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We’re Up Again!

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Blessings Everyone:

Had a small glitch in our programs, but if all is correct, we are up and running again.  Although a Day Late, I wish All Mother’s a Blessed Mother’s Day. 

In our Sunday Service at SPICA – Way of LIght  we gave honor to our Most Sacred Mother, the Creatrix.  The Divine Feminine Principle is the Foundation of our Church.  What a gift it was to share with the congregants Her blessings of continuous life.  She provides us the power of Love, the Limitless Possibilities, and the Limitless Light to express in our world. 

The Great Mother spills out the energy of Perpetual Intelligence, Unconditional Love and the Memory that we are the Cells of Living in Her Essence as She is the Cells of Living in our Essence.  May we all feel the Blessings of the Great Mother as well as Give to Her our Reverence and Reflection of Love and Light.

Warm blessings,

Rev. Torres

A Message from Malachi – Angel of Light

Monday, June 28th, 2010
From Malachi: “Blessings. You are working with an intention to support the world consciousness. That is a gift to assist the expansion of the Personal Mind and the continual ascension of Higher Consciousness within each person. As the birthing of all possibilities occurs at this time, the gift of the Greater Consciousness is birthing within every Being.
The Great Mother, Galactic Christ, and Ultimately the Divine One is expanding through all of you. You, blessed humans, have opened the pathway of your inner self to such a degree as to allow the higher choice within you to bring forth the next evolution of Consciousness. The Pearl Children are amongst you because of this. You are ready to explore and Be the Master, the Avatar, the Christ that you are. May you know that the blessings of Light, the Vibrations of Knowing, and the Gift of being Aware are yours to accept now. You are already expanding in Light. May you Be the Light through your Intention of living compassionately, knowing you are Source, and gracing your world with Love for All. Be Peace! Be Love! Be Source!”