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Cosmic Filters of Light – New Moon

Friday, November 25th, 2016

November 29, 2016 at 5:18:10 a.m., MST, heralds the New Moon. Trekking through Sagittarius, this lunar cycle sends forth a messenger of the year’s end, a sacred time, and a time of great awareness. It is a time of Alchemy as we stir the soul in sacred ways and allow silence to guide us toward our future. (Be sure to read of Elder Moon Mother).

The Sabian message tells us, “Rocks and things forming therein.” It is believed to be the gift of creative occurrences happening in the depth of our soul. This inner place is the space where diamonds and precious jewels are formed; formed so well they become solid, yet glimmering in the Sun Light. Yet, this inner forming can be something so solid in mass it may resist the pressures of change. But, the fire within causes the change to occur. That which cooks in the human psyche requires the alchemical pressure to change from one state to another, evolve and grow, expand and deliver the creative wisdom from the depths within the soul.

The Moon and Sun stand together at 7 degrees 42 minutes at the moment of the New Moon. They are in the first rays of Light of Sagittarius, and thus carry us through the journey of learning, understanding, and willingness to discover the diamond power of our Soul. They are the guiding lights of our own alchemy.

Supporting the Sun and Moon are Saturn and Mercury who have already been trekking the zodiac of Sagittarius. Mercury, having about 5 days to finish the journey, as the Sabian Message indicates, is “A flag bearer.” Mercury has willingly passed through the battle field of the warrior and reveals the challenges along th way. Mercury, the great messenger will give guidance, if you listen within.

Saturn will help you be stalwart as you initiate your journey. The Sabian message speaks of this quality, “Tiny children in sunbonnets.” This is a protection message…when the cooking light gets so hot it is difficult to bear, Saturn sets the pace of protection from the great heat of the Sun as it works with the Moon to create just the right heat to create the change and temper the beauty of what is formed and ready to be honored and utilized. Saturn will help keep one disciplined and on the right path of deliberate soul growth.

A Grand Cross will be formed at New Moon. One that is subtle and not generally discussed in Astrological Circles. The Sun and Moon initiate the Grand Cross of Fire Water Air and Earth. They first reach out and challenge this alchemical cauldron to the South and North Moon Nodes. The South Moon Node is at 7 degrees Pisces 56 minutes while the North Moon Node is 7 degrees Virgo. These two challenge the Earth in Gemini as the Sun/Moon oppose the Earth. This grand tension calls for the flames of change to create the temperance of cosmic rhythm that all soul (North/South Moon Nodes) may respond to compassion, service and growth world wide. It Calls for the Earth beings (Earth in Gemini) to talk with each other and see far reaching effects (Sagittarius) that can take our world to new levels beyond and yet within commonality, love for the higher good, and a devotion to better the plans of diversity of all nations. The challenge is strong on this New Moon Day.

Furthermore, a T-Square is formed in the sky as other planets join the call. Jupiter Initiates the T-Square arcing lights of opposition to Uranus in Aries (Rx), while both challenge Pluto in Capricorn with the constant picking to make a change. They ask if we will relate with a benevolent heart, honoring the diversity of others of our world, and use the platform of transmutation to govern ourselves in ways well beyond the limitations of believing that the individual is the only one to be taken care of on this grand Earth. We alone cannot be the only one that is generous to our self….we must be benevolent and generous to others., as long as they can receive it. (Yep, we do have to be careful of co-dependency…yet we must turn to the gift of interdependency in a knowing that we are co-authors of a new world.)

Mars in Aquarius arcs a Light of Grace in action to Jupiter in Libra, reminding us to stand tall in the great changes…stand tall with all others of the world. We are One in the Many, diversified in our essence, allowing the differences to open the door to magnificent creative power. We need form a joint venture to honor this reality.

Jupiter in Libra sends opportunistic messages to Saturn, as well as receives them from Mercury, the Sun, and the Moon. “Keep going, keep communicating, keep shining the essence of your higher self, keep feeling your soul…maintain a relationship with all so harmony can reign.”

Oh yes, there are picky challenges that will irrate us. Major challenges that, left unchecked, lead us into illusionary processes, denial and delusion being the challenges that awaken us from the deep sleep of separation. Listen, respond, and allow the challenges to awaken you to a higher intention to live for the Greater Good….a blessing of Sagittarius. Let your Inner Cauldron stir to awaken the Jewels of Light you are to present to the world as a helper of change through diversity and joy of living in a human community of creative beings.


