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Full Moon – March 8th 2012

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

At 1:39:27 a.m. PST we enter the Full Moon stage. The Sun will be at 18 degrees 13 min of Pisces and the Moon, of course, will be at 18 degrees 13 min of Virgo (as is the alignment of Earth). Mars, in retrograde is at 11 degrees 51 minutes, so very close to the Moon and Earth.

From Sacred Geometry we also have a Grand Trine (Grace of the Holy Trinity) forming with Mars in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter and Pluto form a sextile to Chiron at that point, thus creating a Kite configuration with the Grand Trine. We have a Grand Cross configuration (Great Challenges that Motivates the Awakening) that is created by the arching lights of the what is considered minor fields of energy, yet major movers of the inner consciousness…..ah, what can all this mean?

 In the Power of the Sun and Moon I will discuss the beauty of the Sabian Symbol messages and what is stirred within us. The moon provides us with the messages: “A swimming race,” while the Sun indicates “A master instructing his pupil.” Well those phrases mean a lot immediately. Are we in a race to gain the insights of the teacher within the Ocean of Consciousness? Is the Master within attempting to give us instruction while we keep the race going? Oh, yes, I imagine so. Are we flooded by the emotions as well as the chaotic mind attempting to move so fast that we forget to take a day at the SPA (Stop, Pause, Allow)?

 When we rest at the S.P.A., we allow the Master within to take charge and release the highly developed artistry of our Higher Mind. The challenge is to maneuver through the unconscious mines of the old testaments of living and enter the channel of Higher Wisdom always within at the deeper levels of our psyche. Dive deep into the waters of the Higher Mind and know you will be guided beyond the channels of illusion and delusion and into the wealth of wisdom, the gift of the sacred, and the honoring of the Greater Truth.

The beauty of Mars being in a retrograde dancing right alongside the Moon and the Earth is the opportunity to end the wars of the an analytical mind (Mars in Virgo), put the razor sharp judgements aside, and enter the flow of the sacred dormitory (Earth) that will assist you in understanding your true reason for existence. Give yourself a rest in the Earthly movement of nourishment, volumes of support when you allow yourself the inclusiveness of others to help, guide, or simply sit with you. Allow the lunar vibration to guide you into the inner wisdom of the rhythms of nature that direct your own ebb and flow, inaction or action, contemplation or reasoning alignment with your intuition intact.

Of course, you are being called within with Mars Retrograde and the Sun in a watery sign of Pisces. And, Mercury is positioning itself to move into retrograde position, thus also slowing the mental pandemonium and allowing a review, reflection and rejuvenation of your intentions.

The Grand Trine/Kite with Earth as the core and water at the helm of the kite, reminds us of several things. The Grace of the Holy Trinity is providing the Purification of the Earth (Mars in Virgo) to clear out the old in order for the benevolence (Jupiter) of the Divine to assist in helping us cultivate our resourceful natures once again (Jupiter in Taurus), while we continue to change the Governing Power of our lives (personal and world-wide) as is show by Pluto in Capricorn. Chiron in Pisces is the point of the Kite and reminding us that we are Shape-shifters allowing for the true healing of the world to occur in the Light of Sacred Wisdom and Spiritual intentions being fulfilled in new attitudes from the scriptures of the most ancient wisdom of Source encoded in our deeper Psyche-Consciousness.

Finally, the Grand Cross will give us just enough mental, emotional and spiritual edge to decide we can make the change. It too is lead by Mars in Virgo opposing Chiron in Pisces, and both of them squaring with the Nodes of the Moon (North Node in Sagittarius and South Node in Gemini). What will the inner agitation provide? Again, we will see that the Mars element will call forth the fire of purification through the gateway of our physical reality and analytical mind (Virgo), while activating the inner healer (Chiron) who will temper the fire by sacred releases of inner awareness, yet, reminding each individual that the goal is the Higher Awareness (Sagittarius) of purpose while using the wisdom already obtain (Gemini) to be open and communicate within our communities so we can all find the secret of benevolence (Sagittarius) in the service to the Whole.

Mercury is sitting very close to Uranus (both in Aries) and in its retrograde will ride right on top of it by March 14…there may be an inner explosion of wisdom that may jar you into the awakening of the I AM Presence (Aries).

Venus is riding alongside Jupiter and approaching the gifts of Jupiter that will call the resourcefulness into action in a loving and nurturing manner that can support the growth of the new garden of consciousness.

