Christmas Coal

December 15th, 2016

Christmas Coal

Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.

How many times did you hear, “Be good or Santa Claus will put coal in your stocking?” It was a threat and a foretelling of what could happen on Christmas day–the grief of no presents while everyone else laughed and embellished in their toys. Being a good little girl or boy, then, became the unsurmountable chore.

I would look for Santa, hoping he would peer into the window and see I was being good. I swept the kitchen or tried to bring coffee to my mom while she was in bed. I said “please” and “thank you.” Then suddenly, my younger sister or brother brought me to the brat stage and I argued, punched or prodded them into doing something bad.

Trying to be good, just for Santa, just for presents, just for a day of joy, was the hardest reality I faced. Being good was not happening. Oh, truly, I was the “Kathy, goody-two-shoes,” to most of my family and friends. But really, I never thought I could be as good as the angels, as good as the Priest, as good as the nuns, as good as Jesus, as good as the Holy Mother…….as good as God.

The dreaded coal was what I waited for, expected to get and went to bed on Christmas eve with tears of anticipation of what my stocking would hold. I hadn’t been good enough. I hadn’t been sacred enough. But what, what was I to expect?

Okay, Christmas day came and went and I never got the coal in my stockings. Year after year the stockings were filled with candy and tiny gifts. Under the tree were delightful presents. Christmas day was filled with family fun and laughter, a large dinner and more family. Some years were different than others. But, I never, ever, ever got coal.

Well, perhaps I did and didn’t know it. Over the years, in science classes before college, and other stories, I learned that coal, when tempered releases a diamond. Though today it is widely known by geologists, this is not true. Diamonds existed before coal and are often found after a volcanic eruption that brings the diamonds up from a very deep part of Earth. Diamond mines exist and minors must go deep into a dark mine to retrieve them, but not out of coal. However, based on the first teaching that diamonds come from coal, I realized a greater gift in having coal left in my stocking or in my imagination.

Coal is used to create heat, electricity and more. Heat is the essence that gives rise in our ability to feel the inner self move us along in our life journey. Electricity gives us the jolt of light to take action and with the Leap of Faith, move forward. If using the thought that coal, when transformed can bring about a diamond, then perhaps having some in my Christmas stocking was really good.

This idea of moving from the coal to a diamond, or from coal to heat and electricity has held me captive in a most positive way. For within this gesture is a true gift. The coal, black in color and not at all translucent, represents our Raw self. Uncultured, unaware, and unsure, our raw self sets out in our life to experience many adventures. Some fantastic experiences are most challenging, but always rewarding. We may fight with the struggles of being a good person and a faulty person. However, over time, and with determination to grow, we advance into the person that we are. We move beyond our limitations and our fears of unworthiness. We reveal confidence and courage. We turn to help others. We teach and reveal by our life and our actions. We are the diamond in the rough and are polished by our life. We are the coal that heats our desires and the electricity that spurs our nature to leap and experience life well beyond our fears.

This Christmas, look for that Coal in your Stocking and set it in a place of honor. You deserve it. You are the Light that Emits from it and your life-journeys prove it. Your Coal represents the Diamond you truly are.

Merry Holidays, no matter what you honor during this season. May blessings follow you all year long.




Transitions in Life

December 6th, 2016

Somber Realities

This past week I have been privileged to assist families and friends as they honor loved ones who have passed away. A grandmother succumbed to pneumonia. A sister let go to a ravaging cancer. A child passed away after dealing with a long term illness. Sadness filling hearts. Life continuing seems strange as they say goodbye to their loved ones.

This reminded me of the loss of my grandmother in the 1960′s. Her death was the first I encountered. I could not believe the birds were singing when I went outside to lament to God. Cars continued to pass on the streets. Neighbors radios could be heard. My Grandmother had just died….shouldn’t it be silent? I wept; a deep grief overcame my heart.

Since my grandmother’s passing I have experienced the transitions of my father and my mother, aunts and uncles, in-laws, and friends. I have wept beside my husband, Al, as he let go to pancreatic cancer, just seven years ago.

Today, another friend has reported the death of a friend. I weep in prayer and know the blessings of her journey, yet honor a celebration of life for her friend.

Each year, during November and December, I find an increase in prayer requests for loved ones crossing into the heaven and meeting with the Divine. Somber realities for those left behind. Blessings for the souls who travel on.

Transitions are a continuing reality in all ways of our life. As we come through holidays, sometimes in grief, we also come to the end of a year. Life, Death and Rebirth show up in so many ways. How to handle these transitions? Grieve until you are ready to move on.

During the holiday of Christmas we recognize a birth; the birth of Jesus. This Master came forth to guide us through the transitions of religious and social beliefs. In history, we follow his birth, life, death and rebirth.

We celebrate another renewing awareness through Hanukkah, a Jewish tradition of Light. We learn how they were able to rededicate their temple after enemies had destroyed it. They found but enough sacred oil for one night of light. Yet a miracle occurred and the oil lasted for eight days (long enough for them to create more oil). Thus, began a renewal; a rebirth of their intended honor of Gd in their holy temple.

How might we use these two stories to ignite a new light within ourselves when grief might have gripped our hearts? Perhaps by a rededication. We have 19 days until Christmas Eve and the first night of Hanukkah. I offer 19 days of candles to light and honor the transition of endings to beginnings. What has ended in your life? Are you ready to release the Light within You? If so, perhaps following these days of dedication will help.

Day 1 – Light a candle with prayer and honor of your connection with the All Knowing Source of Life. Pray that your heart and mind will find peace in this union. Pray for loved ones who are passing from your life to use this light as well. May it light their path and remind them they are in union with the Divine.

Day 2 – Light a candle with a prayer that your inner conscious directs you to the harmony of Heaven and Earth. Pray that the Heart of the Divine is whole within your heart and peace prevails within you. In this peace, know your loved ones experience this in their souls as well.

Day 3 – Light a candle with a prayer that you can feel the nourishing love of the Divine Mother embrace you. May the transitions you experience be soothed by Her tender care and loving embrace.

Day 4 – Light a candle with a prayer that you know that there is a greater plan to be experienced. Honor the greater plan for your loved ones. Honor a greater plan for yourself.

Day 5 – Light a candle with a prayer that you know those who have passed from your life are never lost from your heart. Know that each one has left a seed of encouragement for your continued growth. Allow yourself the connection to them to form something new in your life. Allow yourself the connection with the Divine that will guide your seeds of new intentions to be cultivated.

Day 6 – Light a candle with a prayer that allows you to feel the Union of Source within you and your loved ones who have passed on to their greater purpose. In your prayers remember the power to choose the light of encouragement, the blessings of change, and the wisdom to be guided by Divine Intervention and Divine Intention.

