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SPICA – Way of Light Ignite Your Inner Wisdom Radio Show

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

One more show!  Join in and listen to:

SPICA – Way of Light: Ignite Your Inner Wisdom Radio Show at  at 8:00 a.m. this Saturday!   Listen Live to VoiceAmerica 7th Wave

Ignite the Pathway of Your Wisdom

Mystical Schools – Scholarly Journey. Practitioners of New Thought- Transpersonal Approach℠ often find that their educational process is not conducive of their Soul Encouragement and Call to Service. In this program we will uncover the means to honor the inner call and the worldly reality of honoring advanced education, and the personal satisfaction of receiving degrees in the holistic field. Dr. Katherine Torres will explore the modalities of learning and training through the holistic education field. What are the legal and ethical requirements to advance one’s education in the holistic field and receive Bachelor, Master or Doctorate degrees? Listen in and discover. Call in: 866-472-5795 Email: Visit: Rev. Katherine Torres, Ph.D., D.D. Learn More »
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SPICA – Way of Light: Ignite Your Inner Wisdom

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Happy Hanukkah – December 20, 2011

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

To our Sisters and Brothers of the Jewish faith and all who honor Hanukkah, may today bring you blessings, love and the continued Light of Divine Guidance.

May the celebration of Lights be joyful. As you begin lighting your Lights from Right to Left, you inspire me to remember that we come from our Cognitive Awareness (Right) to our Inner Awareness (Left) where we truly find the Light.

Cosmically, the star-picture of the Heavens at Sunset reveals the Earth (in Gemini) arching Light with Saturn (in Libra) and Neptune (in Aquarius), creating a vibrant energy of a Grand Trine (Grace of the Divine). This Trine of Air provides everyone with an awareness of the Higher Mind that is guiding us. The Beauty of Earth aligned in Gemini calls us to the power of discerning the light by using our Gift of Choice and Grounding that gift into our Community. The blessings of Saturn in Libra reminds us that we do have the choice to form a relationship, strong in its foundation of love, care and equality, while Neptune in Aquarius, reminds us that the ultimate relationship is with the Sacred Divine and it is most definitely the time to honor the New World by holding All Life Sacred in the Light of Oneness.

The Earth, of course, is directly opposite the Sun in Sagittarius and reminds us that Balance is kept when we realize that opposites work together to maintain that balance. In this reality, Gemini reminds us of the Sacred Path of Zayin (Hebrew Letter representing “sword”) on the Tree of Life. It reminds us to cut through any thoughts that leave us in negative choices and an unwillingness to be in Oneness in body, mind and spirit. It pulls into a pattern of devotion to the Oneness. The power of Sagittarius calls us to a higher order and honors the path on the Tree of Life called Samekh (representing support). It reminds us that the Angelic Realm supports us as we make our choice to reach for the Higher Wisdom of our Be-ingness. In fact, both the Zayin Path and the Samekh Path reach into the Heart of the Tree (Tiphareth) which reminds us that we are the Masters that have Dominion over the Earth and therefore the Divine Consciousness and Wisdom to live in Light, Love, Liberty, Peace, Power, Prosperity, Benevolence, Beauty, Be-ingness.

The Power of the Sun activates the Law of Regeneration, reminding us to always regenerate our Higher Self. On the Tree of Life, the Sphere of Consciousness in the Heart of the Tree is released to all of Humanity, igniting the fire of our Higher Self at all times. The Power of the Earth activates the Law of Completion and presents us with the Complete Work of the Divine manifesting in the realm of Matter (The Kingdom/Malkuth on the Tree of Life).

May everyone take their position of awareness and Receive the Rays of Higher Wisdom of this 8-days of Celebration of Light!


Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Hello Everyone:

Very soon I will host my own Internet Talk Radio Show on It is an exciting time because it means wisdom can be shared to a broad audience (all around the world with 3.3 million listeners).

My new show is called: SPICA – WAY OF LIGHT, Ignite Your Inner Wisdom! It debuts on November 5, 2011 and will be heard every Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time. Shows will be rebroadcast 12 hours later and archived for On Demand listening….you can’t miss a thing.

 Take a look at the other great programs I’ll be joining on the 7th Wave Channel by following this link: I know you will find other programs that interest you and peak your Inner Wisdom.

On SPICA – Way of Light, Ignite Your Inner Wisdom, I’m thrilled to say you will be listening to other Master’s of Wisdom as I invite guest speakers. Everyone I call to the show will provide their awareness of the Mysteries of this Universe through sound, healing, astrology, symbology, and oh so much more. To plunge into the depth of the Universe and extract wisdom requires positive sacred attitudes and these individuals will reveal that of themselves and encourage that of you.

The show is interactive! Opportunities to call in, send an email or communicate on-line in the moment of the show, is available to all listeners. The Crew (producers, engineers, speakers and myself) want to gear the show toward your desires as well. Please send me an email at: or regarding:

 * your ideas

* your concerns about the changing time

* issues and problems you want to see resolved

Please know your confidentiality will be maintained at all levels.