Morning Prayer

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

The Sun rises and peers through the clouds.  Oh Most Holy One, Divine Mother:  it is as though Your Eye is peering at us today.  My we see You and recognize Your Sight is always fixed upon us.  May we, in return, keep our sight on You.

Oh, Most Holy One, Divine Mother, may we feel the warmth of Your Love, Express You throughout our day.  May we share Your wisdom as we open the door to our Soul and speak the heart-words to our World.  May we Master each step we take by remembering we are in Union with you and contained within your Beingness.  AWEN

New Moon – Scorpio Reed

Friday, November 5th, 2010

It’s Friday! Tonight, in the dark, Scorpio’s energy takes over fully. New Moon begins at 9:51:46 pm PDT. The sun and Moon are both at 13 Degrees and 40 Minutes of Scorpio. Ominous 13, Awesome Reality. Thirteen is a sacred number of the Divine Feminine. It is the number of Lunar Phases that occur in a Solar Year. It is the power of Transformation, and the gift of Proliferation.

Scorpio is the time of our life when we enter the temple of our soul and cull the last vestiges of a year of experiences. We allow our consciousness to enter a fallow state so the clearing can allow the Higher Order to fertilize the soul soil with prepatory energy to encourage a new year of growth.

As we meet the New Moon tonight, the Sun and Moon also have Mercury in Scorpion assisting the travels through the darkness of our inner mind. Mercury stimulates the inner contemplation, evaluation, and power to make right choices. Right behind the Sun and Moon, Venus continues her retrograde and is at 0 Degrees of Scorpio….intense energy fields are being released.

We can either go spinning through our shadows, work on the energies of old beliefs, enter the pathway of jealousy, resentments, anger and frustration, or we can change that tune. We can express our feelings with accountability on our part. We can bring light to our shadowy beliefs and change the false perceptions. We can take the power to create new pathways by culling the old with our personal intention rather than being pulled under the quagmire of victimhood, fear of our own empowerment, and lost through the control factors we attempt to cling to.

We can use the higher consciousness that has settled within as Uranus and Jupiter continue to travel in a retrograde process through Pisces. They are reaching the deep inner sacred places to release the light of truth and the compassion of living as one. They are in a Trine (grace and flow) with Mercury, and thus helping the mental-emotional self understand, release the old secrets and gather the new plans of higher realities.

Saturn is crossing Libra and challenges Mercury to maintain a balance with integrity and determination to follow through with the highest intent. Saturn is in an obsessive-compulsive alignment with Uranus and Jupiter….as though to say, “Hurry Up! We need to get to the bottom of our fears, change them, and enter the Light.” Pluto in Capricorn challenges Uranus and Jupiter as well, squaring off with them and continuing the call of Major Transmutation so the Soul of Humanity is open and ready for the Waves of Light ready to explode into a New Birth of Existence.

Chiron is sitting at a stationary position in Aquarius, still right beside Neptune who continues her retrograde. The stationary moment calls us to pay close attention while we feel the tension of waiting….Chiron, the Law of Destiny, is posed to take on the new level of the Higher Order….but wait….are we ready? Are we willing to give up the old stories of woundedness, incapabilities, false fears? Chiron is asking that question right now. Can you answer it?

Join the forces with the Universe. Take your Co-Executive Position…be willing to move into the depths, reveal the true Light, let your soul-soil go fallow so it may take up the passion to be prolific in a whole new way.



Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Full Moon occurs at 6:36:31 pm PDT. The Moon will be at 29 Degrees 32 Miniutes of Aries while the Sun will be at 29 Degrees 32 Minutes of Libra (yes the perfect opposition). What is more noticable is the 29 degree marker which is a criticially important point. This may bring greater tension and a greater awakening to any of your most intimate relationships.

Aries works with the power of Me, while Libra works with the Power of We. This creates a time of noticing what needs to be in balance with yourself inorder for the ability to relate in harmony, peace and a loving concern for another.

Key words of Aries are “I Am” and key words of Libra are “I Relate.” From a Sacred reality you can take this time of contemplation and realize how you relate to your Higher Self and your key words can be, “I relate to the I Am Presence within me.”