Day 7 – Light a candle with a prayer that the wheels of life guide you into the pathway of your soul intentions. Feel the blessing of peace as you stabilize from your loss.

Day 8 – Light a candle with a prayer that you are able to balance loss with the power of healing and the gift of a new normal. Speak to the Divine of the Love you feel, the blessings you are ready to receive and the willingness to flow into inspiration for a new year of Graces.

Day 9 – Light a candle with a prayer that you are ready to move to help others; for in your loss you have learned. In your loss you have compassion. In your loss you have a knowing of what can assist another through deep understanding of their losses.

Day 10 – Light a candle with a prayer that you are given the strength to turn the wheel of your life and bring joy, love and benevolence through you and to others. In this candle see the light of renewing faith, renewing emotions, renewing energy, knowing you serve the Divine, the love one lost, and yourself.

Day 11 – Light a candle with a prayer that honors you are returning to the place of balance in mind, emotions and your physical endeavors. Honor that you are ready to create realities that are harmonious.

Day 12 – Light a candle with a prayer that you are ready to reverse the challenges to the light of new experiences. Acknowledge that you are ready to reflect in your personal reality the Divine Intention and purpose as you steady yourself and reveal the Face of the Divine in your face.

Day 13 – Light a candle with a prayer that honors the transitions of loved ones as you let go with blessings for their journey and allow blessings of your life-renewal to occur.

Day 15 – Light a candle with a prayer and honor the loving support you have with family, friends, and the Angelic realm of the Holy Spirit.

Day 16 – Light a candle with a prayer and behold the I AM. Feel how the Divine has created a purified state within your mind and emotions. Feel how the Divine is guiding the redirection of your life. Be at peace.

Day 17 – Light a candle with a prayer honoring the Light Within–the Christed essence in you ready to create in new ways.

Day 18 – Light a candle with a prayer honoring your transitions from life, death and a new birth of yourself. It quite a journey in the changes you experience when one passes from your world. Healing your heart and mind opens for the new birth, new opportunities, and a new normal.

Day 19- Light a candle with a prayer that you recognize the brilliant light of the Divine regenerating the very essence of you. Let your Light Shine. Let the Sun (Son) of creation reveal the heavenly Light guiding you always.

May you all be blessed in a renewing way as you make prayers each day.




Cosmic Filters of Light – New Moon

November 25th, 2016

November 29, 2016 at 5:18:10 a.m., MST, heralds the New Moon. Trekking through Sagittarius, this lunar cycle sends forth a messenger of the year’s end, a sacred time, and a time of great awareness. It is a time of Alchemy as we stir the soul in sacred ways and allow silence to guide us toward our future. (Be sure to read of Elder Moon Mother).

The Sabian message tells us, “Rocks and things forming therein.” It is believed to be the gift of creative occurrences happening in the depth of our soul. This inner place is the space where diamonds and precious jewels are formed; formed so well they become solid, yet glimmering in the Sun Light. Yet, this inner forming can be something so solid in mass it may resist the pressures of change. But, the fire within causes the change to occur. That which cooks in the human psyche requires the alchemical pressure to change from one state to another, evolve and grow, expand and deliver the creative wisdom from the depths within the soul.

The Moon and Sun stand together at 7 degrees 42 minutes at the moment of the New Moon. They are in the first rays of Light of Sagittarius, and thus carry us through the journey of learning, understanding, and willingness to discover the diamond power of our Soul. They are the guiding lights of our own alchemy.

Supporting the Sun and Moon are Saturn and Mercury who have already been trekking the zodiac of Sagittarius. Mercury, having about 5 days to finish the journey, as the Sabian Message indicates, is “A flag bearer.” Mercury has willingly passed through the battle field of the warrior and reveals the challenges along th way. Mercury, the great messenger will give guidance, if you listen within.

Saturn will help you be stalwart as you initiate your journey. The Sabian message speaks of this quality, “Tiny children in sunbonnets.” This is a protection message…when the cooking light gets so hot it is difficult to bear, Saturn sets the pace of protection from the great heat of the Sun as it works with the Moon to create just the right heat to create the change and temper the beauty of what is formed and ready to be honored and utilized. Saturn will help keep one disciplined and on the right path of deliberate soul growth.

A Grand Cross will be formed at New Moon. One that is subtle and not generally discussed in Astrological Circles. The Sun and Moon initiate the Grand Cross of Fire Water Air and Earth. They first reach out and challenge this alchemical cauldron to the South and North Moon Nodes. The South Moon Node is at 7 degrees Pisces 56 minutes while the North Moon Node is 7 degrees Virgo. These two challenge the Earth in Gemini as the Sun/Moon oppose the Earth. This grand tension calls for the flames of change to create the temperance of cosmic rhythm that all soul (North/South Moon Nodes) may respond to compassion, service and growth world wide. It Calls for the Earth beings (Earth in Gemini) to talk with each other and see far reaching effects (Sagittarius) that can take our world to new levels beyond and yet within commonality, love for the higher good, and a devotion to better the plans of diversity of all nations. The challenge is strong on this New Moon Day.

Furthermore, a T-Square is formed in the sky as other planets join the call. Jupiter Initiates the T-Square arcing lights of opposition to Uranus in Aries (Rx), while both challenge Pluto in Capricorn with the constant picking to make a change. They ask if we will relate with a benevolent heart, honoring the diversity of others of our world, and use the platform of transmutation to govern ourselves in ways well beyond the limitations of believing that the individual is the only one to be taken care of on this grand Earth. We alone cannot be the only one that is generous to our self….we must be benevolent and generous to others., as long as they can receive it. (Yep, we do have to be careful of co-dependency…yet we must turn to the gift of interdependency in a knowing that we are co-authors of a new world.)

Mars in Aquarius arcs a Light of Grace in action to Jupiter in Libra, reminding us to stand tall in the great changes…stand tall with all others of the world. We are One in the Many, diversified in our essence, allowing the differences to open the door to magnificent creative power. We need form a joint venture to honor this reality.

Jupiter in Libra sends opportunistic messages to Saturn, as well as receives them from Mercury, the Sun, and the Moon. “Keep going, keep communicating, keep shining the essence of your higher self, keep feeling your soul…maintain a relationship with all so harmony can reign.”

Oh yes, there are picky challenges that will irrate us. Major challenges that, left unchecked, lead us into illusionary processes, denial and delusion being the challenges that awaken us from the deep sleep of separation. Listen, respond, and allow the challenges to awaken you to a higher intention to live for the Greater Good….a blessing of Sagittarius. Let your Inner Cauldron stir to awaken the Jewels of Light you are to present to the world as a helper of change through diversity and joy of living in a human community of creative beings.


Secret of 40!

October 22nd, 2016

What is the Power of 40?

