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New Lunar Cycle – Partial Solar Eclipse

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

New Moon – Cancer (Oak)

At 1:53:54 am PDT, July 1st, the Sun and Moon form a union, and yet, a Solar Eclipse is occurring. It is the completion of the cycle of 3 eclipses, the likes we will not see again for nearly 19 years. This eclipse will not be seen by many. As one scientist says, “Unless you are a penguin.” It will appear near Lutzlow-Holm Bay on the coast of Antarctica, near the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Are you ready to travel to the Antarctica? Friday the weather there is predicted to be between -22 degrees F to -33 degrees F and partly cloudy.

Since the Light of the Higher Self (Solar/Sun) is being eclipsed, it will, of course call us within to feel and understand what is occurring with our inner thoughts and emotions, and take the time to re-address any aspects of our self that want to sabotage positive outcomes. Take charge of this challenging inner voice by lifting to your Higher Mind and direct the fulfillment with a positive ray of joy and achievement.

On this Solar Eclipse day, the energy of Venus is in direct opposition with the Galactic Center. Venus is feeling the pull to enter the vibration of communication (she is in Gemini) with the Galactic Center (Source) even though the relationship may not be clear. The oscillation of Venus carries the cultivating power of the soul ready to stir the power of choice to enter into the Oneness without fear.

Fixed stars are creating subtle messages through the planets. Nearest to the Sun and Moon is Alhena which stirs the energy that calls you to fulfill a Mission. Venus is stimulated by the energy of Regulus, a fixed star that reveals Success, but one must not be revengeful or resentful or success is thwarted. And that wave of Venus to the Galactic Center is stirring Ras Alhague which calls forth the desire to heal a wound.

As we recognize the vibrations of the New Moon, we can look to the Sabian message of “A large diamond not completely carved.” The Diamond is a precious stone given a correlation to the Source of Creation. The Perfect Light. As we continue to see the gift of transformation, transmutation and transfiguration moving us through this year, noting the diamond is not fully carved honors the reality that we are truly not finished calling forth our Highest Nature–Source. As we blend with this New Moon and honor the Solar Eclipse, the Sun or our Higher Self may be partially eclipsed, simply to honor the reality that the “carving” of the New Stages of our Higher awareness is still occurring and not ready to be seen. The Facets of our Divine Self have not been cut, shaped and refined to meet this new Presence of Awareness we are cultivating at this time. However, it is in process.

May you all feel the power of the New Moon, that calls us to begin creating again. With a Solar eclipse, the power of chaos and the experience of havoc can be set in place and experienced for 6 months to a year. Or, if you use your three states of consciousness wisely, then the power of Creative Chaos can instill active manifestations for 6 months to a year. As this Solar eclipse is occurring in Oak, then the power of expressing your full potential can be exceptional, if you follow the gift of using your consciousness mindfully: understanding the flow of your conscious attitude, your subconscious mental and emotional dialogue and changing the voice of the saboteur to the voice of creative power you will see positive changes occur. If you mindfully work with your conscious mind and subconscious mind and direct your thoughts and feelings to merge with your Higher Self/Source Mind, then you will most certainly feel, experience and manifest the Highest intentions for manifesting your Full Potential in any area of your life.

New Moon – Solar Eclipse

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Another Lunar Cycle with Eclipses will occur this lunar month. We start at this New Moon with a partial Solar Eclipse.

The Moon and Sun are 11 degrees 1 minute into the sign of Gemini. The Earth is dancing in the middle of them and keeping the full expression of the Solar Light and thus conscious insentient from being revealed. Gemini is the sign of communication, early childhood development, dealing with siblings and neighbors, and finding the power of discernment so we may make right choices. It is the Law of Union expressing within us and may not be revealing everything we feel outwardly if we allow the eclipse to take over.

The Sun and Moon will get some assistance to focus and communicate well and intimately through their arching lights that reach out to Saturn in Libra in a positive and grace-filled reality. This will most certainly help in the communications necessary with our significant others, with our partners in business and the most important friendship we have (BFF). Though Saturn is in Retrograde, it nonetheless will activate our inner ability to recognize the importance of the “We” factor, not just the independent, “Me” factor.

Then, the Sun and Moon arch their lights in a challenge way to Chiron in Pisces. The agitation will call forth the inner wounds that we have carried for a long time. Bringing them to light allows us to clear them. More reevaluations of the secrets of abuses of the Church (Pisces) will continue, but greater healing will also arise. Will you take this call to turn what was abusive in your life to what is now life experiences you have learned by and gained personal healing and self-respect for being alive and able to deeply care for yourself and others?