Soul activities are stirring within everyone…simply meaning that attempting to feel your soul urges, understand your purpose and diligently live a Soul Awakened life is moving you. This 29 degree moment makes it feel greatly important. And, the Sun is about to move into Scorpio, calling for the Soul Protector. Tomorrow The Sun, Mercury and Venus will all be in such an alignment and the deeper intentions will emerge. But first, do you have a relationship with your soul? Use the Full Moon to help you bring that to the forefront of living and find the joys, pleasure and wisdom in your life.

Uranus and Jupiter in Pisces, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius, Venus in Scorpio, and the North and South Moon Nodes (soul messengers) are all in a retrograde reality. This offers you an easier state of consciousness (mind and emotions) to enter the sacred inner chambers and open the doorway of your soul. Walk in, sit for a while, learn and bring the wisdom out into your world.

A ceremony to help you with all relationships is available on page:


Love and Blessings,

Rev. Torres

New Moon – Ivy (Libra)

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

At 11:44:28 am Pacific Time, the Sun and the Moon are kissing partners. They will be 14 degrees and 23 minutes into Libra’s constellation. Saturn and Mercury, riding hip-to-hip, also activate the Libra energy field. They, in fact form a T-Square with the North and South Moon Nodes (North in Capricorn, South in Cancer). And both are in a quindecile alignment with Uranus in Pisces. The North and South Moon Node activate Soul intentions to follow the blessings of Source calling us to know our true intentions and foundation.

Venus, is sitting stationary in Scorpio and preparing to head into a retrograde cycle. Venus only turns retrograde once every 18 months April 2009 was her last turn and she was in Aries. Now she sits in Scorpio with more for us to learn. So, what are we learing in our experiences? Venus teaches us about how we relate, how we harmonize with each other. She also teaches us to be resourceful and solve conflicts. She teaches us to be worthy and discover our soul intention and purpose. She teaches us to take our talents and do something with them and in exchange gain our prosperity.

It is quite obvious that Libra is being stirred and we are asked to look deeply into our relationships (Venus is the ruler of Libra and therefore has a strong influence on this stellium of plantes aligned in this constellation for the New Moon Time). The timing of this event in the northern hemisphere brings all of these planets above the horizon. Therefore, looking at our most intimate relationships is brought into clear light. Libra rules marriages and business partners. It has us looking at relationships with our closest and dearest friends. It calls us to look at the relationship we have with our soul and our life journey. Are our relationships in balance or not?

Libra has us look at equality, fairness, and the creation of harmony. With the Sun and the Moon alignment, there is the gift of bringing mind-to-heart so we can feel what we think. And it calls us from heart-to-soul, so we know what we are doing and what we may need to adjust.

Saturn and Mercury call our attention to truly evaluate, make right assessments, and decipher the stability of our most important relationships, the manner in which we hold sacred honor with and for each other, to step into equal positions, and create harmony through love. In the quindecile experience that is going on, we may feel quite obsessive about the sacredness of our relationships as Uranus (the Law of Love), brings light in the the secrets of life (Pisces) and asks that we move into the passion of forgiveness, and the truth of sacred alignment in our relationships.

Venus, sitting rigidly still for the moment (full retrograde tomorrow and remains until Nov 18th), builds tension and through the energy of Scorpio, may increase fears, for Scorpio reminds us of everything we cannot control. So, let go and allow the power of Venus in the light of love, the opening of the soul door, and the gift of resolving issues, come to the forefront. Let the deeper research occur so the sacred truth releases, As Venus is sitting right alongside Mars, Mars gets to play a part in moving the power of Scorpio to activate the greater changes and motivate the deeper healing.

Intensity has been the name of our game for quite a while now. And why not? It is time to let the our ancestral processes end their long-term job. The memories have held us captive, guided us through life events, and urged us to discover much more. Pluto in Capricorn keeps pushing the buttons to call us to our own authority in Spirit, Mind and Body. Will we allow ourselves? I believe we are and these intense nudges keep reminding us not to fall back and use what we are familiar with.

Let this new moon continue to help you flush out fears, frustrations, and imbalances. Let this new moon help you form a strong relationship with your soul. From that point of life-reference, let all other relationships come to a greater balance, a blessed expression, and a union of true equality—interdependency.


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