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New Moon – July 30

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

New Moon of Holly begins at 11:39:47 am Pacific Daylight Time on July 30th!

This is a significant New Moon.  It is the second New Moon of the Month of July, thus called the Black Moon.  As I shared in Oak Moon Mother’s letter, the Black Moon is a time of psychic power, and calls forth  the wisdom of using Universal Energy in a ritualistic manner.  On the personal level, it may pull you within and if you are in a healthy place, that will mean aligning with the Sacred aspects of yourself.  If you are in an unhealthy reality, it carries the potential to pull you into the darkness of your mental, emotional conflicts.  Be sure you align with your Higher Intentions, Reverence to the Higher Self, Higher Dimensions, Source. 

Further, there are more significant experiences to be explored with this New Moon.  One reality is that  Mercury is at 0 degrees Virgo and therefore Opposite Neptune who is at 0 degrees Pisces.  On this New Moon Day, Neptune is Retrograde and Mercury is slowing down in preparation to be retrograde (August 2nd Mercury goes stationary in readiness to retrograde at 8:50 pm Pacific Daylight Time).    They will both be bouncing off each other’s energy during the retrograde (3 weeks of retrograde, plus time to for Mercury to get back into original position of 0 degrees Virgo before strong in its forward motion).  They will be trying to reach the depth of the “other’s” wisdom.  They must meet at the Center Point which is 0 degrees Sagittarius 37 minutes.  They must meet the Archer who points his arrow to the Heaven (higher state of consciousness), where benevolence meets and the shaking of hands can occur in an honoring of agreements being made in the higher levels of wisdom. 

What can we expect from this retrograde/opposition?  Well, if working from the lower ego and only in the 3rd dimensional reality, then we can expect that we will have difficulty keeping focus, traveling much of the time in illusion, and unwilling to seek reality through Truth.  Our minds will slip and slide through the muggy emotions.  We will make choices based on our “feel good” addictions.  We may undermine our wisdom by aligning with  false realities that appear real.  We will dance with our Rose Colored Glasses and hype up the messages of spiritual deception. 

However, if we choose to be Conscious Individuals, following a Spiritual Path of Truth in the Changing World, then we will find ourselves bringing our logical mind into the sacred realms of the Divine Mind through the doors of sacred mystery.  We will bring our senses into compassion and truly feel the vibration of the word Oneness.  The color of our personal lives will change from illnesses, self-sacrificing limitations, and separation to the power to live in Union with our whole self, the union with others, and the most sacred intent to serve the higher wisdom of our changing world. 

We can bring our minds to the Sacred Mind of Wisdom (Ocean of Consciousness–Neptune/Pisces) and clean up our old way of thinking.  In so doing, we will open the channel of New Thought, the Wisdom of a New Language, and we will “feel” the vibrations of the sacred words resonating in our corporeal self.  We will “remember” who we are (Source).  We will allow ourselves to Live Source, because we will feel the vibration of that word living within us. 

During the power time of the New Moon, a sacred geometrical symbol occurs.  It is the Mystical Rectangle.  That rectangle represents a Treasure Box ready to be unlocked by our consciousness.  We need first to be aligned in our Sacred Domain of Oneness, Compassion, and Love for All.  Then the Key, Mercury, will unlock the power of Mars in Gemini (allowing active communication to occur), who in turn will unlock the Power of Pluto in Capricorn (allowing the active communication to form a Great Change in the World), who in turn will activate Chiron in Pisces (Allowing the wounded Hero to release the power of transforming the ancient wisdom, releasing the old models, and encouraging the new language that will help all decipher the true Codes of the Universe. 

Ah, but let me not leave out the Sabian messenger of the Sun/Moon Conjunction.  This message states: “A Bolshevik propagandist.”  It stirs the power of passion that motivates social and political  change—caused by the expectations of personal perspectives.  Hmm, sorta sounds like what is happening in our U.S., eh?  This is a time to use the power of virtue to bring a better and greater shift of ideas and ideals. 

Yes, we are watching changes in our personal U.S. government, our world governments, and our world of spiritual alignments.  May we grant ourselves the attitude of Union that means we are here to promote harmony, live with integrity, love with compassion, and encourage change that is for the better of all.  May we use the power of this New Moon to shape shift personally so our positive influence will help in the shapes-shifting of the World.  After all, we are the Executives in Charge of the Earth and are encouraged to use the Higher Mind, our Source Mind to do just that.

May the Magick of this New Moon be used by you to form the Integrity of Higher Purpose in your life so that the Life of All can vibrate from the waves of energy you are perpetuating.


Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Good Morning:

Our focus is on Thanksgiving everyday. We hold a special day in our heart for celebrating our Country as a dwelling place that was found and now an independent nation that stands high amongst all countries. During your Thanksgiving time, I’m sure you give thanks for the grace of being birthed or living on this land.

Today, May I offer a prayer of Thanksgiving to the Divine:

Most Precious and Perfect State of Being, Source, Thank you for your Presence. Thank you for Your blessings to all humankind. May we all dance in sacred memories of the purpose we have here on Earth, to serve and reflect to you the beauty of your Great Work. May we all feel, know, allow and accept your Abundance as we move out of our way of fear and belief in lack. Oh Great Spirit, may we feel your Essence Living Within and allow this state of our Being to be the True Expressor of our personal Life….for in doing so, we know harmony, love, abundance and peace reign.

May all people throughout the world be blessed by Your Glory, Your Health, Vigor, Love and Abundance. May Your Light be ignited in all.


New Moon – Solar Eclipse

Friday, July 9th, 2010

The New Moon of Holly begins at 12:40:27 pm PDT. It is also a Solar Eclipse moment.

A Solar Eclipse occurs because the Moon Passes between the Sun and the Earth. (Whereas at Full Moon this last month we experienced the Lunar Eclipse where the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon). Three Minutes 1.2 seconds, the Total Solar Eclipse will occur. We, however, in the Northern Hemisphere will not view it. It is crossing below the equator with its greatest event in the South Pacific Ocean.

The New Moon is actually in Cancer (Sun and Moon conjunct in this zodiac sign at 19 degrees Cancer 23 Minutes). As a Solar Eclipse, it gives rise to dramatic vibrations that will initiate at New Moon and release its effects for about one year! So, it becomes very important that you make the focus of what you want to initiate rather than be at effect of strong challenges playing wildly through your life. With a Solar Eclipse in the Sign of Cancer and the headlights of Holly Moon Mother, there is much to be considered. Things that can initiate with this Cancer Solar Eclipse deal with Family, Home environment, your emotional foundation, and the security of life that you desire to formulate as strong and creative. These areas will be effected for about a year. They are not anything you can avoid, but with Intention, you can set the vibration for positive experiences (particularly if you take Self Dominion over your six Life Qualities: Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical, Ego and Soul (S.E.M.P.E.S.)

The Sabian Message of the Solar Eclipse is, “Gondoliers in a serenade.” Another blessing vibration that helps create a positive way for the next year. It is a creative quality and provides the feeling of floating along a waater-way with lyrical sounds guiding you. A serenade is like an enticing messenger. It puts you at ease…a point of consciousness you need in order to be open for inspiration and guided by your heart.

Because of the challenging arcs of planets to each other, these blessings that are releasing at the very moment of the New Moon/Solar eclipse, help you guide your thoughts, raise your emotional intentions to a higher order, and create from the depth of your Soul knowing of your importance in the world and your talents that help serve humanity and reflect Source. Using these higher intentions will help you maneuver through the challenges.

The beauty of the cosmos is the Moon and Sun join forces. The Inner Self (Moon) and the Higher Self and outer reflection (Sun) are contained in the zodiac sign of Cancer (Loving compassion, caring attitudes, nurturing all, and finding ways to set a foundation of peace for future experiences).

The “heavey hitters” in the challenging department, Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Pluto are not effecting the Sun and Moon by arcing vibrations. This allows for these higher luminaries to guide the way through the shadow (Moon) and light (Sun) of your personal and worldy experiences (planets). The Sun does create a minor agitation with Venus, and thus will call your attention to how you are honoring relationships, finding your resourcefulness and being in a state of Self Worth. Opportunities will show up that encourage these states of being. Will you choose to reach into the depths of love and create positive outcomes?

Most certainly, the oppositions and squares continue to ask for transmutations to occur and I have spoken of them in many news notes so I won’t bore you again. Take the opportunities given through the gift of the New Moon and use the blessings of the Higher Will to create. Relax in your gondola and be serenaded by the Angels of Light, particularly the Angel of Cancer, which is Archangel Muriel.

When eclipse vibrations are anchored into your world, it feels like “Fate” has just stepped in. When it is on or near your birthday (within 4-5 days), it reveals an eventful year ahead. Again, be sure you are setting the Intent for positive outcomes and creative passages. If you have any signs within two degrees (plus or minus) of 19 degrees in your birth chart, you will feel the effects of this Solar Eclipse. Depending on the aspect, it may be awesome effects (Trine, or Sextile), or challenging (Squares and Oppositions).