The Sabian message of the degree the Sun and Moon activate is, “A topsy saucily asserting herself.” Fun loving, bold, assertiveness actions from those you would not expected are activated here. In a child-like manner, you might find yourself or another creating statements that are a bit abrasive, but call forth the truth in an irreverent manner. You may find yourself or another shockingly speaking out (and it may look disrespectful). Listen well if you hear someone speaking in this usual-for-them manner. See to learn a truth that you may need to hear. If it is you speaking, this may be the opportunity to come out of your shell and break free of false shyness keeping you from revealing the inner truth you do know.

Blessings of this New Moon-Partial Solar Eclipse….time to set the pattern for the month with gentle intention (eclipses can eclipse your outcome, so do be in clarity of your desires and note them, speak them and feel them boldly).

New Moon – Solar Eclipse

Friday, July 9th, 2010

The New Moon of Holly begins at 12:40:27 pm PDT. It is also a Solar Eclipse moment.

A Solar Eclipse occurs because the Moon Passes between the Sun and the Earth. (Whereas at Full Moon this last month we experienced the Lunar Eclipse where the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon). Three Minutes 1.2 seconds, the Total Solar Eclipse will occur. We, however, in the Northern Hemisphere will not view it. It is crossing below the equator with its greatest event in the South Pacific Ocean.

The New Moon is actually in Cancer (Sun and Moon conjunct in this zodiac sign at 19 degrees Cancer 23 Minutes). As a Solar Eclipse, it gives rise to dramatic vibrations that will initiate at New Moon and release its effects for about one year! So, it becomes very important that you make the focus of what you want to initiate rather than be at effect of strong challenges playing wildly through your life. With a Solar Eclipse in the Sign of Cancer and the headlights of Holly Moon Mother, there is much to be considered. Things that can initiate with this Cancer Solar Eclipse deal with Family, Home environment, your emotional foundation, and the security of life that you desire to formulate as strong and creative. These areas will be effected for about a year. They are not anything you can avoid, but with Intention, you can set the vibration for positive experiences (particularly if you take Self Dominion over your six Life Qualities: Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical, Ego and Soul (S.E.M.P.E.S.)

The Sabian Message of the Solar Eclipse is, “Gondoliers in a serenade.” Another blessing vibration that helps create a positive way for the next year. It is a creative quality and provides the feeling of floating along a waater-way with lyrical sounds guiding you. A serenade is like an enticing messenger. It puts you at ease…a point of consciousness you need in order to be open for inspiration and guided by your heart.

Because of the challenging arcs of planets to each other, these blessings that are releasing at the very moment of the New Moon/Solar eclipse, help you guide your thoughts, raise your emotional intentions to a higher order, and create from the depth of your Soul knowing of your importance in the world and your talents that help serve humanity and reflect Source. Using these higher intentions will help you maneuver through the challenges.

The beauty of the cosmos is the Moon and Sun join forces. The Inner Self (Moon) and the Higher Self and outer reflection (Sun) are contained in the zodiac sign of Cancer (Loving compassion, caring attitudes, nurturing all, and finding ways to set a foundation of peace for future experiences).

The “heavey hitters” in the challenging department, Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Pluto are not effecting the Sun and Moon by arcing vibrations. This allows for these higher luminaries to guide the way through the shadow (Moon) and light (Sun) of your personal and worldy experiences (planets). The Sun does create a minor agitation with Venus, and thus will call your attention to how you are honoring relationships, finding your resourcefulness and being in a state of Self Worth. Opportunities will show up that encourage these states of being. Will you choose to reach into the depths of love and create positive outcomes?

Most certainly, the oppositions and squares continue to ask for transmutations to occur and I have spoken of them in many news notes so I won’t bore you again. Take the opportunities given through the gift of the New Moon and use the blessings of the Higher Will to create. Relax in your gondola and be serenaded by the Angels of Light, particularly the Angel of Cancer, which is Archangel Muriel.

When eclipse vibrations are anchored into your world, it feels like “Fate” has just stepped in. When it is on or near your birthday (within 4-5 days), it reveals an eventful year ahead. Again, be sure you are setting the Intent for positive outcomes and creative passages. If you have any signs within two degrees (plus or minus) of 19 degrees in your birth chart, you will feel the effects of this Solar Eclipse. Depending on the aspect, it may be awesome effects (Trine, or Sextile), or challenging (Squares and Oppositions).

May you set the perfect tone for your experiences of this New Moon/Solar Eclipse.