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Happy New Moon – Alder Cycle

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

Alder is a symbolic representation of the Divine Mysteries, telling us to do something. Rev. Katherine Bell shares a deeper understanding on these energies and how to benefit from their blessings.  Take a moment to watch this video.  Thank you for visiting our SPICA Way of Light website.

New Moon – Solar Eclipse

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Another Lunar Cycle with Eclipses will occur this lunar month. We start at this New Moon with a partial Solar Eclipse.

The Moon and Sun are 11 degrees 1 minute into the sign of Gemini. The Earth is dancing in the middle of them and keeping the full expression of the Solar Light and thus conscious insentient from being revealed. Gemini is the sign of communication, early childhood development, dealing with siblings and neighbors, and finding the power of discernment so we may make right choices. It is the Law of Union expressing within us and may not be revealing everything we feel outwardly if we allow the eclipse to take over.

The Sun and Moon will get some assistance to focus and communicate well and intimately through their arching lights that reach out to Saturn in Libra in a positive and grace-filled reality. This will most certainly help in the communications necessary with our significant others, with our partners in business and the most important friendship we have (BFF). Though Saturn is in Retrograde, it nonetheless will activate our inner ability to recognize the importance of the “We” factor, not just the independent, “Me” factor.

Then, the Sun and Moon arch their lights in a challenge way to Chiron in Pisces. The agitation will call forth the inner wounds that we have carried for a long time. Bringing them to light allows us to clear them. More reevaluations of the secrets of abuses of the Church (Pisces) will continue, but greater healing will also arise. Will you take this call to turn what was abusive in your life to what is now life experiences you have learned by and gained personal healing and self-respect for being alive and able to deeply care for yourself and others?

The Sabian message of the degree the Sun and Moon activate is, “A topsy saucily asserting herself.” Fun loving, bold, assertiveness actions from those you would not expected are activated here. In a child-like manner, you might find yourself or another creating statements that are a bit abrasive, but call forth the truth in an irreverent manner. You may find yourself or another shockingly speaking out (and it may look disrespectful). Listen well if you hear someone speaking in this usual-for-them manner. See to learn a truth that you may need to hear. If it is you speaking, this may be the opportunity to come out of your shell and break free of false shyness keeping you from revealing the inner truth you do know.

Blessings of this New Moon-Partial Solar Eclipse….time to set the pattern for the month with gentle intention (eclipses can eclipse your outcome, so do be in clarity of your desires and note them, speak them and feel them boldly).

New Moon – Scorpio Reed

Friday, November 5th, 2010

It’s Friday! Tonight, in the dark, Scorpio’s energy takes over fully. New Moon begins at 9:51:46 pm PDT. The sun and Moon are both at 13 Degrees and 40 Minutes of Scorpio. Ominous 13, Awesome Reality. Thirteen is a sacred number of the Divine Feminine. It is the number of Lunar Phases that occur in a Solar Year. It is the power of Transformation, and the gift of Proliferation.

Scorpio is the time of our life when we enter the temple of our soul and cull the last vestiges of a year of experiences. We allow our consciousness to enter a fallow state so the clearing can allow the Higher Order to fertilize the soul soil with prepatory energy to encourage a new year of growth.

As we meet the New Moon tonight, the Sun and Moon also have Mercury in Scorpion assisting the travels through the darkness of our inner mind. Mercury stimulates the inner contemplation, evaluation, and power to make right choices. Right behind the Sun and Moon, Venus continues her retrograde and is at 0 Degrees of Scorpio….intense energy fields are being released.

We can either go spinning through our shadows, work on the energies of old beliefs, enter the pathway of jealousy, resentments, anger and frustration, or we can change that tune. We can express our feelings with accountability on our part. We can bring light to our shadowy beliefs and change the false perceptions. We can take the power to create new pathways by culling the old with our personal intention rather than being pulled under the quagmire of victimhood, fear of our own empowerment, and lost through the control factors we attempt to cling to.