Saturn continues to ride the waves of retrograde realities in Libra… Still calling everyone to review relationships and discover how to bring them to the benevolent and loving intention of equilibrium that is always what everyone begs for. (Saturn opposes Venus). Saturn will complete its retrograde June 25th and enter Scorpio Oct 6th…finally leaving the field of Libra. It has been quite a journey of discovering the power within relationships within the last 2 years.

May the Full Moon empower you to honor the intentions of the Cosmic gifts!

New Moon – Ash Feb 21

Sunday, February 19th, 2012



In the Light of Ash – Nion


The most Sacred Moon emerges, calling you to ritual, moving you into compassion, and helping you move away from illusion. The Great Mother rebirths within you. Her readiness to birth the New Life-New World is revealed from your Most Ancient Memory—the memory of Source.

The Ash New Moon of 2012 initiates its vibration on Tuesday, February 21st at 2:34:34 pm Pacific Time. The Moon sidles up to the Sun in Pisces, and right along side them are Neptune, Chiron and Mercury aglow in the sacred vibration of Pisces/Ash. Be sure to check out the News Page on to read about the cosmic alignment on New Moon day.

As we connect with this vibration, it is a Gift…a Grace, actually. The Grace of Divine Consciousness woos us into the flow of Sacredness, the power of Oneness, and the mission of Enlightenment by helping us Remember Who We Really Are—Source! These powers of light are courting our individual self…romancing us to solicit the Holy Living Quality from the depth of our inner knowing. We need only respond as our Cellular Memory impulses us with the urge to Re-member our Whole Being. How do we respond? With the actions of Sacredness. By living with a higher intention through prayer states in everything we do, alignment with Higher Source Consciousness at every point of our life, and to vibrate in the Light consciously.

Neptunia/Neptune has entered the realm of Ash/Pisces for the first time in over 164 years. When we look back in history, in 1846 Neptune was first discovered, the evolution of psychology was occurring as Freud brought his theories forward, and the power of the secret orders of mystical wisdom was coming to the forefront as well (such as the Golden Dawn. One hundred and sixty four years ago we began the journey to remember the power of the Universe is within. I think we have been growing into this power. Now as Neptune reveals itself in Pisces again, it is time for us to LIVE this power, not simply seek it. It is Our Time, to release the Cellular Memory that we sealed within ourselves as we traveled through aeons of time, through star gateways, and into the Earth journey. It is time to unlock the inner Seals of Wisdom…and know that only We can do that because we are the Source that Encoded the Wisdom and Sealed the Messages in the cellular-soul.

The Poem of Ash-Noin (Vibration of Lunar Cycle of Pisces) may give us a hint for decoding and removing the seals:


Ash, seeker of Spirit, Teach me to make holy my journey

Help me move past illusion

Lead me to my heart

The Place of Magick


 May I pause for a moment and honor that Pisces is considered the sign of Jesus Christ, and the New Testament, as we all know, is based on His life and the rise of Christianity. At the end of the New Testament is the Book of Revelations that speaks of 7 seals to be indicators of the End Time and the Anti-Christ. May I honor a message that my guardian Malachi gave to a client recently as she asked about the coming of an Anti-Christ? He spoke to this woman of the Anti-Christ that is already here and has been for a long time. He spoke of the 2nd coming of Christ with her many times before.

 As Malachi spoke of the Anti-Christ her indicated that this is the quality within ourselves that holds the belief of separation, the negative and self-deprecating attitudes carried inside our subconscious, the dishonoring of each other, and the judgments we hurl around about each other, our governments, different cultures and different beliefs. He spoke of the Anti-Christ as the level of ourselves that keep us from knowing the Christ and appears to keep the 2nd coming from developing in human consciousness and personal realities. For Christ does not mean the man Jesus, it means the Higher Qualities of our Self, the Anointed One that we are—the Enlightened One. Jesus, the man knew this, lived this, and modeled this reality. Malachi indicated, again, that the 2nd coming is the realization within ourselves that We are the Christ. And, when this Christed awareness occurs at the Critical Mass Point, the 2nd coming will be realized. That Critical Mass point will be when Mass Consciousness chooses to live the Power of Oneness and each individual honors the Christ Within and the Christ Living in Matter. This is the moment when the polarities of Spirit and Matter integrated creating the Neutral Field of Holiness. Thus, the Yin and Yang integrate and the power of the Sushumnaisknown. The Middle Path of Holiness is experienced. The Enlightenment is no longer a journey…IT simply IS. The mystical moment births—Oneness.