It is not an age in the life of an individual. Although turning 40 can be quite a time of realizing your empowered self. Forty is a message of Sacrifice, Devotion, Discipline, Dedication and Determination. It is a message of how we can Let Go to the Divine and assist a change in Collective Conscious ways of our world. It surely is a message of how we can change our own consciousness and create new realities of our higher self in our personal life. It is a New World Messenger.

The number of 40 has many messages, and the two numbers hold qualities and correspondences to look at these unseen messengers: The 4 carries the vibration of the Law of Worldly Development; it honors the Eye of the Divine; it increases the power of pioneering and leading the path of energy into newly developing attitudes, pathways of our life, and the power to remember we are the reflection of “I AM,” living in a human body. The 0 carries the vibration of the Law of Love; the ability to forge ahead and cultivate a new reality; and the willingness to bring in new, raw energy to aid in the development of a world cultivating unseasoned soil of growth. Both numbers call us to risk changes so we can open to the opportunities of a dauntless world of fresh ways of living.

But, we have to realize the what it takes from us to create the changes necessary to risk the changes for a fresh new way to live in an advanced, “Light of the Holy Spirit” consciousness. We have examples of the power of 40 from the Hebrew/Buddhist/Christian experiences. Forty Days and Forty nights of prayer and challenges came to represent a new direction and/or a new state of consciousness. Each, individual(s) involved had to honor Sacrifice, Devotion, Discipline, Dedication and Determination.

Let’s begin with Noah – who is noted to be born 216 yrs after Adam. Adam we see as a new state of consciousness revealing Spirit in Matter. Noah is a great messenger of a Change of Consciousness-a New World for humanity. He is also a teacher of willingness to “hear” the higher direction and follow it to the ” ‘nth degree.” It did not matter to Noah how many made fun of him, did not believe him, and went about living their life as though “a higher consciousness; God” did not matter. But Noah believed and for 7 days worked on the Ark that would carry all species of life into the next evolution of consciousness. The power of the Yin/Yan; Passive/Active; Proliferating Beings (Male/Female) are seen in his call to change. The Polarities force-field are honored in the 2×2 of all living species. The Universe intended matter to continue growth; but on a new level, and Noah heard this message, built the Ark, and remained in faith for 40 days and 40 nights before the Dove brought the Olive branch to signal Life and the beginning of a new era of consciousness!

Noah displayed the power of Sacrifice…he sacrificed what was and the friendship of those who stood away from the direction he suggested they become a part of and experience the message of Source. He was Devoted to the Divine. He was dedicated to the task and remained disciplined, not only to build the Ark, but to remain in faith as time passed. He was devoted to the New World Consciousness. He also revealed that something had to be cleared away to gain this new state of being.

Moses is another member of humanity who honored the power of 40. He went to Mount Sinai and stayed for 40 days and 40 nights. He prayed for direction for a New Reality. He is another symbol of a great change of consciousness. He received the blessing of knowing he was talking to the Divine as he questioned, “Who are you?” The answer came simple and yet fully understood by Moses, “Ehyeh asher ehyeh,” “I AM Who I AM.” Moses also received the Ten Commandments-a way to instruct how to live on this Earth with justice, honor and love for all. He was directed to send his people to the next stage of consciousness (cross the Red Sea); and thus to a New World Consciousness. He was not to go with them. Nonetheless, he used the power of Sacrifice (40 days on the Mountain, and an inability to go to the next level with his people); Devotion to the Divine allowed him to receive the messages given. Dedication to bring the message to his people and disciplined enough to direct without furtherance of his own transition into the New World Consciousness was honored. There was a clearing of the old and the initiating of the new that occurred.

Guatama Buddha reveals another discipline to discover the meaning of Truth. He is noted as meditating for 40 days and 40 nights under a Bodhi Tree. That, again, a great power of Devotion. He is known to have experienced Enlightenment (Oneness). He sacrificed quite a lot in his life to discover the meaning of this Great Universe. He left his well-to-do protective family, went through many disciplines of suffering and limitations until he discovered that the true well-being is moderation from extremes of self-indulgence and self-mortification. He was not only Devoted to the gift of enlightenment, but devoted I his teachings, disciplined in awareness, and determined to live and reveal the greater power of inner harmony that takes one off the wheel of life and death; off the wheel of karma, and off the wheel of the evolution of separation.

Ah, of course, we are all familiar with Jesus praying in the Garden for 40 days and 40 nights. It was also 40 days from his resurrection until his ascension. We learn often of the Sacrifice he made and the revelations he presented as he gave way to Sacrifice, Devotion, Dedication and Discipline. Through this Brother of Humanity, Master of Life, we learn the power of yet another Conscious Change for Humanity. He brought us to the New Age known as Christianity, the Age of Love and the Age of Mastery (“What I do you do; Who I AM you are”). Jesus revealed a life Devoted to the Higher Wisdom of the Divine. He was Dedicated to know and reveal the wisdom he knew of the Divine. He was Disciplined to carry out his life, even through challenges and struggles to be heard and to live. He lived with the wisdom and acceptance of the power of Source. He revealed in his healing, knowledge, and sharing how one can access this power within their own self. He continued and continues to call everyone into cycles of Love, Powers of Healing, Expressions of Being the Divine.

With these apparent Wise-Ones, what do you learn for yourself and your assistance for humanity? To make conscious changes of any sort, we must learn the power of 40 (as noted above). We need to honor what we need to Sacrifice (let go of while honoring all experiences have been and are Sacred). We need to take 40 days to assess, devote our selves to thinking, feeling and living in the manner that we desire for a balanced life in union with the Divine Within. We must be dedicated to the Inner Truth and disciplined enough to live it at all levels of our personal experiences.

Are you ready to create a change that leaves you Enlightened, removed from the karmic challenges of right and wrong, and always in the greater power of Living your Mastery? Choose to honor the Living Master Attention for 40 days and 40 nights. May the Dove bring you the Olive Branch for you to know the Holy Spirit (Dove) is always You in Matter (Olive Branch) and thus the Life you Live is Holy! Remember, live with such devotion that it does not matter what others think of your Higher Intentions of Source when it does not seem to fit the norm. Be willing to Hear the Word of Source and follow through. Be willing to know how to work from the state of balance-the Middle Path. Let Love lead the way into your Mastery. Know how to master the gift of discipline, devotion, dedication and determination with the agency to sacrifice what does not honor the true path of Enlightenment and Harmony through Love.
WHAT IS IN YOUR AURA? 2017 – Annual Workshop

Our Coat of Many Colors. The Study of Rays of Light Vibrating Within Our Aura.

It is never to soon to set your plans for a spiritual workshop!

