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Cosmic Alignment of May 28, 2014 – New Moon 11:40:11 am, Pacific Daylight Time

Monday, May 26th, 2014

Looking at the Sabian Message of the New Moon we find: “An Industrial Strike.”  This, of course, immediately impresses our awareness of employees in need of change, refinement of contracts, and inequities transformed.  Yet, to “strike” means that agreements are not forthcoming and a battle of Wills is occurring.  In our personal world, we may find that we feel like going on Strike and re-establishing the rules of our interactions with our self and  others.  We may wish to renegotiate the unspoken contracts we have set in our personal relationships at home, work, and friends.  We may also wish to renegotiate our contracts in all areas of our life.  Time to take a look and set a new frequency.  We don’t need to Strike…..we simply need to focus on where we need the change and negotiate our way through the change into a new formula that works like a contract:  the way and the means to accomplish desires.

The flow of energy from one planet to another at New Moon is configured with Sacred Geometry.  The Cardinal T-Square continues with Mars in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries and both squaring Pluto in Capricorn.  A Yod takes shape as arcs of light from Pluto and Saturn (retrograde in Scorpio)  form opportunistic energy to each other an they send signals to the Sun and Moon who are both at 7 degrees 21 minutes in Gemini.  A Water Grand Trine is vibrating as the Light of Jupiter in Cancer signals activity to Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces.  A Kite formation completes the Grand Trine as the energy from Jupiter and Chiron send opportunistic vibrations to the MidHeaven.   Beyond Sacred Geometry, it is great to look at Mars moving direct in Libra and Venus prepares to leave the Zodiac sign of Aries, but is blasting a strong frequency of energy as she sits at 29 degrees 39 minutes of the star patterns of Aries.  Then She will move into Taurus, where she will feel at home.  What might all of this mean to us?

We have surely spoken of the T-square quite a bit over the last few months, so I won’t do it again.  I will acknowledge the energy of Mars in Libra.  Mars has been freed from its retrograde energy and I hope many of you spent some time reflecting on the Me (Mars) and You/we (Libra) and have come to a balance that you are important in your relationship, just as your partner is important.  Now in this forward thrust of Mars in Libra you may find you are moving fast, furious and with passion into your relationship or into a new relationship.   Make sure you are not indecisive when choices need to be made.  As Mars in opposing Uranus in Aries, you may find you still want to be friends and not focus on a deeper relationship….fear of losing yourself may get in your way.  Mars Squaring Pluto in Capricorn may have you thinking about how being in a relationship may create problems in your career….or perhaps be advantageous.  You may pause and consider how a change in your relationship will help you overall or be a detriment.  Choices…the theme of the lunar month, require your attention.  Read about this wisdom on page:

The Yod creates a configuration of finding our purpose and revealing it in the world.  Both Saturn and Pluto are in retrograde, so we will have to dig deep within to feel, know and understand how we have created the structure of our life purpose, recognize if the structure needs refined, and then be willing to bring it out of our deep psyche and live it, face-to-face with the world of our human endeavors.  They send off a configuration of light to form the Finger of Fate (Yod) to the Moon and Sun.  If we use the configuration correctly, we will be able to hear the messages of the higher mind (Sun/Gemini) and feel the messages within in us (Moon/Gemini).  We will then make the right choices to open to the possibilities of being successful and revealing that success to the world.

The Water Grand Trine will give us the opportunity to help us feel, with ease and grace, the power of our inner drive and purpose.  With Jupiter in Cancer, it calls on us to expand our purpose from the foundation that nurtures us and leaves us feeling secure.   Saturn in Scorpio calls us to feel the depth of the structure and know that it is not the fearful realities of our shadow, but the depth of our creative purpose.  Chiron in Pisces allows us to maintain the strength, fortitude and sacred alignment to all that heals our karmic challenges and eases us into our soul magick.  This, of course, takes flight as the Kite configurations supports the soul’s freedom of expression as Jupiter calls us to Wing Our Way into the World and Chiron reminds us that we have already learned how to overcome adversity, heal, and become triumphant.

Mercury is preparing to go retrograde on June 3rd.  Already in the shadow period, revealing a slow-down effect, Mercury will slip backwards in Gemini and help us question our thinking, examine our choices, and the power to discern, especially as we have been dealing with these qualities in the last month.  Mercury’s gift of the retrograde will help us reconsider our choice of words and perhaps rethink what we have said that may have not been clear or might have been offensive to another.  Mercury has been using the Air signs in the retrograde motion, and thus causing us to pause before we speak, realize how our interactions with other’s affect our life, and understand how we are communicating about ourselves.  During the retrograde period, we may experience the effects of unfocused realities.  We may not think before we speak.  We may take too long to speak.  We may be mentally and emotionally challenged by communication with others.  Of course, there may be more difficulty with our electronic systems (phones, computers, iPads/notebooks, and more that I cannot even imagine).  And always, we need to make sure we are saying what we want, honoring our contracts with others and within our business strategies, and being aware before we sign anything!

