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Full Moon – Total Lunar Eclipse

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

The longest and darkest lunar eclipse will occur June 15th at 1:13:34 pm Pacific Daylight time. Lasting for more than 100 minutes, this has not occurred since 2000. The total eclipse will be seen in Africa and Central Asia. South American, Western Africa and Europe will be able to see the moon eclipsed as the rise and fall occurs. When the setting process of this eclipse is happening then over Eastern Asia and Australia.

A lunar eclipse creates the distance between heart and mind that is not easily captured. The moon (emotions) is eclipsed as it darts behind Earth thus creating a block of the light from the Sun (consciousness).

As the full moon occurs tomorrow, the moon will be traveling through Sagittarius while the Sun will be in Gemini. The Universal Law of Sagittarius is The Law of Adaptation, while the Universal Law of Gemini is the Law of Union. Hmmm, just put those two together and we can see when there is a block occurring that it is not easy to adapt to a union. This is a time when looking into adapting and understanding what you need to adapt to is quite important. In this way, when the “light returns,” (a little over an hour and ½), you can make the right choice to form a union or not.

During the full moon – lunar eclipse time, do take some time out to contemplate what it is you are trying to form a union with (person, job, project, place, etc.). Take time to understand who you need to adapt and form a harmonious alchemy that can help you merge well together and open to the potential to truly express the higher levels of yourself and the other. Gemini (Hawthorn Lunar time) offers the power of Choices to be at the forefront of your consciousness, while Sagittarius (Elder) offers the power of Sacred Silence wherein the Higher Mind/Voice can be heard. Take your time, there is no need to rush into any decisions at this point.

Lunar eclipses do have the energy flow that calls for us to review for at least a month. So, timing is not about rushing. Inner reflection is the power to observe.

What hints are in the Sabian symbol message? The symbol activated by the Moon is “A chubby boy on a hobbyhorse,” while the Sun is “A man trimming palms.” This wave of energy provides a creative genius to emerge and a motif of: “Victory is in the palm of your hands, therefore, finesse, fineness and flourish will be the energies released.”

Remember, the power of the eclipse calls you inward to contemplate before making any choices. This power to go inward, search for the inner voice and reach your higher alchemical moment will provide you with the finesse to achieve the victory you desire. Your creative energy will flourish and the fineness of your heart and mind will emerge with the regalness to ride a horse to victory with the joy of your child-like innocense.

The Sun, Mercury and Venus are all in the Sign of Gemini. This will bring the wave of ideas, the desire to communicate about them and the ability to be resourceful with your words. Don’t fall asleep during the eclipse…keep your mind open and ready to communicate from the wisdom you can achieve from your inner self.

The Moon is aligned with the North Moon Node (Cosmic Rhythm of the Universe and soul push). Both of these energies in Sagittarius do bring about your inner ability to be generous, to know when to take the risk from the urging of your soul because you will be aligned with the highest rhythm of intent. You may be called to reach for a higher level of your spiritual truth, expand your education or your teaching of spiritual realities. You may desire to uncover the creative writing from within you that will explain your inner knowing. Go for it…never hesitate…the Moon is in a fire sign….the desire to be active….don’t let it sleep in the eclipse cycle, but don’t rush it, explore from the region of your inner higher self.

Season of Unselfishness

Monday, December 6th, 2010

This is a season of unselfishness….giving to others, enjoying the Light of Love, and expressing in kindness. Each of us turn our thinking toward a softer side of life.

As you know, I often look at the star patterns to see what type of “urging energy” helps us along the way. Quite interestingly, I find all planets are traveling through zodiac signs that are more about We and They as Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces stream light from the arcing of planets through their corridors.

Saturn in Libra helps contain relationships with honor of boundaries, maintaining long term relationships, and encouraging respect for each other.

Venus in Scorpio ads the loving, nurturing, sensual emergence of sharing with another. Sharing of each others deepest thoughts and feelings will be paramount.

The Sun, Moon and Mars continue to jaunt through Sagittarius (although the moon will very soon move into Capricorn). Benevolence is most certainly a key word. Living benevolently with all around you is a desire and a heart-felt action. Passionately desiring to see many individuals be comfortable, loved, and cared for surges through us all. Most certainly giving to the poor, the homeless, and those in need are stirred.

Pluto and Mercury are hip-to-hip today in Capricorn. Ideas that can move a nation to a greater commitment to the whole are being activated. A call to attention to what is in the best interest of all is being explored, and we can see that in our own nation.

Neptune and Chiron continue their journey (hip-to-hip) through Aquarius. Sensitivity to a higher intent is continuing. The desire to heal all wounds through the passage of the Transpersonal spiritually based reality is capturing the inner knowing of everyone.

Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces continue the same theme as Neptune and Chiron. Uranus is still at a standstill position and having been in the depth of the Ocean of consciousness (Pisces), it is ready to bring new and brilliant ideals to the forefront. Jupiter will help expand the wisdom of the sacred mysteries…again revealing, the mysteries are to no long be mysteries…the long awaited truth of sacred knowledge will emerge through all religions, belief systems and individuals.

Love and generosity is the key of these planetary patterns. May you feel them, blend with them and be Love and Generosity.

AWEN and Blessings!

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