Ash reveals a Yin, Yang Moment of Integration in her symbolic coloring of her face as the tail of White merges with the Black and the tail of the Black merges with the White. The journey ends and Oneness IS. The Mystical Wisdom Teacher is emerging through the flow of the lunar cycle of Pisces. As we review the Holy Tried of Energies of this lunar cycle, we will see how Ash is creating a foundation for the integration through the opening and clearing of the seals of the Anti-Christ and the connection to the Sacred Seals of the Higher Self (Christed Self).

Upper World – Higher Mind: As we unfold in this new year, we are continuing to use the Power of the Higher Mind, we are still at Causal Moments of awareness as we continue the flow of this year. We have the ability to connect with the ideas/ideals of the Universal Mind through different modalities.

With Ash, we connect with the Higher Mind influence of reverence. We feel within ourselves the desire to respect all that is Holy. Using this energy is perfect for the Causal field of consciousness. Especially after we have made such a connection with Rowan the month before. In that regard, we have “turned on” the lights within us and directed a focus. With the lights turned on, we are ready for the flow of the Sacred and Mystical connections we can make at the level of our Higher Mind, The Divine Mind within. We will let our personal realities move into attitudes of acceptance of the life around us, the glory of seeing the Divine Light in everyone and everything. This quality will encourage the drive within us to be in service in a way that is loving, nurturing and caring for those around us. We become inclusive rather than separate on our journey of life.

From the Higher Mind, we can work with the Foundation of Energy that Ash Brings.

Foundation: Ash-Nion: Setting the ground work of this month, Ash calls forth the power of the inner consciousness and the ability to continue the “changes” we are called to honor while cultivating the gifts of the New World Garden. Her Law gives us that reality clearly, for it is the Law of Life, Death and Rebirth. We will always be given the opportunity to clear out the old , let it die, and rebirth into the New Life. Ash stirs within the practice of Rituals that reminds us that the foundation of the New Life is anchored through the power of rituals.

This month, WomanSpirit has been giving the messages of clearing and breaking the “Seals” of the Anti-Christ and has asked that I set the stage of this in the following Manner:

 1st Seal: This is the Seal of Avarice. It carries the belief that Earth is a place of tragedy and that we are stuck in the muck of experiences. In this muck of fear, we are greedy and needy and take on the ego-fear of being less than and obviously without the power to take charge of our life. We want to rape, pillage, and hoard. But, even more tragic, is that we move into the vice of Inertia and remain stuck unless some outlandish force of experiences move us. We don’t take advantage of personal growth, mentally, physically, emotionally and certainly not spiritually.

 To break the seal: We can move past this seal by moving beyond the Fear of Living in Matter and recognize it as an incredible Creation and Earth is the Garden of Eden that we can tend by raising our thoughts, emotions and attitudes to a higher order of love and compassion for all life. When we honor that abundance is everywhere and we need not fear it or believe it is wrong, we can allow abundance to occur without having to take it from another through the vices of rape, pillaging, hoarding and greed. We simply need to use opportunities to grow and choose the virtue of Right Discernment in all that we do.

2nd Seal: This is the seal of Illusion and delusion. The illusion is the belief that what we experience is only what we can see in our human reality; and we have no choice but to be at effect of a Great Nonhuman Persona. The illusion is that we are weak as human beings and carry no True Power because we exist as a human. It is the forgetfulness of our Holiness. It is also the Illusion that we are stuck in the flow of the Collective belief systems of human fallacies and must live under these conditions of concepts limited by human dogma. Delusion is our state of misleading ourselves through the valley of false truths that we create in order to seem knowledgeable, manic need to seem intelligent or intuitive, bizarre and idiosyncratic beliefs that can and will reveal an abnormal reality. Under this seal of negativity, we enter into the vice of idleness. We use our energy inappropriately and avoid living the purpose of our soul. We may live in an “air-fairy” world. We use worry, fear and fret and move against the stream of life rather than moving with the flow. Our expenditure of energy reveals no growth in mind, heart, or spiritual qualities.