Here are some of the planned topics for upcoming shows:

* Sacred Feminine. SHE Is the New Paradigm

* A New Paradigm in Psychoanalysis

* Cosmic Influence – Astrological Playground

* Symbology Connects one to their Soul and Source

* Reiki Radiance – Distance Healing

* and much more.

Guest speakers include:

* MaryAnn D’Ambrosio

* James Wanless

* Peggy Black

* Deborah Smith Parker

* Chuck Lass

* and, again, many more.

Please forward this email to people like yourself who would both benefit and enjoy listing to: SPICA – WAY OF LIGHT, Ignite Your Inner Wisdom Internet Radio Show on

When you respond to this email, confirm in the subject line, ADD ME, and I will make sure you receive all future show announcements, e-cards, and other offers relevant to our radio show!

Come and join us at SPICA – WAY OF LIGHT as we share the wisdom of the Most Ancient, the New Levels of Awareness, and the stream of light waves that encourage your inner wisdom to ignite and take flight in your personal world.

If you do not which to be made aware of any further news regarding: SPICA – WAY OF LIGHT, Ignite Your Inner Wisdom, please send an email with the subject line reading: Please Remove Me.

Thank you for your support.

Rev. Torres

Morning Prayer

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

The Sun rises and peers through the clouds.  Oh Most Holy One, Divine Mother:  it is as though Your Eye is peering at us today.  My we see You and recognize Your Sight is always fixed upon us.  May we, in return, keep our sight on You.

Oh, Most Holy One, Divine Mother, may we feel the warmth of Your Love, Express You throughout our day.  May we share Your wisdom as we open the door to our Soul and speak the heart-words to our World.  May we Master each step we take by remembering we are in Union with you and contained within your Beingness.  AWEN

New Moon – Divine Feminine Expression

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Each New Moon is another reflection of the Divine Feminine Expression. She is flowing with energy that births, supports, and produces activities that move through our unconscious and merge into action in our life.

May 13 at 6:04:23 pm PDT, the Moon joins the Sun at 23 degrees 9 minutes of Taurus. A new moon phase begins with the Sabian Message of: “A Mounted Indian with Scalp Locks.” Sounds macabre. Yet, it carries a significant message of “achievement.” This achievement is reflecting power, strength, and accomplishment. Since the Indian can show the “locks,” there is the reality of revealing the manifest is in hand. Therefore, when you set your intentions for the New Moon, remember, you are setting in the power to achieve your desires and at such a level, that you will reveal your accomplishments, not just speak about them. You will have them in hand! It will take your empowered state of being, your strength to overcome adversity, and your willingness to stay the course to accomplish your goals. The Sun and Moon in Taurus give you that stability.

Yesterday, Mercury stood stationary, no longer to be seen in a retrograde motion. Mercury will now travel back over the field of energy used in the retrograde process. It will take Mercury until May 28th to get back to the point it turned retrograde. That means you will be going over all you experienced, what it means to you, and what you have learned through this last event. This is a “shadow” of the Mercury retrograde event, so the Light of Mental Freedom does not fully come to you until May 28th. Move through your review with the knowing that you are taking in the wisdom of lessons learned, the understanding of events in your life, and the ability to change what does not work. Soon all levels of communication will feel like they are back to normal. Computers that may have gone down will not be fixed and ready to go. Drivers will come back to Earth and drive with a bit more focus and care.

Most certainly, this new moon will anchor the sense of well being, delight in putting your hands in the soil and tilling your gardens, and getting into the fresh air and sharing with others the creative flow of life. By Friday, a Void of Course will occur with the moon at 5:26 am. Not long after, 6:18 am PDT, the Moon shifts in to Gemini and the Hawthorn phase begins…calling in the power of making choices that will support your desired accomplishments.

This is a dynamic month of energy exchanging from the Galactic Center, through our Worldly Aura and merging with our Personal Consciousness. Be sure to read the Moon Mother Musing on the Monthly page of this website and discover what more can be expected throughout this lunar month.

Sunday Inspirational Service!

Thursday, March 25th, 2010
March 28th – Services at Myztic Isle

9:00 a.m. we begin with 10 minute

Reiki Treatments


Please come and receive a treatment. If you are a Reiki Practitioner and would like to give your service of healing, please be sure to be at Myztic Isle by 8:45 a.m.. We will join in a prayerful alignment to serve others.

9:30 a.m. The Inspirational Service Begins

Utilizing the wisdom of the Year and the Law of Reversal, Rev. Torres will speak on the Power of the I Am through the flow of the Alder Lunar Cycle and the additional Universal Law: The Law of Worldly Development. Learn how to reverse any trend that keeps you from recognizing your I Am center point and develop your world as you Really, Really, Really want it to be!

See you there and do bring a friend!

Love and Blessings,


Here are the directions to Myztic Isle:

Myztic Isle Bookstore
La Mesa Springs Shopping Center
8036 La Mesa Blvd.
La Mesa, CA 91942

Phone: for directions:

(619) 465-3005 Google Map of San Diego and La Mesa, California

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