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New Moon – July 30

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

New Moon of Holly begins at 11:39:47 am Pacific Daylight Time on July 30th!

This is a significant New Moon.  It is the second New Moon of the Month of July, thus called the Black Moon.  As I shared in Oak Moon Mother’s letter, the Black Moon is a time of psychic power, and calls forth  the wisdom of using Universal Energy in a ritualistic manner.  On the personal level, it may pull you within and if you are in a healthy place, that will mean aligning with the Sacred aspects of yourself.  If you are in an unhealthy reality, it carries the potential to pull you into the darkness of your mental, emotional conflicts.  Be sure you align with your Higher Intentions, Reverence to the Higher Self, Higher Dimensions, Source. 

Further, there are more significant experiences to be explored with this New Moon.  One reality is that  Mercury is at 0 degrees Virgo and therefore Opposite Neptune who is at 0 degrees Pisces.  On this New Moon Day, Neptune is Retrograde and Mercury is slowing down in preparation to be retrograde (August 2nd Mercury goes stationary in readiness to retrograde at 8:50 pm Pacific Daylight Time).    They will both be bouncing off each other’s energy during the retrograde (3 weeks of retrograde, plus time to for Mercury to get back into original position of 0 degrees Virgo before strong in its forward motion).  They will be trying to reach the depth of the “other’s” wisdom.  They must meet at the Center Point which is 0 degrees Sagittarius 37 minutes.  They must meet the Archer who points his arrow to the Heaven (higher state of consciousness), where benevolence meets and the shaking of hands can occur in an honoring of agreements being made in the higher levels of wisdom. 

What can we expect from this retrograde/opposition?  Well, if working from the lower ego and only in the 3rd dimensional reality, then we can expect that we will have difficulty keeping focus, traveling much of the time in illusion, and unwilling to seek reality through Truth.  Our minds will slip and slide through the muggy emotions.  We will make choices based on our “feel good” addictions.  We may undermine our wisdom by aligning with  false realities that appear real.  We will dance with our Rose Colored Glasses and hype up the messages of spiritual deception. 

However, if we choose to be Conscious Individuals, following a Spiritual Path of Truth in the Changing World, then we will find ourselves bringing our logical mind into the sacred realms of the Divine Mind through the doors of sacred mystery.  We will bring our senses into compassion and truly feel the vibration of the word Oneness.  The color of our personal lives will change from illnesses, self-sacrificing limitations, and separation to the power to live in Union with our whole self, the union with others, and the most sacred intent to serve the higher wisdom of our changing world. 

We can bring our minds to the Sacred Mind of Wisdom (Ocean of Consciousness–Neptune/Pisces) and clean up our old way of thinking.  In so doing, we will open the channel of New Thought, the Wisdom of a New Language, and we will “feel” the vibrations of the sacred words resonating in our corporeal self.  We will “remember” who we are (Source).  We will allow ourselves to Live Source, because we will feel the vibration of that word living within us. 

During the power time of the New Moon, a sacred geometrical symbol occurs.  It is the Mystical Rectangle.  That rectangle represents a Treasure Box ready to be unlocked by our consciousness.  We need first to be aligned in our Sacred Domain of Oneness, Compassion, and Love for All.  Then the Key, Mercury, will unlock the power of Mars in Gemini (allowing active communication to occur), who in turn will unlock the Power of Pluto in Capricorn (allowing the active communication to form a Great Change in the World), who in turn will activate Chiron in Pisces (Allowing the wounded Hero to release the power of transforming the ancient wisdom, releasing the old models, and encouraging the new language that will help all decipher the true Codes of the Universe. 

Ah, but let me not leave out the Sabian messenger of the Sun/Moon Conjunction.  This message states: “A Bolshevik propagandist.”  It stirs the power of passion that motivates social and political  change—caused by the expectations of personal perspectives.  Hmm, sorta sounds like what is happening in our U.S., eh?  This is a time to use the power of virtue to bring a better and greater shift of ideas and ideals. 

Yes, we are watching changes in our personal U.S. government, our world governments, and our world of spiritual alignments.  May we grant ourselves the attitude of Union that means we are here to promote harmony, live with integrity, love with compassion, and encourage change that is for the better of all.  May we use the power of this New Moon to shape shift personally so our positive influence will help in the shapes-shifting of the World.  After all, we are the Executives in Charge of the Earth and are encouraged to use the Higher Mind, our Source Mind to do just that.

May the Magick of this New Moon be used by you to form the Integrity of Higher Purpose in your life so that the Life of All can vibrate from the waves of energy you are perpetuating.

Peace through a Lunar Connection

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

The Moon has moved into Taurus and will be there for a couple of days. This will allow your inner self to be determined and directed to get down into details. You will discover you are more resourceful in problem solving as well.

When we are moving through the waxing moon phases (as we are now), the tendency to be a bit more tired occurs. Add that with the lazy side of the Taurus Bull, and you may find that the challenges that occur are feeling like you need a nap rather than using the urges of resourcefulness. You may get stuck in an emotional groove and feel like you cannot get out of it and you may get possessive with the ones you love!

Ah, but the moon is in a Trine with Pluto (in Capricorn). A Trine releases the Grace of the Divine. This trine will help you use skills of leadership, understand what motivates others, and calls you into an intense process that helps you get to the point of the problems at hand. You may be in a cleanup mode and make sure the transitions are in great order.

If you are the boss, go in a little later this morning…you may want to clean up a bit too much and get rid of things that you need. If you are an employee, call in and ask for a little more time before coming into work…you may be in the cross-fires of intent until about 10 or 11 a.m. PDT.

Uranus is at a Standstill, ready to head into a retrograde. Presently Uranus is in Aries and the tension will become strong today as we deal with the standstill, yet opposition to Saturn and square to Pluto. World wide, we could have another “wake up” call. Who’s the Boss could most certainly be brought to attention. Cooperation may not be the order of the day if the world governments want to believe that their authority is the only authority. Yet, as always known, squares and oppositions can present opportunities to motivate changes necessary to bring about a more harmonious reality. May we pray for Divine Right Action.

Be at Peace as you continue to flow through the Solar vibrations of Cancer. With the Sun and Mercury still utilizing Cancer’s nature of care, nurturing, and discovering the best way to hold sacredness of family and the foundation of living, we all have a good chance to call forth peace in the world of greater change. The Sun sextiles Mars, taming the need to fight and argue, and is in a quintile (flow and creativity) with Saturn, which may help those with a higher intention open the doors of peace and world-wide security based on living in harmony. Let’s all visualize that idea and flood the world with the energy of love. We Can Make A Difference!


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