May you set the perfect tone for your experiences of this New Moon/Solar Eclipse.

A Message from Malachi – Angel of Light

Monday, June 28th, 2010
From Malachi: “Blessings. You are working with an intention to support the world consciousness. That is a gift to assist the expansion of the Personal Mind and the continual ascension of Higher Consciousness within each person. As the birthing of all possibilities occurs at this time, the gift of the Greater Consciousness is birthing within every Being.
The Great Mother, Galactic Christ, and Ultimately the Divine One is expanding through all of you. You, blessed humans, have opened the pathway of your inner self to such a degree as to allow the higher choice within you to bring forth the next evolution of Consciousness. The Pearl Children are amongst you because of this. You are ready to explore and Be the Master, the Avatar, the Christ that you are. May you know that the blessings of Light, the Vibrations of Knowing, and the Gift of being Aware are yours to accept now. You are already expanding in Light. May you Be the Light through your Intention of living compassionately, knowing you are Source, and gracing your world with Love for All. Be Peace! Be Love! Be Source!”

Cosmic Summer

Monday, June 14th, 2010

The doorway of Summer has led us to our gardens, playfilled times, and also, our challenges. The cosmic vibrations assist us in passing through the Summer events. We, of course, noted the 2nd Harmonic Convergence on May 27th. We are now watching formation that are going to ignite the passageway through Summer and we can make choices that allow the right use of energy in the flow of the vibrations Galactically Transmitting through our world.

Let’s start with the reality that the Personal Planets are all in the Personal Zodiac signs. Mars is in Virgo, Venus just moved into Leo, Mercury barely entered Gemini, the Moon is in Cancer and the Sun is about to finish its jaunt (6 more days) through Gemini. Also, Jupiter is in Aries, Saturn is in Virgo and Uranus is in Aries…all the personal zodiac signs. This does indicate that “now” is the time to get to know your self much better; recognize how you are participating with life; and understand how you are expressing your personal mastery to the world.

Interestingly, the formation of planets continues to move, challenge and stretch our consciousness to meet our Mastery as the formation of a Grand Cross is growing in the Cardinal Zodiac Signs (Aries, Cancer, Virgo/Libra and Capricorn). It most certainly will be felt by Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on the 26th. The more we know ourselves, the more we can use this frequency of Mastering our Leadership abilities, our mature outlook of compassion and sharing life with others, and our ability to take charge of our Spiritual Intent to live the Transpersonal Approach℠ through all of our experiences.

For now, relish in the new vibration of Venus in Leo. Together they bring a lot of fun, great creative urges and creative actions. They will turn your heart into that mushy love experience (just be sure you don’t have rose colored glasses on). Have fun, delight in the joy of Love. Don’t be too impetuous, as you can be with Venus arcing positive lights to Jupiter and Uranus in Aries—no time to stop, think and evaluate–you will simply want the freedom to do what you want. The rebel might come out with Uranus playing a part…however, just remember the Law of Cause and Effect is always at work…what you do will create an outcome…will it be the most positive, provide you the True Desires of your Heart, and be the gift of Love to the Whole, overall? The truer and most positive alignment of Grace that is occurring between these planets, does bring about the generous actions of love, humanitarian thinking, and the joyful action of finding all that is good. Make that your focus and know Grace is bestowed through the effect of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Mars in Virgo is presently in a positive, Grace-filled alignment with Pluto in Capricorn. May this be the vibration that helps the World Governments realize the actions to be taken to create the cleanup of the Oil, the wisdom of a Greater Service to Humanity, and the realization that the I Am (Mars/Aries) vibration is in action to Heal (Virgo) the platform of Source’s Greatest work (Capricorn). The turn, changes, dynamic goals of a whole nex existence is fully activated…may our Governments work together in this new arena. May each of us gain a greater realization: Our Governments can only reflect our inner thoughts, feelings and attitudes. Each of us can support the healing, cleanup, release of wisdom when we stand in the positive action of Love, Compassion, and KNOWING that we can live in harmony with everyone, with nature, and with peace.

I will share more on the Grand Cross as it forms and activates. For now, BE LOVE, BE PEACE, and BE in your Center Point of Existence (your Authentic, Source Self), and know you will be using the energies forming in the most empowered positive expression. AWEN

Reiki At SPICA- Way of Light

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Using the Universal Energy Field, Reiki is channeled and transferred to another. Healing occurs for everyone involved. Blessings are noted immediately with a relaxed mind and heart. The doors are open for Source and the Miracles of the Divine are seen. Five Principles lived by the practitioner and all, aid the transmission of Love-Light Healing.

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