 To break this seal: We must understand our illusionary self. We can align with the Truth that we are the Great Nonhuman Persona that is also the Persona of Human Expression and therefore we have charge over our living quality. In so doing, we leave the path of fear-based realities and enter the realm of sacred truth, higher wisdom and the virtue of independence and individuation. We honor that we are a Ray of the Oneness Expressing the Oneness in the unique quality of being our self. The power of the Independent Self is the ability to Love who we are, release the soul-gift of our presence on the Earth and know that through compassion, love and honor of all life, we support the whole in the uniqueness of our Being. Of course, at such a stage of Being, we recognize the gift of every other person in our life rather than worry about them taking us over, being better than we are, or more glorified in the eye of the Great Nonhuman Persona of Creation. To break this seal of negativity….we move into the power of a Greater Love for all and the realization of Universal Order.

3rd Seal: This is the Seal of Dishonesty. The condition of attitudes of fear bring one into self criticism or the critical attitudes of others. To keep one “safe” from being discriminated, the lies begin. One may lie to themselves in order to feel “okay,” and lie to others to have other’s believe that they are okay. True awareness of self is eliminated because of the fear of not being good enough, not having enough to share, and having no talents to extend to the greater good of humanity. One will hide themselves, believing others will see the “bad things or shortcomings” that they believe they express. The negativity of the seal then supports chaotic thinking, lack of focus, and an inability to have open communication with another.

To break this seal: One needs to use the virtue of truth and honesty to break this seal. And the first level of that is to be truthful and honest with one’s self. One needs to accept the roll that they are playing in life is good, in and of itself. It is important not to hide behind false beliefs of self or others in order to break this seal. Every individual needs to share the qualities they have without fear of being judged. It is in breaking the fear of expression that one can reach a healing of the mind and the heart and move into the joy and splendor of recognizing themselves as a Living Being of Life and Light—the Garment of the Great Creator, if you will. With such awareness, truth and honesty always emerge.

4th Seal: This is the Seal of Lust and misuse of energy. It is the raper and pillager, one who wants to take control of others because of the fear of being controlled. It is abuses on many layers (sexual, unhealthy substances, physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual abuses). Lust is the need to have something that appears to be untouchable. Lust is the uncontrollable need to obtain what appears to be the unattainable. This seal keeps one in the state of “outer referencing” and not realizing that “inner referencing” brings one to the Sacred awareness of life and the knowing they are the Sacred Being experiencing individual qualities of life. The impurities of the heart exist in the seal of lust…simply meaning one does not feel emotionally connected to the whole and thus must try to obtain the whole by misuse of power over others.

To break this seal: Self awareness is the key and selflessness is the attitude the breaks this seal. Selflessness does not mean you must be the sacrificial lamb that takes on everyone else’s dysfunctions to make them feel better about themselves. It is the act of knowing that all life is important and that you are an important part of the multi-trillions of components of LIFE. In the act of selflessness, you are truly merging into the One and Holy Being of yourself–the Divine Essence within you. Devotion brings you to the Sacred Knowing and the virtue of unselfishness emerges without effort. Love and Giving honor Creativity and Receiving as you break the seal of lust

5th Seal: This is the Seal of Arrogance. It is this state of consciousness in which comparison causes the need to be better than, greater than, and perhaps even holier than everyone else. It is the false-pride that continues to maintain the attitude and belief of Separation; and that separation is from one’s higher nature (Source Self), separate form an open heart and separate from sacred harmony. Fear of demise causes one to hold on to everything with an arrogance of Ownership—even when nothing can truly be owned.

To break this seal: One needs to move into the higher mind/higher heart and virtue of Devotion to the Higher Existence. Of course, one must honor their self, but also honor everyone and every state of existence in this multidimensional Universe. One must see that they are simply a part of this wholeness, not greater or lessor that any component of this wholeness. Reverence for All is a key component in breaking the seal of arrogance. Love for All is the magickal component that helps create the cessation of separation and brings about the evolution of Oneness. Arrogance has no room to perpetuate itself in the expression of love.

6th Seal: This is the Seal of Cruelty and Destruction. It is the war-monger holding to the reality that cruelty and destruction is a hand of fear that keeps all thingsunderthe thumb of chaos, disease, and doubt. The war is in the mind and of the heart. The war is in the banter of dictatorial beliefs that continue the evolution of separation and the fall of humanity into the dungeon of lack, worry, depression and doom. One keeps their self in the dungeon through the war of their mind, the confusion of their heart, and the fear of loss, shame, or fear of lack of cognizance.