We can use the higher consciousness that has settled within as Uranus and Jupiter continue to travel in a retrograde process through Pisces. They are reaching the deep inner sacred places to release the light of truth and the compassion of living as one. They are in a Trine (grace and flow) with Mercury, and thus helping the mental-emotional self understand, release the old secrets and gather the new plans of higher realities.

Saturn is crossing Libra and challenges Mercury to maintain a balance with integrity and determination to follow through with the highest intent. Saturn is in an obsessive-compulsive alignment with Uranus and Jupiter….as though to say, “Hurry Up! We need to get to the bottom of our fears, change them, and enter the Light.” Pluto in Capricorn challenges Uranus and Jupiter as well, squaring off with them and continuing the call of Major Transmutation so the Soul of Humanity is open and ready for the Waves of Light ready to explode into a New Birth of Existence.

Chiron is sitting at a stationary position in Aquarius, still right beside Neptune who continues her retrograde. The stationary moment calls us to pay close attention while we feel the tension of waiting….Chiron, the Law of Destiny, is posed to take on the new level of the Higher Order….but wait….are we ready? Are we willing to give up the old stories of woundedness, incapabilities, false fears? Chiron is asking that question right now. Can you answer it?

Join the forces with the Universe. Take your Co-Executive Position…be willing to move into the depths, reveal the true Light, let your soul-soil go fallow so it may take up the passion to be prolific in a whole new way.



Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Hello everyone: I have returned home from TX and know it is a bit late in the week, but wanted to remind you that we are having a Service this Sunday at Myztic Isle.

We will begin with a Reiki Healing time at 9:00 a.m. Any of you who would like to come serve, let me know, and please come in before 9:00 to set the field of energy with Love. Those of you who would like to receive the healing, please be with us at 9:00. The Reiki treatments last about 10 minutes.

Then, at 9:30 we will begin our Service and reviewing the Law of Wholeness! I look forward to sharing continuous wisdom that is inspired by Divine Guidance! And, we will share the exciting plans of change for 2011 for the Church Services and the Gathering Classes.

As you know, we hold our services at Myztic Isle Bookstore. Below are the directions. If you need to get in touch with us, please feel free to call 619-588-6483. Bring your Delight in an Open Heart ready to receive, Share your love for it is a gift to all of us, and bring a friend who might be looking for ways to increase their Divine Presence in the active living of their life.

Warm blessings and love,


Myztic Isle Bookstore
La Mesa Springs Shopping Center
8036 La Mesa Blvd.
La Mesa, CA 91942

Phone: (619) 465-3005

Google Map of San Diego and La Mesa, California

Freeway Access

From Highway 94:


From Mission Valley on Highway 8 heading East to El Centro:


From El Cajon on Highway 8 heading West:


Head west on I-8 W
2. Exit
onto El Cajon Blvd.
Turn left at La Mesa Blvd.
(La Mesa Springs Shopping Center will be on the left)
Take the exit toward Spring St.
Slight left at Spring St.
Take the 3rd right onto La Mesa Blvd.
(La Mesa Springs Shopping Center will be on the right)
Take exit 7 for Massachusetts Ave and go North.
Turn right at University Ave.3. Turn right at La Mesa Blvd.
(La Mesa Springs Shopping Center will be on the left)Rev. Katherine Torres, Ph.D., D.D.
President, SPICA – Way of Light University of Divinity

New Moon – Divine Feminine Expression

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Each New Moon is another reflection of the Divine Feminine Expression. She is flowing with energy that births, supports, and produces activities that move through our unconscious and merge into action in our life.

May 13 at 6:04:23 pm PDT, the Moon joins the Sun at 23 degrees 9 minutes of Taurus. A new moon phase begins with the Sabian Message of: “A Mounted Indian with Scalp Locks.” Sounds macabre. Yet, it carries a significant message of “achievement.” This achievement is reflecting power, strength, and accomplishment. Since the Indian can show the “locks,” there is the reality of revealing the manifest is in hand. Therefore, when you set your intentions for the New Moon, remember, you are setting in the power to achieve your desires and at such a level, that you will reveal your accomplishments, not just speak about them. You will have them in hand! It will take your empowered state of being, your strength to overcome adversity, and your willingness to stay the course to accomplish your goals. The Sun and Moon in Taurus give you that stability.