I am in the midst of preparing the workshop to be held in Canon City, CO. It will be held October 13 – 17. We will review the power of Color in our Aura. How many colors exist? What do they mean and provide? Striations of color exists with meaning, messages, empowerment and challenges. Come and learn of the Light Rays you may be using throughout this incarnation! Perhaps your intuitive power of “seeing” color will arise or expand.


Please check out this flyer!




Moon Mother Ivy

September 28th, 2016

Live Your Christed Self

New Moon – September 30, 2016
6:11:18 p.m. MDT

As we interconnect with the field of energy of the Ivy New Moon, this is the second moon of the month, thus a Black Moon. A time for ceremonies also called rituals. Two New Moons in a month have others names: the Secret Moon, Spinners Moon and Finder’s Moon. (Our first new moon of September was September 1st at 3:03 a.m. MDT). What does this mean for you? This is the second new moon and a time when you can focus on weaving into your life the harmony, peace and love you want. It is a time when all of us can Spin the powers of Heaven into the Realm of Matter (Earth). For those of you who desire Peace and Harmony for Humanity, this would be a wonderful time to use the Spin and Unification power to form the Right Relationship for all of humanity to come into a union of Truth, Compassion, Justice and Peace for all. Ivy, as the Intention sets the course, Oak as the Action calls for all us to be Pro-nurtures. And since Oak is the Sign of our Country and Elder is the sign of courts and judges, and Ivy is the Sign of Justice, I pray many of you will do something that will encourage the Greater Wisdom for the U.S.A.

There are no Celtic Festivals during this lunar cycle. However, you may want to use the following ritual of the Matrix of change found below on this page.
Hope you all continue to review the notes below. We have been following this message all year. We continue the cycles of Harvest and meet the joy of our rewards.

Continuing This Year’s Greatest Message:


Keep on working with the awareness that we are all operating within the plan of WomanSpirit (Divine Feminine/Holy Spirit) to guide us through a mystical practice of connecting with the Supernal Consciousness within the Universe, and thus, within us. This connection is seen through the Trestle Board patterns of awareness: The Foundation is Set for the Soul’s Intention to accomplish a journey and the power of Action is also in motion. We give great attention to the Intention of the Universal Soul (thus our soul) through the focus of each lunar cycle. This is a call of WomanSpirit to help us recognize the great power of wisdom that is contained within everyone and can be deciphered through HER many Faces and the incredible Secret wisdom within each Face that takes us through many regions of HER Conscious Intention! Throughout this year that Intention carries Grace and Opportunities through changes.

Knowing the Intention, one can then recognize the Foundation stabilizing the lunar month and the action you can pursue to obtain the success intended to be manifested during a lunar cycle. It is a joy to remember that one of the Intentions of the Universe is always to Manifest. For each of us, then, it is a delightful gift we give to the Universe to be the open conduit for Manifestations to occur. This Month we vibrate with this flow:


Ivy = Intention


Elder Oak and Moon
Foundation Action

It would be good to notice the Quality of Ivy and Elder and what they call us to remember: Ivy = Still Movement; Elder = Sacred Silence. Before acting upon anything this month, these qualities most certainly are called into use. Oak provides us the power of containment and the action of containing the Light of Universal Partnership with Humanity.

Ivy is a wonderful messenger of Relationships and as this New Moon begins, that message will clearly hit the minds and hearts of many for The Sun, Moon and Jupiter are all aligned in Libra (Ivy). The three qualities of this lunar cycle, in fact, can be seen activated at New Moon. Libra is called to attention because of the zodiac sign the Sun and Moon are traveling through. And it is the sign of relationships; Jupiter is a ruler of Elder and the Moon is a ruler of Oak. The Sun is a third ruler of Elder. The Sun, when in Ivy, is at its detriment, thus calling everyone to Pay Attention to what they are doing, speaking, thinking, feeling and acting upon in the light of this New Moon and especially where relationships are concerned (Intimate, Business, and Soul relationships are the focus). To use Ivy’s key phrase, “Still Movement” is a very smart idea to follow. Don’t take any action until you do sit back, review, and contemplate what all you are about to respond to or react to (if you can catch yourself before you react).

This lunar power sets the intention to Be Harmony. To live Fairly. To make sure Just behavior and treatment of everyone Prevails. This Lunar Power calls for Uniting and joining forces with others to form a true union. As spiritual philosophers, this is a call to form a Union with the Highest Order of Consciousness within you. For in this union, there is a gift of freedom…the freedom from overt concerns, loss in communication with all others, separation thinking and being. In this union, the true teaching comes from the power to balance your inward self with your outward self.

When using the power of Ivy in seeking our Higher Self, we will find the Hidden Righteous One. We will form a relationship with this Divine Essence, also known as the Shekinah (Divine Feminine). However, we must have the inner desire to aspire to form a union with the Shekinah. We must contemplate from our heart. It is here we will form the right union of our Adam and Eve Qualities and remember we never left the Garden of Eden…we are all always within it. Our Mind (Adam) must conjugate with our Heart (Eve). It is within this devotion and contemplation a Union with the Divine does occur and peace does overcome us. Nothing is unknown, for we are in the power of learning and living what is taught from our higher nature. Remain in the state of contemplation for guidance of the Higher Truth for this will well up within you and guide you through all relationships!

What greater gift can the Universe offer than to understand the foundation of this lunar cycle as Elder? For what we are called to seek within our Intention is highly served by the Power of Elder. It is her essence that the Shekinah provides the expression of Adaptation. The ability for our unconscious to merge with and adapt to our Higher Consciousness and thus bring us conscious blessings.

Elder calls on us to set the foundation of Silence. To allow ourselves the deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit by releasing all need to activate our minds, cry out our emotional needs, or place ourselves in the grips of supplications. Let Go to Divine Guidance by being receptive, all levels of our personal self in quietude, create no “decree of need.” In the state of silence we can learn the power of Relating to Source, relating to the voice of our soul and to the magic of harmony in all relationships.
Action that can fulfill the power of your Ivy’s intention is guided by the field of Oak and the Moon. A note of interest is the gift that Jupiteranu/Jupiter is exalted in Oak/Cancer. Thus the power of Jupiter in Libra is highly supporting the flow of the lunar cycle and the fields of the Sun/Moon and the quality of Oak.
The call of this lunar cycle is to be unified, empowered, caring and nurturing of All Relationships, and most particularly that of the relationship with Shekinah (Also called the Divine Mother/Goddess/Holy Spirit/WomanSpirit). How appropriate is it that Oak is the Action–a Mother Vibration?

