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Familiars – Guidance through the Portals of the Universe

Sunday, July 17th, 2016

Given our recent requests for prayers that aid the passing of animals, I felt guided to write this article. In the past few months, many clients and friends have watched their cats and dogs let go of life through a variety of illnesses and simple old age. For some pet owners, euthanasia was the grace given to their pet. For others, it was the challenge of watching them pass into the other world; yet the gift of such love being shared between animal and human. Some feel the essence of the soul of their pet let go and enter the ethereal realm of life.

The pets do not end their loving connection as they move on into heaven. In fact, many remain as psychopomps. Many continue to aid their human family (and perhaps pet family that still remain in the home). As a psychopomp, they guide the human consciousness through the dimensions of other worlds of this great universe. It is not just helping beings cross from this world into heaven, as a psychopomp, they help guide our personal consciousness to view, explore and experience the dynamics of the “normally” unseen worlds.

Many psychics, Shamans, and healers know of the great gift of animal spirits. Their grace to the universal traveler, is to guide one through the shadows of the universe and into the light of a greater awareness. They help one traverse the unfamiliar terrains so the individual does not get lost in the presence of illusion and divide their consciousness between two worlds. A divided consciousness can lead one to the lower regions and the pursuing difficulties reign in their ordinary reality of daily living.

Our pets, who enter the ethereal realm, remember our love. They are called upon the road of selflessness and can enter the realm of assistance. Thus, they will provide ease, grace and love energy to the family mourning them. They can help those who desire to cross the veils of the dimensions and give guidance and even protection in these realms. This opens the door for each of us to learn about the multiplex reality of the Creator.

Some of our spirit animals lead us on the path of learning how to use our personal gifts so we may help those on the earth plane. Now, most of us do not have a bear as a pet, or other very large wild animals. Yet, our own pets can guide us to these great guardians that become our familiars (psychopomps).

Many know of the power of the Bear to guide us through the passages of the Divine Mind and the multiplex reality of the Creator to assist us in discovering and utilizing the universal healing vibrations for the body, the mind and emotions, and to heal our spirit when it appears to be lost in despair, disappointments, or disgust with the world around us. Many Shamans know the power of the Great Healer, the White Bear. My great grandmother, long living in the spiritual dimensions calls me and my students to call on Nyah-gwaheh—the healing bear of her Cherokee wisdom. This great bear has guided many into the realms of healing and the frequencies of light that become specific fields of healing energy. Nyah-gwaheh is a psychopomp, guiding the path of healing at the higher ranges of consciousness. Sometimes I have heard my great grandmother call Nyah-gwaheh the “Big Dog” of the skies. Not sure why, really. But it places me back in the awareness that our animals of the Earth continue to play a huge role in our daily lives; if we let them.

As those of you release your animal companion into the ethereal realms, do know their spirit continues to be with you. They carry a loving intention to assist you. For some it will be the assistance of love that allows you to move beyond mourning and into sweet memories. For some it will be continued assistance to guide your life. And again, for some, know they may become your Familiar psychopomp guiding you to feel, learn and understand the realms of the Great Creator.



Rev. Katherine Bell,  Ph.D., D.D.



Saturday, July 9th, 2016

We are so often reminded to maintain a clear and present focus. We are told it will keep us in connection with the Divine and interactive with the Higher Mind. Focus! It is important.

I have a wonderful privilege in working in the energy of others. I find the wonders of our inner being and the power of our conscious mind, subconscious levels, and the higher unconscious levels of a greater awareness. When working with individuals and discover something that empowers them, or something that their subconscious level uses as sabotaging elements to live according to fear, I not only learn something to help them; but I often learn something that helps me, and truly all of us.

Thus, I again wish to share a wisdom learned as I worked in the field of a man and his powerful conscious state. He remains quite deliberately focused on his daily requirements in his career and the things that are of interest to him beyond work. I discovered this intentful focus kept him from his emotions, connection to deeper love, and the power to uncover his internal saboteur or his higher power. His energy was a great teaching tool.

This man was displaying a Power of Focus. Yet, as I was doing toning and clearing it was seen that he could truly not feel his internal self, understand his emotional frequencies that bring about a lot of judgement of other people, which include his closest relationships, wife and children. I found his focus helped him with his work, but it was based on only the human conditioning, human education, and human limitations. He could be creative in the thoughts of what he already knew. However, he could not expand beyond his “training” as he could not open the channel to the higher mind. He could not leave the power of judgements that he decided would allow him to live in a certain level of comfort and avoid any possible hurts. That decision was to stay focused on his work as he knows how to do that, to maintain a belief that everyone around him had their own life to live and he did not have to participate to enhance any relationship, other than those that might help his career.

What I also found with this person was an unhealthy body, exhaustion that does not seem to cease, stress, strain in the muscles that cannot be relieved, and the subconscious filled with unresolved emotional and ego experiences. The unaccepting feeling of unworthiness was able to run rampant, though he could not recognize why his ego actions were so anti-social and disregarding of life due to this rampant unresolved reality. He could not hear/feel his soul voice, an thus not privy to needs of change and higher advancement.

Oh, my, what a lesson. The Power of Focus can be just as damaging as allowing the subconscious to run rampant as we focus on the past and dwell in negative memories, emotional discontent, and struggle with the inner trap of unworthiness. A large hue of illusion is the veil of consciousness lived, creating a justification to not feel, be responsible in all areas of life, and move beyond past conditioning. As I contemplated this, my wonderful guardian, Malachi spoke with me; and this is what he shared:

“The Power of Focus is not just a cognitive awareness of the moment of your daily experience. It is the gift of being able to be cognitively aware of the subconscious of your personal experiences and the gift of allowing yourself to be aware of the Greater Unconscious. For within this power is your ability to know the Divine Mind in your very personal conscious state. Within the Unconscious level you meet with the multi-dimensional qualities of yourself. These teach you how to “use” the Divine Mind and your own Soul Plan. It is the power to place you in Oneness, Love and Compassion. The Power of Focus is Awareness of all levels of your existence.”

Yes, I get it. I also saw that if we remain so diligently focused on the outer world we are living, we do exhaust ourselves. We try to be “perfect.” We do not give ourselves the restful place of inner connections. We must dream, contemplate, float in the essence of the Divine Heart-Mind and rejuvenate our whole being. Thus, our outer world can be our creative expression with joy, love for our life experiences, compassion, and honor for life. We can maintain the Power of Fucus on all levels of our being, cognitively.

So, what does this mean to you? What has this story stirred in you? Perhaps you know this thoroughly. I thought I did, but this wonderful client gave me a new perspective. I would love to hear your thought patterns over this Power of Focus.



Rev Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.


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