Yesterday, Mercury stood stationary, no longer to be seen in a retrograde motion. Mercury will now travel back over the field of energy used in the retrograde process. It will take Mercury until May 28th to get back to the point it turned retrograde. That means you will be going over all you experienced, what it means to you, and what you have learned through this last event. This is a “shadow” of the Mercury retrograde event, so the Light of Mental Freedom does not fully come to you until May 28th. Move through your review with the knowing that you are taking in the wisdom of lessons learned, the understanding of events in your life, and the ability to change what does not work. Soon all levels of communication will feel like they are back to normal. Computers that may have gone down will not be fixed and ready to go. Drivers will come back to Earth and drive with a bit more focus and care.

Most certainly, this new moon will anchor the sense of well being, delight in putting your hands in the soil and tilling your gardens, and getting into the fresh air and sharing with others the creative flow of life. By Friday, a Void of Course will occur with the moon at 5:26 am. Not long after, 6:18 am PDT, the Moon shifts in to Gemini and the Hawthorn phase begins…calling in the power of making choices that will support your desired accomplishments.

This is a dynamic month of energy exchanging from the Galactic Center, through our Worldly Aura and merging with our Personal Consciousness. Be sure to read the Moon Mother Musing on the Monthly page of this website and discover what more can be expected throughout this lunar month.


Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

May 9th is Gathering Day at Myztic Isle. A SPICA – Way of Light Teacher, Barbara Hightower, will share the Wisdom of Hawthorn. Flowing with the lunar cycles, Barbara brings creative ideas for blending and using the Messages of WomanSpirit recognized in the Faces of the Moon Mothers. The Divine Feminine Principle is revealed once again. The Foundation of SPICA – Way of Light’s philosophy is grasped through the lunar cycles.

Please come and enjoy the creative fun and inspiration to set the tone of your next lunar cycle. It begins at 10:00 a.m.

Guided Journey to 13 Dimensions

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

While supporting a wonderful teleconference program of Cynthia Silva’s programs on Metaphysical Wisdom,, I was ask to create a meditation for a 13 dimension alignment. Having done so, Cyndi was good enough to copy it and send it on. Here it is for you to use. It is a guided meditation to help you journey through 13 dimensions and create an intention that you would like to manifest. May you be blessed by this journey.

Also, please note that I will be teaching the flow of the Lunar Cycles on Cyndi’s program venue. This is to aquaint you with the Divine Feminine Principle of Life. It guides you into the Hut of WomanSpirit (The Divine Feminine). You are invited to take the journey with us! More will come to help you connect to this class. For now, enjoy the meditation and create from your heart!

15-min meditation of 13 dimensions

Warm blessings,

Rev. Katherine

Reiki At SPICA- Way of Light

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Using the Universal Energy Field, Reiki is channeled and transferred to another. Healing occurs for everyone involved. Blessings are noted immediately with a relaxed mind and heart. The doors are open for Source and the Miracles of the Divine are seen. Five Principles lived by the practitioner and all, aid the transmission of Love-Light Healing.


Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

I would like to take this time to welcome all of you previewing this website. SPICA – Way of Light is a New Thought – Transpersonal Approach(sm) spiritual philosophy. We encourage each person to find the Divine Within, Know It and Live It. We honor the Divine Feminine Principle and seek the Sacred Awakening of the New World birthing now. SPICA – Way of Light church offers Sunday Services for inspirational thought and the University of Divinity for continuing your education in spiritual practices and ministry. Please enjoy your journey through this site. You will find the listings of Sunday Services as well as the Curriculum and application process for entering the SPICA – Way of Light University of Divinity. Please feel free to post your messages. Students: Please feel free to communicate with each other as you discover text and information to share or clarify. Warm Blessings of Light and Love, Rev. Katherine

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