New Moon in a Month).

Use her energy for good and watch the good poor out throughout your life to others and the world.


Cosmic Summer

Monday, June 14th, 2010

The doorway of Summer has led us to our gardens, playfilled times, and also, our challenges. The cosmic vibrations assist us in passing through the Summer events. We, of course, noted the 2nd Harmonic Convergence on May 27th. We are now watching formation that are going to ignite the passageway through Summer and we can make choices that allow the right use of energy in the flow of the vibrations Galactically Transmitting through our world.

Let’s start with the reality that the Personal Planets are all in the Personal Zodiac signs. Mars is in Virgo, Venus just moved into Leo, Mercury barely entered Gemini, the Moon is in Cancer and the Sun is about to finish its jaunt (6 more days) through Gemini. Also, Jupiter is in Aries, Saturn is in Virgo and Uranus is in Aries…all the personal zodiac signs. This does indicate that “now” is the time to get to know your self much better; recognize how you are participating with life; and understand how you are expressing your personal mastery to the world.

Interestingly, the formation of planets continues to move, challenge and stretch our consciousness to meet our Mastery as the formation of a Grand Cross is growing in the Cardinal Zodiac Signs (Aries, Cancer, Virgo/Libra and Capricorn). It most certainly will be felt by Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on the 26th. The more we know ourselves, the more we can use this frequency of Mastering our Leadership abilities, our mature outlook of compassion and sharing life with others, and our ability to take charge of our Spiritual Intent to live the Transpersonal Approach℠ through all of our experiences.

For now, relish in the new vibration of Venus in Leo. Together they bring a lot of fun, great creative urges and creative actions. They will turn your heart into that mushy love experience (just be sure you don’t have rose colored glasses on). Have fun, delight in the joy of Love. Don’t be too impetuous, as you can be with Venus arcing positive lights to Jupiter and Uranus in Aries—no time to stop, think and evaluate–you will simply want the freedom to do what you want. The rebel might come out with Uranus playing a part…however, just remember the Law of Cause and Effect is always at work…what you do will create an outcome…will it be the most positive, provide you the True Desires of your Heart, and be the gift of Love to the Whole, overall? The truer and most positive alignment of Grace that is occurring between these planets, does bring about the generous actions of love, humanitarian thinking, and the joyful action of finding all that is good. Make that your focus and know Grace is bestowed through the effect of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Mars in Virgo is presently in a positive, Grace-filled alignment with Pluto in Capricorn. May this be the vibration that helps the World Governments realize the actions to be taken to create the cleanup of the Oil, the wisdom of a Greater Service to Humanity, and the realization that the I Am (Mars/Aries) vibration is in action to Heal (Virgo) the platform of Source’s Greatest work (Capricorn). The turn, changes, dynamic goals of a whole nex existence is fully activated…may our Governments work together in this new arena. May each of us gain a greater realization: Our Governments can only reflect our inner thoughts, feelings and attitudes. Each of us can support the healing, cleanup, release of wisdom when we stand in the positive action of Love, Compassion, and KNOWING that we can live in harmony with everyone, with nature, and with peace.

I will share more on the Grand Cross as it forms and activates. For now, BE LOVE, BE PEACE, and BE in your Center Point of Existence (your Authentic, Source Self), and know you will be using the energies forming in the most empowered positive expression. AWEN

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