To break this seal: One can use the power of the Virtue of Courage and Energy that shatters the crystallization of false beliefs. In this power of courage, one can move into alignment with Right Changes, allowing things to go that no longer serve, and create new realities that serve new state of Being. This shield is broken when one finds that their mind and emotions are only tools of a Higher Mind that is constantly creating, releasing, re-creating, and moving through the electrifying consciousness of constant change in order to set Free Its multiple realities of existence into the ever changing evolution of expression. No Thing, No One is lost in a single dimension of living….in the breaking of the 6th shield, one moves into the sacred wisdom of multidimensional gardens of life.

7th Seal: This is the shield of Bigotry, Waste and Tyranny. Intolerance of others only continues the power of separation and stirs the cruel and oppressive rule of sensate realities of 5 human senses that lead to addictions. It keeps a separation from the 6th sense of intuition, and thus the knowing of the Divine Center within. In this separation energy is wasted on fear, selfishness, insatiable desires, and covetousness.

Breaking this Shield:  Using the Virtue of Divine Authority, one breaks this shield. This is an avenue of the heart and mind realizing the authority of inner discipline creates the power of clearing bigotry of beliefs, the tyranny of oppression, and the wastefulness of energy. It is the higher wisdom that all energy is created to be used to express the Divine Regality and Royal Privilege contained in all souls. It is Self-Dominion and the power to adjudge truth of the Living Source in all Matter and NonMatter, therefore, being obedient to living a higher order of thought, emotions and attitudes of sacredness.

As the 7th Seal is broken, true Wonders of the Universe Occur. Humanity is free from the bonds of Separation. Love Prevails. The Heavenly Hosts Sing the Praises of Oneness. The powers of a New World are heralded for all to use. The Action of the Higher Consciousness is brought into being.

Action for Manifestation: Neptunia. The Earth Rumbles, the Oceans Erupt, the Power of the Sacred Consciousness Emerges, releasing All Knowing. The Mystical Heart is released. The mystical wisdom is known. The treasures of True Love emerge and the Divine Feminine releases Illusion from the mind and hearts of humanity. Clarity and truth that All are the Expression of Divine Mind and Divine Heart is known by every living creature. Nothing is left separate. The reversal of separation reveals the power of union.

In the mystical wisdom of numbers, Neptunia vibrates in tune with the number 12 and the Law of Reversal and the Law of Reflection. Humanity reverses its trend of thinking, believing and feeling separate and reflects the True Knowledge and delight of Wholeness. The True Child is Born. The True Christed Self is released from the dungeon of ignorance. The karmic patterns of birth and death and rebirth cease….All is Living, Organic Matter and Non Matter of the ONE GREAT BEING. The Seven Seals no longer exist as the Anti-Christ. The doors of consciousness are fully open for each soul to realize their Messianic self. Each is their own Savior because each is the King/Queen of Life. With this knowing All Life is known as sacred, special, and unique in its expression of differences as the expression of Oneness of reflected. The Second Coming occurs because each realizes their own Christed Beingness. Your Body, your Blood is Holy and is The Light.

Though the message of this month is deep, I know you are called to comprehend it and be the Living Truth of the wisdom brought through this gateway of Ash and Neptunia. To encourage the continual clearing of your unconscious so the True Memory of your Holiness emerges, use the ritual of on the Full Moon of March 8th. Be sure to open this page for the use of this ritual:

 I pray that each of you continue to feel the Grace of Wisdom that is growing with you…..within everyone.

Love and Light in the Grace of Be-ing,


What’s in the Stars Today?

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Summer Soltice brought the Sun into Cancer, Mercury is traveling quite quickly through this sign as well.  This allows us to focus on our home and the security it presents, especially when we create it to be the loving and nurturing environment that the vibration of Cancer calls for.

The Sun is in a Trine (very positive ray of energy) with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.  This alls for a sacred alignment at home and a willingness to heal age old patterns that might keep us from this sacred blessing of light. 

The Moon is now traveling through Aries and has joined the vibrational activation of this Zodiac sign with Uruaus.  Both are squaring-off with the Sun, so do activate a challenge.  Can we remain aware of the action that is required to build our new world, honor our independence, yet share with each other in a loving way?  Can we release the spirit fire of I AM from within us, focus on the ascension of our mind, and wrap it around in a loving way to our family?