Oak carries many mysteries: The Pro-nurturer. A doorway to Great Mysteries, the Power to Contain energy, form a Union of Male and Female with the Divine and the gift of being a Giver of Life. As you work to form a Union with the Shekinah, your action is to marry your Mind and Heart together and encircle yourself with the Light of Nurturing Love. Create the Fusion of Heaven and Earth within you and be in partnership with the Divine Intention—Love, Harmony, Peace, Justice and Creative Delight! This only happens when you take action to form the right relationship and adapt to the higher order of the Sacred Nurturing. The Full Potential that is realized is internal and external Harmony, and so much more to be birthed.
Questions for the cycle of Action:
Initiating power of this lunar cycle is seen in the Cosmic Flow of Stars and Planets. Be sure to review this power on:
Love and Light,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D.,D.D.
CEO/Founder of SPICA – Way of Light
Lunar Cycle of Ivy
New Moon – Sept 30
Crescent Moon – Oct 4
First Quarter – Oct 8
Gibbous Moon – Oct 11
Full Moon – Oct 15
Disseminating Moon – Oct 19
Last Quarter – Oct 22
Balsamic – Oct 26
New Moon of Reed- Oct 30th

Ritual – Matrix of Change

September 28th, 2016

Matrix of Change

You are a receptacle, Cauldron, if you will. Your soul-conscious is in heightened awareness of energy exchanges moving through the matrix of the holographic universe. There is a Spiritual and Physical Alliance going on with an affinity to change the biochemistry of matter to receive the biosphere chemistry of nonmatter at new ranges of wave forms that continue to create the New Earth Consciousness.

Right alignment for the continual Convergence of this energy, through another wave of expression, can be exalted through the use of this Ritual. It is created to help every individual who desires to consciously work with the Universal Energy to be in heightened awareness and deliberate intention to allow the merge of energy into the cellular being. This will activate an Alchemical exchange that supports the Intention of Source to Enliven the Light of Matter for expression of the new dynamics of Living Light.
The best time to honor this ritual is Full Moon October 15, 2016, 10:32:02 p.m. MDT. (please check your time zone). To help you, the following full moon ceremony is provided.

Spirit of Purpose
Honoring Source in Transformation
✬ A couple of hours or so before your ceremony, begin by preparing yourself and placing items on your altar.

✬ Self Purification – (bath/shower, sage or other cleansing incense/elixir)

✬ Cleanse the place where ritual will occur (sage or other incense to clear the area, i.e., elixir for room clearing, symbolic sweeping with a broom)
✬ Fifteen minutes before the action of the ritual, gather specific components to honor the 7 directions (Above, Below, East, West, North and South, and Within). Choose the colors of white, pearl, orange, green and yellow. They offer unadulterated expression of the Source (white), the willingness for your to change (pearl), the ability to be in innocent receptivity (orange), the desire to have your heart and mind in union (green and yellow) with Divine Intention. The essences of Rose is always a wonderful aroma to form a union with the Divine Feminine–the Mother of All Life who is birthing the new dynamics of essential living. Set an altar with a cloth to place your items for symbols of fire in the South (candle with specific colors of white, pearl, orange, yellow and green), water in the West (in cup or shell), air in the East (incense), earth in the North (a stone), as well as sacred items that align your heart and mind with the Spirit of Purpose, Above, a sacred item that represents your Soul for the direction Below, and finally something that represents the Angelic you, the Direction Within

✬ Establish, in your mind and heart, the Spirit of Purpose (i.e. How you want to present yourself as a conduit in Alliance with Source);

✬ From the moment you know what you want, consciously keep this energy in your heart and send it into the Heart of the Great Mother.

✬ Create an affirmation t help you maintain your intention. Below is a suggestion. Whatever you want to create is a wonderful exchange from your heart to the heart of the Divine.

✴ I honor the Great Change
✴ I am filled with the Intention to receive Light Forms and Waves of Energy
✴ I allow my body-mind to be the receptacle of the Light
✴ My cells fill to the brim with the Liquid Light of Source shimmering through me and activating the new dynamics in Matter.

✬ Clear your mind of other thoughts and activities. Bring a vision of your purpose into your mind, feel yourself ready to enter the deepest part of your inner being. Center your mind and emotions into the purpose of your mystical alignment. (Very important component.)

✬ When you are ready to start you ceremony, in your minds eye, and with feeling, connect with the energy of Source. Move this energy through your heart and out your first finger, release the Light, and make a full circle, Creating a sacred vortex). Mind and emotions must maintain the focus of purpose.

✬ Align with the 7-directions (see below). Sanctify the circle by honoring the directions through your supplication of energy, angelic beings and the wholeness of the Goddess merging with you.

The following is a way for you to call out the directions and set in meditation. Remember, this is only a suggestion and whatever words you want to use are perfect for setting your circle after you have cleansed the area and set your items on the altar (cleanse them as well with Sage or other clearing options).
Facing the west:

Divine Mother, WomanSpirit, from my heart to your heart (place your hands at your heart and them raise them to the portal door and back again to your heart), I stand here to align with the light of the west.
I ask that this door be open and the flow of your love enter this circle.
I ask to align with the sacredness of water (touch the water and sprinkle it across the west portal and your altar)
I ask that the Archangel Gabriel and the Goddess Arianrhod, guardians of Destiny, enter the sacred inner realm enter my circle and assist my travels through your womb of nurturing fluid.
WomanSpirit, I ask that I may become one with you in the Sacred Waters of Life.

Face the North:

Divine Mother, WomanSpirit, from my heart to your heart, I stand here to align with the light of the north
I ask that this door be open and the sweetness of your manifested reality be one with me.
I ask to align with the sacredness of the earth (touch the stone and feel the manifested reality of Source in your whole body)
I ask that the Archangel Auriel and Goddess Gaia, guardians of Faith and the Sacred Place of Your Earth, enter this circle now.
WomanSpirit, I ask to become one with the grounding forces to maintain the connection with earth and to be one with Your Manifesting Powers of Sacred Manifestations, as I travel the Earthly paths each and every day.
Face the East:

Divine Mother, WomanSpirit, from my heart to your heart, I stand here to align with the light of the east
I ask that this door be open and the sweetness of your vision of the New World be my vision
I ask to align with the sacredness of air, Your Breath (light the incense and let it flow around you)
I ask that Archangel Raphael and Goddess Diedre, guardians of truth and clarity, assist me in holding the vision of Your presence in my life, and the lives of all others
WomanSpirit, I ask to become one with Your vision of the New Life that I might hold the respect and honor of it as You desire.

Face the South:

Divine Mother, WomanSpirit, from my heart to your heart, I stand here to align with the light of the south
I ask that this door be open that I might know Your Great Purpose in Nurturing the New Vibrations you are constantly birthing
I ask to align with the sacredness of fire (light the candle)
I ask that Archangel Michael and Goddess Taillte, guardians of purpose and intent, help me allow the release of your Purpose through me and all my actions.
WomanSpirit, I ask to become one with the purpose of Your Radiant Energy, Love and radiate it through my heart to All.

