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SPICA – Way of Light – Ignite Your Inner Wisdom Radio Program for Saturday Feb 25th

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Date: February 25th – 8:00 a.m. PST

Episode Title: Wonders of Color – Your Aura and Sacred Color meanings of Ages

Episode Description:  You have a Shimmering Light all around you….we call it your Aura. In the Evolution of humankind, souls enter the earth in groups of colors and a special group of souls, using crystal vibrations bridge us to new levels of consciousness. Learn about the colors, changes of consciousness, and the new Shimmering Pearl Children of our New World.

Dr. Katherine Torres will discuss the changes of color through aeons of worldly changes, group soul color and their wisdom for humanity, and today’s colors that are seen in the children who have been birthing into the Earth over the last 3 years. What Color is Your Aura…perhaps you will be able to tell by the descriptions provided. Listen in, call in, or email….the desire is to stir the wisdom of color vibration and the awareness that we are all radiating light frequencies of color.

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SPICA – Way of Light Radio Show – Saturday January 14

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

SPICA – Way of Light: Ignite Your Inner Wisdom

Guest Speaker:   Astrologer Anne Beversdorf

The Great Saturn Neptune Divorce

January 21, 2012

After 171 years, Neptune is finally declaring her freedom from Saturn. She doesn’t know herself as an independent energy system and neither do we. The good news is that she moves into her own sign and so THIS Neptune ingress into Pisces is a very big deal indeed. What will we learn? We may not see the cycles of planets like Neptune the way we can see the daily and seasonal cycles of the Sun, but the planets still have profound effects on us. Neptune is the principle of idealism, spiritual realms, boundaryless-ness, but her discovery connected her with Saturn, the principle of material things, rules, boundaries. Do you think this might relate to Consumerism (Idealizing Material Things)? The Saturn-Neptune Divorce will change us and will change society in many ways. Learn how to travel this new road with ease!

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Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Hello Everyone:

Very soon I will host my own Internet Talk Radio Show on It is an exciting time because it means wisdom can be shared to a broad audience (all around the world with 3.3 million listeners).

My new show is called: SPICA – WAY OF LIGHT, Ignite Your Inner Wisdom! It debuts on November 5, 2011 and will be heard every Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time. Shows will be rebroadcast 12 hours later and archived for On Demand listening….you can’t miss a thing.

 Take a look at the other great programs I’ll be joining on the 7th Wave Channel by following this link: I know you will find other programs that interest you and peak your Inner Wisdom.

On SPICA – Way of Light, Ignite Your Inner Wisdom, I’m thrilled to say you will be listening to other Master’s of Wisdom as I invite guest speakers. Everyone I call to the show will provide their awareness of the Mysteries of this Universe through sound, healing, astrology, symbology, and oh so much more. To plunge into the depth of the Universe and extract wisdom requires positive sacred attitudes and these individuals will reveal that of themselves and encourage that of you.

The show is interactive! Opportunities to call in, send an email or communicate on-line in the moment of the show, is available to all listeners. The Crew (producers, engineers, speakers and myself) want to gear the show toward your desires as well. Please send me an email at: or regarding:

 * your ideas

* your concerns about the changing time

* issues and problems you want to see resolved

Please know your confidentiality will be maintained at all levels.

Here are some of the planned topics for upcoming shows:

* Sacred Feminine. SHE Is the New Paradigm

* A New Paradigm in Psychoanalysis

* Cosmic Influence – Astrological Playground

* Symbology Connects one to their Soul and Source

* Reiki Radiance – Distance Healing

* and much more.

Guest speakers include:

* MaryAnn D’Ambrosio

* James Wanless

* Peggy Black

* Deborah Smith Parker

* Chuck Lass

* and, again, many more.

Please forward this email to people like yourself who would both benefit and enjoy listing to: SPICA – WAY OF LIGHT, Ignite Your Inner Wisdom Internet Radio Show on

When you respond to this email, confirm in the subject line, ADD ME, and I will make sure you receive all future show announcements, e-cards, and other offers relevant to our radio show!

Come and join us at SPICA – WAY OF LIGHT as we share the wisdom of the Most Ancient, the New Levels of Awareness, and the stream of light waves that encourage your inner wisdom to ignite and take flight in your personal world.

If you do not which to be made aware of any further news regarding: SPICA – WAY OF LIGHT, Ignite Your Inner Wisdom, please send an email with the subject line reading: Please Remove Me.

Thank you for your support.

Rev. Torres