The Moon and Uranus are a focal point for the Sacred Geometry of a T-Square of Cardnial Signs.  Tension is called forward to have us make a “check” and reference what is happening in our world.  The Moon and Uranus not only is squaring off with the Sun, but also with Pluto in Capricorn (which is feeling the effects of the Sun opposing its vibration).  When we have this sort of tension, we are called to focus on our leadership capabilities, our desire to keep our home life and worldly life in balance.  As noted above with the Piscean activity, we are called to be mindful and hold life sacred.  The tension of the T-square may have us questioning authority, struggling with the debate of balancing home-life with career changes that are needed.  We may feel pulled to stay at home and have a bar-b-que or pledge to support our worldly development through major transformation around the globe.  Hmm…what is stirring within you?

Pluto and Neptune effet the entire world, not just our personal selves.  As been said so many times before, Pluto is calling for a world-wide change in our laws, government regulations, and our big company environments.  Neptune has been asking us to free ourself from illusion and seek the higher road of compassion, sacred attitudes, and freedom from the old spiritual knowledge in order to come to the true knowledge of Oneness.    Neptune is squring off with Mars in Gemini and therefore being asked to stake a higher clame to purify the language of spiritual believes, the ideals of spiritual beliefs and communicate the Truth of this Oneness reality.  Oneness is not a theory, It Is the Divine expression flowing through all.  As we move through this time and space of the Universe, we are all feeling the wave of energy effecting the call for changes, the soul evolution, and reversal of trends so only the Oneness can be the reflection.

I must ask…how are you feeling these fields of light rays springing up within you, exploring through your emotions, instilling insights through your mind?  So much more can be shared…share it.

Season of Unselfishness

Monday, December 6th, 2010

This is a season of unselfishness….giving to others, enjoying the Light of Love, and expressing in kindness. Each of us turn our thinking toward a softer side of life.

As you know, I often look at the star patterns to see what type of “urging energy” helps us along the way. Quite interestingly, I find all planets are traveling through zodiac signs that are more about We and They as Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces stream light from the arcing of planets through their corridors.

Saturn in Libra helps contain relationships with honor of boundaries, maintaining long term relationships, and encouraging respect for each other.

Venus in Scorpio ads the loving, nurturing, sensual emergence of sharing with another. Sharing of each others deepest thoughts and feelings will be paramount.

The Sun, Moon and Mars continue to jaunt through Sagittarius (although the moon will very soon move into Capricorn). Benevolence is most certainly a key word. Living benevolently with all around you is a desire and a heart-felt action. Passionately desiring to see many individuals be comfortable, loved, and cared for surges through us all. Most certainly giving to the poor, the homeless, and those in need are stirred.

Pluto and Mercury are hip-to-hip today in Capricorn. Ideas that can move a nation to a greater commitment to the whole are being activated. A call to attention to what is in the best interest of all is being explored, and we can see that in our own nation.

Neptune and Chiron continue their journey (hip-to-hip) through Aquarius. Sensitivity to a higher intent is continuing. The desire to heal all wounds through the passage of the Transpersonal spiritually based reality is capturing the inner knowing of everyone.

Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces continue the same theme as Neptune and Chiron. Uranus is still at a standstill position and having been in the depth of the Ocean of consciousness (Pisces), it is ready to bring new and brilliant ideals to the forefront. Jupiter will help expand the wisdom of the sacred mysteries…again revealing, the mysteries are to no long be mysteries…the long awaited truth of sacred knowledge will emerge through all religions, belief systems and individuals.

Love and generosity is the key of these planetary patterns. May you feel them, blend with them and be Love and Generosity.

AWEN and Blessings!

New Moon – Ivy (Libra)

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

At 11:44:28 am Pacific Time, the Sun and the Moon are kissing partners. They will be 14 degrees and 23 minutes into Libra’s constellation. Saturn and Mercury, riding hip-to-hip, also activate the Libra energy field. They, in fact form a T-Square with the North and South Moon Nodes (North in Capricorn, South in Cancer). And both are in a quindecile alignment with Uranus in Pisces. The North and South Moon Node activate Soul intentions to follow the blessings of Source calling us to know our true intentions and foundation.

Venus, is sitting stationary in Scorpio and preparing to head into a retrograde cycle. Venus only turns retrograde once every 18 months April 2009 was her last turn and she was in Aries. Now she sits in Scorpio with more for us to learn. So, what are we learing in our experiences? Venus teaches us about how we relate, how we harmonize with each other. She also teaches us to be resourceful and solve conflicts. She teaches us to be worthy and discover our soul intention and purpose. She teaches us to take our talents and do something with them and in exchange gain our prosperity.

