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Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Good Morning Everyone:

Sunday is our Church Service and here is what will take place:

9:00 a.m. – 9:25 a.m. — Reiki Healing Service & Prayer Bead Service

9:30 a.m. – Inspirational Service – The Sacred Triad of the Divine Father

~10:30 a.m. – A time to chat and share with each other.

As always, it will be held at Myztic Isle Bookstore. Address and driving instructions are below.

I look forward to seeing you all.



Rev. Katherine Torres, Ph.D., D.D.
President, SPICA – Way of Light

Myztic Isle Bookstore
La Mesa Springs Shopping Center
8036 La Mesa Blvd.
La Mesa, CA 91942

Phone: (619) 465-3005

Google Map of San Diego and La Mesa, California,-95.677068&sspn=44.60973,50.361328&ie=UTF8&ll=32.806899,-117.101898&spn=0.38552,0.476532&z=11,-95.677068&sspn=44.60973,50.361328&ie=UTF8&ll=32.806899,-117.101898&spn=0.38552,0.476532&z=11

Click for Google Map site and Driving Directions,-95.677068&sspn=46.226656,60.996094&ie=UTF8&ll=32.770533,-117.025466&spn=0.01963,0.029783&z=15,-95.677068&sspn=46.226656,60.996094&ie=UTF8&ll=32.770533,-117.025466&spn=0.01963,0.029783&z=15

Freeway Access


From Highway 94:



Take exit 7 for Massachusetts Ave and go North.
Turn right at University Ave.
Turn right at La Mesa Blvd.
(La Mesa Springs Shopping Center will be on the left)

From Mission Valley on Highway 8 heading East to El Centro:



Take the exit toward Spring St.
Slight left at Spring St.
Take the 3rd right onto La Mesa Blvd.
(La Mesa Springs Shopping Center will be on the right)

From El Cajon on Highway 8 heading West:



Head west on I-8 W
2. Exit
onto El Cajon Blvd.
Turn left at La Mesa Blvd.
(La Mesa Springs Shopping Center will be on the left)


Tuesday, August 9th, 2011
Good Afternoon Everyone:
Sunday, August 14th is our August Services. The theme is “Living Enlightened.” Please come and join us, and bring a friend.
We begin our Services with a SPICA REIKI RADIANCE healing time. This begins at 9:00 a.m.
Regular Services Begin at 9:30 pm with a time after to enjoy “sharing the love” with each other.
Our community is solidifying in Oneness and enjoying the togetherness.
As always, we will be meeting at Myztic Isle Bookstore. The address  8036 La Mesa Blvd., La Mesa, CA  91942.
If you cannot make it, remember it is recorded and you can obtain a CD.
Looking forward to hugs, sacred messages, and blessings!
Love and Light,


Monday, July 19th, 2010

Guided by WomanSpirit, we once again are ready for our regular service.

Hello everyone:
It is time to set the intention for our Sunday Service July 25th. I’m looking forward to seeing you all!
We will begin at 9:00 a.m. with Reiki Healing being provided. If you desire an opportunity to receive the blessings of Reiki Energy, please come in at that time.
Service begins at 9:30 a.m. and we continue reviewing the vibration of the Lunar Cycle and the empowerment of your Intentions to flow consciously with the Laws of the Universe and the incredible energy that is “downloading” in our psyche (or better said, uploading from our Source-Self).
Of course, we are holding the services at Myztic Isle.
Myztic Isle Bookstore
8036 La Mesa Blvd.
La Mesa Springs Shopping Center
La Mesa, CA

Bring a friend. We welcome everyone!
Love and blessings,
Rev. Katherine
Myztic Isle


Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

May 9th is Gathering Day at Myztic Isle. A SPICA – Way of Light Teacher, Barbara Hightower, will share the Wisdom of Hawthorn. Flowing with the lunar cycles, Barbara brings creative ideas for blending and using the Messages of WomanSpirit recognized in the Faces of the Moon Mothers. The Divine Feminine Principle is revealed once again. The Foundation of SPICA – Way of Light’s philosophy is grasped through the lunar cycles.

Please come and enjoy the creative fun and inspiration to set the tone of your next lunar cycle. It begins at 10:00 a.m.

Sunday Inspirational Service!

Thursday, March 25th, 2010
March 28th – Services at Myztic Isle

9:00 a.m. we begin with 10 minute

Reiki Treatments


Please come and receive a treatment. If you are a Reiki Practitioner and would like to give your service of healing, please be sure to be at Myztic Isle by 8:45 a.m.. We will join in a prayerful alignment to serve others.

9:30 a.m. The Inspirational Service Begins

Utilizing the wisdom of the Year and the Law of Reversal, Rev. Torres will speak on the Power of the I Am through the flow of the Alder Lunar Cycle and the additional Universal Law: The Law of Worldly Development. Learn how to reverse any trend that keeps you from recognizing your I Am center point and develop your world as you Really, Really, Really want it to be!

See you there and do bring a friend!

Love and Blessings,


Here are the directions to Myztic Isle:

Myztic Isle Bookstore
La Mesa Springs Shopping Center
8036 La Mesa Blvd.
La Mesa, CA 91942

Phone: for directions:

(619) 465-3005 Google Map of San Diego and La Mesa, California

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