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Thursday, December 29th, 2011

 wasn’t me.  I couldn’t feel the “me” anymore.  I was numb to the physical sesations of myself.  I was beyond me….experiencing an incredible nurturing, all encompassing Love.  It was intense without Intensity.  It was perfection, peace, bliss.  I was outside-inside.  I knew and did not know something was occurring with my body.  SHE was taking it over and SHE ws blessing everyone in the room without touching them….and yet….touching each and everyone of them.  All Energy.  Energy in Motion.

HE Spoke, radiating Light…Healing Light…incredible heat and it had to be released.  Released to Everyone…Pure Love, Pure Light, Pure Healing.  Each person took it in. 

SHE, the Divine Mother….He the Mystical Christ…One in the Center of My Being and Giving to individuals, to the world…radiating through the Galaxy.

Let go…the Oneness emerges…..Let Go..You are One

October 2011

Morning Prayer

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

The Sun rises and peers through the clouds.  Oh Most Holy One, Divine Mother:  it is as though Your Eye is peering at us today.  My we see You and recognize Your Sight is always fixed upon us.  May we, in return, keep our sight on You.

Oh, Most Holy One, Divine Mother, may we feel the warmth of Your Love, Express You throughout our day.  May we share Your wisdom as we open the door to our Soul and speak the heart-words to our World.  May we Master each step we take by remembering we are in Union with you and contained within your Beingness.  AWEN

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