It is quite obvious that Libra is being stirred and we are asked to look deeply into our relationships (Venus is the ruler of Libra and therefore has a strong influence on this stellium of plantes aligned in this constellation for the New Moon Time). The timing of this event in the northern hemisphere brings all of these planets above the horizon. Therefore, looking at our most intimate relationships is brought into clear light. Libra rules marriages and business partners. It has us looking at relationships with our closest and dearest friends. It calls us to look at the relationship we have with our soul and our life journey. Are our relationships in balance or not?

Libra has us look at equality, fairness, and the creation of harmony. With the Sun and the Moon alignment, there is the gift of bringing mind-to-heart so we can feel what we think. And it calls us from heart-to-soul, so we know what we are doing and what we may need to adjust.

Saturn and Mercury call our attention to truly evaluate, make right assessments, and decipher the stability of our most important relationships, the manner in which we hold sacred honor with and for each other, to step into equal positions, and create harmony through love. In the quindecile experience that is going on, we may feel quite obsessive about the sacredness of our relationships as Uranus (the Law of Love), brings light in the the secrets of life (Pisces) and asks that we move into the passion of forgiveness, and the truth of sacred alignment in our relationships.

Venus, sitting rigidly still for the moment (full retrograde tomorrow and remains until Nov 18th), builds tension and through the energy of Scorpio, may increase fears, for Scorpio reminds us of everything we cannot control. So, let go and allow the power of Venus in the light of love, the opening of the soul door, and the gift of resolving issues, come to the forefront. Let the deeper research occur so the sacred truth releases, As Venus is sitting right alongside Mars, Mars gets to play a part in moving the power of Scorpio to activate the greater changes and motivate the deeper healing.

Intensity has been the name of our game for quite a while now. And why not? It is time to let the our ancestral processes end their long-term job. The memories have held us captive, guided us through life events, and urged us to discover much more. Pluto in Capricorn keeps pushing the buttons to call us to our own authority in Spirit, Mind and Body. Will we allow ourselves? I believe we are and these intense nudges keep reminding us not to fall back and use what we are familiar with.

Let this new moon continue to help you flush out fears, frustrations, and imbalances. Let this new moon help you form a strong relationship with your soul. From that point of life-reference, let all other relationships come to a greater balance, a blessed expression, and a union of true equality—interdependency.


Cosmic Vibrations

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

So sorry nothing has been written for a few days. …… Computer glitches have kept me from my main computer that houses my ability to get into this site. But, I’m BACK!

I most certainly wanted to note that the Moon is now traveling through Pisces, halfway through and still in its Disseminating phase. Pisces brings positive alignment with compassion and sacred intentions. It also calls for melding/blending into the Oneness of All of Humanity with Source. It causes us to “remember” we are all one and therefore honoring each other is our gift of peace, love and harmony.

The Moon in Pisces and the Sun in Cancer (water signs), may help us feel like we can take it slow and easy as we head for the holiday weekend. Mercury is still riding beside the Sun, and that allows our mind to also swim in our thoughts, creative ideas, and express nurturing to one another.

All of this is a great energy field to focus in, especially when the challenges of the of the Sun opposing Pluto, still asking us to transform our home and work, our government, and our world. Mercury is still in a struggle with Pluto as well and is the negative gets ahold of you, your mind will become the obsessor of judgments of self, family, your work environment, you government, and how nothing is working right.

As metaphysicians choosing to walk with a Transpersonal intent to live at the highest levels of our Being, then the obsessions, judgments, negative thinking and being swallowed in water emotions will only continue to stir the problems of your personal world and the world in general.

If we choose the negative then the Piscean gift of compassion turns to melding with the negative, being drugged into old beliefs and drunk with the ability to simply speak negatively about everything and everyone. We choose to find fault rather than find solutions. We choose to struggle with authority, fight containment that may help us focus and deliver our most passionate changes for good. We may put our foot down and insist our controlling attitudes are right, necessary, and anyone elses is wrong and abusive.

Our gift of seeking to be Light Aware, Living from our Highest Consciousness, gives us the power to live with compassion, choose to shape-shift the negative, intentfully find good, and consistently give love.

May you choose to gather the gifts of the Power of Compassion and carry it through the challenging times the cosmos has presented: Our Test is to Discover our Strength, our I AM Center Point, clear out more and more of the old patterns of thinking emoting, and being, and simply BE SOURCE.

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