Ultimately, the Sun and Moon in Gemini create the vibration of playfulness and joy.  Being like the kid again, we can interact on the playground of life.  We can make choices that delight us.  We can discern the direction we want to go with our personal mind connected to our Higher Mind.  Our emotional self will guide us through the path of choices and the wisdom of feeling delighted with life.  During this cycle we can be aware of Truth or Consequences of lies.  We can be aware of what a scattered  mind creates and what a focused mind secures.

May you enjoy initiating the vibrations you want to use as the New Moon create the power to plant new seeds that will grow through the month, sprout and nourish your life journey.

Love and blessings,

Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D.,D.D.

Sunday Service – A Class on Archangel Haniel

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014
Sorry this note did not make it earlier this week.   However, I am set to let you know about our class this month.
Place:        Myztic Isle (directions:
Subj:          Archangel Haniel
Time:        9:30 a.m.
Teacher:    Rev. Bell
Fee:            $20
See you in the class.  Come and discover how this angel is helping you and how you can elicit more from this guardian.
Love and blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell (AKA: Torres), Ph.D., D.D. President, SPICA – Way of Light 619-588-6483

Live the Christed Self Stop, Pause, Increase Christed Awareness – SPICA

Full Moon – May 14, 2014 – 12:15:53 pm Pacific Daylight Time

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

When the Moon enters Scorpio, the inner experience is intense and dreams are macabre for some people.  For others, the deep inner secrets for developing creative projects may come forward in the dreamtime.  Often, I find individuals with major traumas in life revisiting the traumas in their dreams during this cycle.

On May 14th, the Moon is nearing its cycle through Scorpio, but is directly opposite the Sun, putting light to the inner wisdom that may be stirring in the depths of our emotional selves and our soul-selves.  Though the moon travels through the Zodiac sign of Scorpio, it reflects the Sunlight as the Sun crosses the field of the Zodiac sign of Taurus.  This is the time of great intensity of our willingness to Master Life by cultivating our worthiness, creative powers, and using qualities that we carry that knows when to cull away the old and fertilize the new!

The Sabian message of this polarity reveals some of the inner secrets of this Full Moon.  It stirs the challenge that agitates us enough to know we need to do something.  The messages quoted are, “A mounted Indian with scalps locks,” and “Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man.”    The two messages are positive and yet challenging.  Can we stand up to our inner and outer critics?  To see the Indian reveals an achievement successfully accomplished.  However, the crowds are descending to challenge his conquer.  They come to question him.  They come to challenge his abilities.   It is the voices of the daemons within that are creating the condescending messages of unworthiness; questioning voices of personal value, knowledge and abilities.  It is one’s fear of public opinion.  It is the call to recognize yourself as a master of your craft and a tool of the Great Creator for mastering the art-form of the life of yourself as an individual expression of the Whole.

Can you measure up with a positive attitude of yourself?  Will you succumb to inner voices of fear and destruction?  Will you allow yourself to move beyond the family challenges, career challenges, and partner challenges?  Will you rise up to the glory of the Light and realize the power within you is being called to expression.  It is not for you to simply stand in front of a mirror, but to willingly stand before the crowds and let them know of your vital light, release of creative qualities, and the power and willingness to reveal yourself to the world.

Though you will feel the struggle of public opinion, family opinion, peer opinion, and more, this is the call to master your reality and know the true you.  The Moon in Scorpio will lead you through the reflective power of your inner self so you will let the Sun-glow express your creative self, personal command of yourself, and the glow and willingness to meet the challenges you can take care of and hand over to the Higher Mind the challenges you have no control over and can do nothing about. (Don’t even try during the Full Moon Cycle…that which is none of your business is best left alone.)

I hope you come through the intensity of this Full Moon with the Glory of Light, the Creative Power of Expressing your uniqueness, and the willingness to live the reality of your highest intentions.

Oh, by the way, on May 22nd we enter the shadow period of Mercury as it prepares to retrograde, once again, from June 7th through July 1st.  Mental slowdowns, focus lost, temperamental computers and communications with others, and of course, reviewing, reflecting, re-learning and renewing are all a part of this sequence of 3 weeks in Mercury’s retrograde.  You are cautioned not to start new things, but complete the old things.  Don’t sign contracts unless you are truly focused.

Enjoy the brilliance of the Full Moon,


rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.



Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Hello Everyone:

This email is an invitation to attend our Sunday Service on May 11th.   Our philosophy may be found at

Place:    Myztic Isle Bookstore (directions:

Time:     9:00 a.m. – SPICA – Reiki Radiance Blessings

9:30 a.m. – Sunday Service

Theme –    Celebrate the Holy Mother’s Blessings

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday.

Love and Blessings,

Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.


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