Face the Center of your Circle and Look Above:

Divine Mother, WomanSpirit, from my heart to your heart, I stand here to align with the Light Above
I know this door is always open for me and all to know Your Most Purest Aspect of Being. Perfection radiates through me from this sacred point of Light.
I ask to align with the sacred energy of Spirit (feel this energy flow from above through you)
I ask that Archangel Metatron and Goddess Brighid, guardians of Oneness, assist my consciousness to know Oneness and Be Oneness
WomanSpirit, I ask to become Aligned in this Sacred Oneness

Drop your head to the center Below:

Divine Mother, WomanSpirit, from my heart to your heart, I stand here to align with the Light Below
I know this door is always open for me to know your individual quality within my Soul
I ask to align with the most sacred knowing of my Soul as it evolves into this new Light
I ask that Archangel Sandalphon and Goddess Cerridwin, guardians of the Soul, assist me in responding to the highest purpose of this new evolution.
WomanSpirit, I ask to be aligned in the Holy Moment of honor to Our Soul.

Let your Consciousness Center in your Heart – Within:

Divine Mother, WomanSpirit, from my heart to your heart, I stand here to align with my Angelic Self Within
I know I am the gate-keeper of this door. May I always keep it open for Your Expression
I ask to Align with the New Light through my Heart Intent and radiate it from this point of Being
I ask that my Angelic Self assist my Personal Self to respond to Love, Light and Holiness
The invocation to Source. Stand with arms raised and legs separated revealing the stance of a five pointed star that honors the symbol of Being a Sacred Human Expression of Goddess, and say:

At this time and in this hour
I call in the Radiant and most sacred power of You, Source
(pause and feel the moon energy align with you)
Great Goddess, WomanSpirit
Holy of Holy, I Am, That I am
I call Your presence here and now
May I be blessed by our union and the sacredness You express in All Life.
Great Mother, pierce your Light and Love through me this very moment
I accept Your blessings and New Wave of Energy! I come to the very moment of Harmonic Convergence with All Life!
(Pause and feel the energy of align with you)
From your most sacred and deep feelings state your affirmation:

✴ I honor the Great Change
✴ I am filled with the Intention to receive Light Forms and Waves of Energy
✴ I allow my body-mind to be the receptacle of the Light
✴ My cells fill to the brim with the Liquid Light of Source shimmering through me and activating the new dynamics in Matter.

Sit and meditate, blending into the Oneness of this Radiant Energy. As you meditate, create prayers from your own heart that reveal the love you have for the Divine and the Divine Intention of this incredible field of energy and the harmonic convergence you are allowing through you. Let the Goddess hear you, feel you, and know the honor you have for the new frequencies of Light Emerging and changing our world in its next evolutionary cycle. Dedicate your actions of Service you desire to do for Her and for All of Humanity.
Feel yourself raise the energy within you and throughout your whole cellular system. Feel it shimmer and radiate through your whole-being and out through your aura to the world of your Brothers and Sisters of Humanity and all who inhabit our Milky Way Galaxy.

When complete:

✬ Give gratitude to the Source, deities, elements and elementals, the 7 directions, the conduit alignment above and below. Acknowledge that all is within you now.

✬ Close your circle by snuffing out your candle (or blowing it out knowing that the light goes out to the world), and walking in the opposite direction that you set your circle to gather all energy unto yourself.

✬ Say Awen (So it is, So Mote it Be, It is complete).

Awen – It is so! So it is!





Rays of Color Creating Your Coat of Many Colors

September 10th, 2016

This message was instigated by a student asking me if I would talk about the Rays of Color that psychics see in the aura of another. It is one of my favorite messages. I have been able to see colors in many levels of a human’s aura since childhood. These are Rays of light that reveal their Self Power, their mental activity, emotional expression, physical vibrations, soul intentions, and so on. The Self Power color is often the entrance into knowing and understanding a client I first meet and helping them understand their own self.

The Self Power color is a vibration of one’s spirit that is intended to maintain a vibration throughout one’s life. It carries a frequency of their higher nature and their personality. Today, I am going to offer what several colors provide to a person from their spiritual quality and their personal reality. This is but a tidbit of information. As I noted in the first paragraph, colors radiate throughout the aura and may be more specific to emotions, the mind, or physical needs. There may be a radiance the soul puts out as impulses for evolution. In one of the books I am cultivating, OUR COAT OF MANY COLORS, The Vibration of Rays of Light Within our Aura, I write, in-depth, to reveal the levels of consciousness being presented through the Rays of Light emitted by the Universe and used by us during a life cycle. I not only show what is occurring at the level of the Self Power color, but how each color effects the energy of the mental, emotional, physical reality as well as the soul and ego center. For now, perhaps you will find the Rays of Light emanating from you in this condensed message.
Red: When seen in the aura of another as their Spiritual-Personality field, an energy of a very active person can be noted. Although this color is not seen frequently in this era, there are still souls who will choose this as they enter this realm. It is used to survive, to present a drive to go forward and evolve. A person with this field of energy can reveal them selves as leaders to motivate and activate others to get on the path they need to create survival on personal levels and group levels. They are very active physically. They are loudly passionate (for life, sexuality, and determination in achieving their own success, and more). Their personality qualities will prove to be assertive, outspoken, and a motivator. If they work from their shadow, they are aggressive, egocentric, and disruptive. They speak to others in such an offensive way that others want to stay away from them yet feel their attitudes can harm them in the path of their own success.

Pink: This vibration presents a gentle yet strong personality. The gentleness may fool people causing a need to assist the person who radiates pink. However, these gentle folk can perform actions of self preservation that surprise most. They want to express the need for compassion and the desire to live love. From the shadow of this color comes the impression of care and love, yet they live with selfish motivations often hid from others. They close off emotionally, and can appear business-like, yet cold and uncaring.

Green: This color within a person carries an intention to cultivate their life in such a manner as to develop a foundation that creates opportunities for many. They can be caring and nurturing. They provide creative processes to stimulate value in others. They can perform many tasks, evolve as masters of abundance, and can reveal the power of living from reality rather than illusional practices. Their shadow reveals hoarding, intolerance, jealousy, lack of worthiness, possessiveness, and using others to get what they want. Illusion can create a power of unrealistic realities that they firmly believe are true.

Orange: With this color you will find one who lives on the edge of life. The gift of this is the willingness to take risks to achieve. They show others how to take a risk. They enjoy playfulness, song and dance. They can live in innocence and provide inspiration. Their shadow can reveal incompetence, lackadaisical attitude, inability to focus and make inappropriate choices.

Yellow: This active energy can drive the field of Spirit to higher resources of the Divine Heart/Divine Mind. It can reveal a leader who carries a highly intellectual quality. They stimulate others by what they say, write or create. The inspiration they release create an action, intention, or “aha” moment in others. They are often spontaneous, perceptive and positive thinkers. Their shadow quality brings out a strong lower ego, judgmental attitude, self-critical, fear of failure and over analytical processing.

Blue: Ones who carry this color are often caretakers (nurses, doctors, healers of all types). They live with their emotions in check, revealing a calm and responsible demeanor. They are trustworthy. They wish to make everyone comfortable and are wonderful in being a second hand person to bosses, spouses and friends. They are committed (from a very early childhood) to the Divine. Their shadow is co-dependency and trying to make sure everyone has what they need to the detriment of their own self. Doing too much for others, they leave a legacy for others to believe they are not capable.

Violet: This color vibration is used by the souls of those who have chosen to advance in consciousness of spirituality and live in the Transpersonal Reality of our world. They carry the power of compassionate detachment. They can be caring, but not to the extent of co-dependence for they believe everyone has the power within them to take care of their own self. They reveal the power of independence, uniqueness, and the drive to ascend into the dimensions of a higher consciousness. Their shadow is detachment to a level of non-caring or being unaware of the needs of others that requires their attention. In fact, they can be quite unaware of their own needs (mentally, emotionally and physically). They can spin in negative emoting and thinking. They ramble and reveal the field unfocused realities. They fight through the edge of misunderstandings and the lack of clarity reveals a lack of awareness of truth. They live in the ethers more than bringing heaven and earth together when in their challenge.

Tan: This field is a highly responsible field. It is one that is grounded, focused on achievements, and concerned about family and friends. This being wants to make sure that what he/she does is for the good of all. Practicality and Purpose are good key-words for this color. They are great in the corporate world to take positions of management. They are very good in the world of community development (contractors, community leaders, etc.) Similar to the blue, the shadow of this color may cause the individual to work to hard, too much, and in co-dependent realities that keep family and friends locked up in dependence. They can become sloppy and slovenly.

Crystal: Although this field is transparent, it has enough sheen to be seen and most certainly is felt. Those who are birthed with this field of energy are transmitters of Source Energy as it is to be used by all others. They are a gift to humanity. They will be reflectors of others minds, emotions, spiritual qualities and physical realities. They are deeply sensitive. They often choose lives that carry illnesses (to help the medical world discover healing modalities). They choose life conditions that call for compassion and love. They are bridgers of light leading humanity from one level of evolution to another. Their shadow is the experience of being overwhelmed by the energy fields of Earth, other people, and universal downloads. They become weak mentally, emotionally and physically when they give away their own self and become drained by the energy of others. They must learn to clear their auric field at an early age.

In 2009 a new cycle of energetic colors and soul intention of the universe as well as those souls entering this realm began to occur. Of course, we call them the “New Children.” As my guardian, Malachi began teaching of these souls, he deemed them the Shimmering Silver Pearl Children. Their vibrant souls carry a higher evolution of Mastery and they are hear to help humanity rise in awareness and advance in Oneness Consciousness as we cultivate a new world. Their color is definitely transparent, shimmering lights. Their colors, though written in our language, are not on our color pallets as they are so “other worldly” transparent frequencies. Their silver tone within this shimmering, sparkling lights is a representation of that which will call the Master, Avatar, or Christed Self. It is a vibration that holds their soul intact with their higher purpose while entering the Earth that is so challenged with Egotistical levels of separation.
These Pearl Children are forerunners, helping us turn the corner in our own spiral of existence and evolving soul consciousness. They will subtly, yet profoundly, bring changes to the physical body. They will subtly, yet profoundly, reveal changes of intelligence. They will subtly, and again profoundly, reveal emotional balance. They will reveal more use of the intuitive, telepathic qualities of the mind as well and excel the logical consciousness of our collective field–reaching for Divine Intelligence. They will rely more on Knowing rather than memory. The only memory they desire to rely on is Source Consciousness. They will imprint the automatic mind with Source knowledge versus ancestral knowledge of the Human conditioning. They will utilize the genetic coding of Source versus genetic coding of human bloodlines. These Souls will be moving us through the spiral of evolution of the new coding over eras and epochs. We will live with many of these pearl children in our lifetime and perhaps return to be a part of the evolution by aligning in the patterns of the Pearl Conditions of living in a future lifetime.

More is written in the book, Our Coat of Many Colors. I have written other, more formal articles about them. However, here is a bit of information of the color spectrum within the pearlized field of light these souls use:

Turquoise – Mystic, Healer
Electric Blue – Healer, Community oriented
Ultra Violet – Healer, Global and Galactic oriented
Soft Yellow – Architect, Orator
Gold – Leader (Spiritual, Community, Government), Candid
Coral – Teacher (at all levels), Wise
Pastel Green – Healer, Architect
Ruby – Activist, Leader
Pastel Rainbow – Galactic, Mystic, Dimensional Guides

Again, this article only brings a “pinch” of wisdom of Rays of Color we carry in our aura. I hope you have found a color you recognize within you. More to be presented through the book I am writing. Keep me posted on your interest in knowing more….classes will be available soon to cover the great power of color, why the rays stream through our aura, and how we can be more aware and use the gift of colors we carry at a higher level of our own intentions.


August 1st, 2016


Happiness is my prayer for all of you as you enter the flow of the New Moon. I hope everyone is harvesting their first rewards for 2016 and ready to create even more. This is the month of August and the Dog Days of Summer that do remind us to enjoy, relax and share positive expressions of Light. May we be “carriers” of this vibration and spread it around our world.

The summer vacation time for SPICA – Way of Light University of Divinity students will come to its completion on September 1. This is also a wonderful time for New Students to begin to matriculate into this intense, yet sacred wisdom of the Interior You and evolve to the exterior giving of the wisdom you gather through the Bachelor and Master levels of study. If you are brave enough, you will enter the dynamic realm of the Doctorate Level and express a new way to share sacred wisdom. All are welcome, so be sure to review the full website of  to SPICA – Way of Light.

Over all, may I wish you all a wonderful, playful, creative and peaceful month.

New Moon of Holly

As WomanSpirit guides us to draw the Holly Consciousness to the Supernal quality of Intention, the “heat is on.” Holly carries the element of Fire. With her partners of the month, Ivy and Hawthorn, we have Fire igniting the air qualities. Things can move quickly. Ideas can formulate, designing can occur, and revealing your creations can quickly be formulated. Continued…

Cosmic Field of Light

Our evening skies reveal the light of the stars and planets. Yet at 2:44:29 pm on August 2nd (Mountain Daylight Time) the vibrations of those starlights and planet activations guide us into a New Moon and a monthly lunar influence. The Moon blends into the Light of the Sun and together they connect at 10 degrees 57 minutes within the Leo Constellation. Continued:

Familiars – Guidance through the Portals of the Universe

July 17th, 2016

Given our recent requests for prayers that aid the passing of animals, I felt guided to write this article. In the past few months, many clients and friends have watched their cats and dogs let go of life through a variety of illnesses and simple old age. For some pet owners, euthanasia was the grace given to their pet. For others, it was the challenge of watching them pass into the other world; yet the gift of such love being shared between animal and human. Some feel the essence of the soul of their pet let go and enter the ethereal realm of life.

The pets do not end their loving connection as they move on into heaven. In fact, many remain as psychopomps. Many continue to aid their human family (and perhaps pet family that still remain in the home). As a psychopomp, they guide the human consciousness through the dimensions of other worlds of this great universe. It is not just helping beings cross from this world into heaven, as a psychopomp, they help guide our personal consciousness to view, explore and experience the dynamics of the “normally” unseen worlds.

Many psychics, Shamans, and healers know of the great gift of animal spirits. Their grace to the universal traveler, is to guide one through the shadows of the universe and into the light of a greater awareness. They help one traverse the unfamiliar terrains so the individual does not get lost in the presence of illusion and divide their consciousness between two worlds. A divided consciousness can lead one to the lower regions and the pursuing difficulties reign in their ordinary reality of daily living.

Our pets, who enter the ethereal realm, remember our love. They are called upon the road of selflessness and can enter the realm of assistance. Thus, they will provide ease, grace and love energy to the family mourning them. They can help those who desire to cross the veils of the dimensions and give guidance and even protection in these realms. This opens the door for each of us to learn about the multiplex reality of the Creator.

Some of our spirit animals lead us on the path of learning how to use our personal gifts so we may help those on the earth plane. Now, most of us do not have a bear as a pet, or other very large wild animals. Yet, our own pets can guide us to these great guardians that become our familiars (psychopomps).

Many know of the power of the Bear to guide us through the passages of the Divine Mind and the multiplex reality of the Creator to assist us in discovering and utilizing the universal healing vibrations for the body, the mind and emotions, and to heal our spirit when it appears to be lost in despair, disappointments, or disgust with the world around us. Many Shamans know the power of the Great Healer, the White Bear. My great grandmother, long living in the spiritual dimensions calls me and my students to call on Nyah-gwaheh—the healing bear of her Cherokee wisdom. This great bear has guided many into the realms of healing and the frequencies of light that become specific fields of healing energy. Nyah-gwaheh is a psychopomp, guiding the path of healing at the higher ranges of consciousness. Sometimes I have heard my great grandmother call Nyah-gwaheh the “Big Dog” of the skies. Not sure why, really. But it places me back in the awareness that our animals of the Earth continue to play a huge role in our daily lives; if we let them.

As those of you release your animal companion into the ethereal realms, do know their spirit continues to be with you. They carry a loving intention to assist you. For some it will be the assistance of love that allows you to move beyond mourning and into sweet memories. For some it will be continued assistance to guide your life. And again, for some, know they may become your Familiar psychopomp guiding you to feel, learn and understand the realms of the Great Creator.



Rev. Katherine Bell,  Ph.D., D.D.



July 9th, 2016

We are so often reminded to maintain a clear and present focus. We are told it will keep us in connection with the Divine and interactive with the Higher Mind. Focus! It is important.

I have a wonderful privilege in working in the energy of others. I find the wonders of our inner being and the power of our conscious mind, subconscious levels, and the higher unconscious levels of a greater awareness. When working with individuals and discover something that empowers them, or something that their subconscious level uses as sabotaging elements to live according to fear, I not only learn something to help them; but I often learn something that helps me, and truly all of us.

Thus, I again wish to share a wisdom learned as I worked in the field of a man and his powerful conscious state. He remains quite deliberately focused on his daily requirements in his career and the things that are of interest to him beyond work. I discovered this intentful focus kept him from his emotions, connection to deeper love, and the power to uncover his internal saboteur or his higher power. His energy was a great teaching tool.

This man was displaying a Power of Focus. Yet, as I was doing toning and clearing it was seen that he could truly not feel his internal self, understand his emotional frequencies that bring about a lot of judgement of other people, which include his closest relationships, wife and children. I found his focus helped him with his work, but it was based on only the human conditioning, human education, and human limitations. He could be creative in the thoughts of what he already knew. However, he could not expand beyond his “training” as he could not open the channel to the higher mind. He could not leave the power of judgements that he decided would allow him to live in a certain level of comfort and avoid any possible hurts. That decision was to stay focused on his work as he knows how to do that, to maintain a belief that everyone around him had their own life to live and he did not have to participate to enhance any relationship, other than those that might help his career.

What I also found with this person was an unhealthy body, exhaustion that does not seem to cease, stress, strain in the muscles that cannot be relieved, and the subconscious filled with unresolved emotional and ego experiences. The unaccepting feeling of unworthiness was able to run rampant, though he could not recognize why his ego actions were so anti-social and disregarding of life due to this rampant unresolved reality. He could not hear/feel his soul voice, an thus not privy to needs of change and higher advancement.

Oh, my, what a lesson. The Power of Focus can be just as damaging as allowing the subconscious to run rampant as we focus on the past and dwell in negative memories, emotional discontent, and struggle with the inner trap of unworthiness. A large hue of illusion is the veil of consciousness lived, creating a justification to not feel, be responsible in all areas of life, and move beyond past conditioning. As I contemplated this, my wonderful guardian, Malachi spoke with me; and this is what he shared:

“The Power of Focus is not just a cognitive awareness of the moment of your daily experience. It is the gift of being able to be cognitively aware of the subconscious of your personal experiences and the gift of allowing yourself to be aware of the Greater Unconscious. For within this power is your ability to know the Divine Mind in your very personal conscious state. Within the Unconscious level you meet with the multi-dimensional qualities of yourself. These teach you how to “use” the Divine Mind and your own Soul Plan. It is the power to place you in Oneness, Love and Compassion. The Power of Focus is Awareness of all levels of your existence.”

Yes, I get it. I also saw that if we remain so diligently focused on the outer world we are living, we do exhaust ourselves. We try to be “perfect.” We do not give ourselves the restful place of inner connections. We must dream, contemplate, float in the essence of the Divine Heart-Mind and rejuvenate our whole being. Thus, our outer world can be our creative expression with joy, love for our life experiences, compassion, and honor for life. We can maintain the Power of Fucus on all levels of our being, cognitively.

So, what does this mean to you? What has this story stirred in you? Perhaps you know this thoroughly. I thought I did, but this wonderful client gave me a new perspective. I would love to hear your thought patterns over this Power of Focus.



Rev Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.