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New Moon November 3, 2013 at 4:49:56 a.m. Pacific Time

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Ah, you knew.  If we had a Lunar Eclipse at Full Moon we must have a Solar Eclipse at New Moon.  Yep, we do.  It is called the Solar Hybrid Eclipse and simply means that at some time during the eclipse it will be an annular eclipse and at other moments it will be a total eclipse.  It will be seen over the Atlantic Ocean and you might enjoy watching NASA’s animation of its journey:

During a Solar Eclipse, the Moon crosses between the Sun and the Moon and eclipses the light of the Sun to the Earth.  The effects of this event  can last as long as a year.  The Sun and the Moon at New Moon are both sharing the radiance of the Zodiac pattern of Scorpio.  Scorpio provides an even greater eclipse, if we let it, the eclipse of our inner self.  During this eclipse, it is a time to use our Will Power to dip in, discover, dissect and then direct our intentions to higher wisdom.

The Sun and Moon are at 11 degrees 15 minutes of Scorpio at New Moon.  The Sabian message of the degree is “An embassy ball.”  As an embassy, it relates to the sovereign territory of foreign lands.  As a “ball,” it relates to elegance, beauty and the things revealed by the chosen and privileged leaders of this territory.    Because we love to take a peek at the beauty of the ball, it is a time to realize we can “see” what we have concealed and may now have become foreign to us.  We may not  realize what challenges may be hidden as they may be camouflaged by the facade of elegance.  We can be enticed by the “bling” of our unconscious that can lead us to denial and illusion, guiding us away from the territory that keeps us bound in challenges and in preparation for a  warring inner and outer conscious states.  We use this to ignore the voice of transformation and remain in the territory of struggle displaying itself as anxiety and comparisons.  However, we can also use the “bling” to help us enter the territory of the unconscious, take charge of the challenges and awaken ourselves to the inner power.  The elegance we can find is the refined gracefulness of our soul…perhaps in foreign territory of our inner being because we have forgotten our conscious power to search for its wisdom.


Entering the time of the New Moon in Scorpio provides us with the entrance into a Celtic “Year and a Day ” gift.  Reed – Ngetal, the Celtic name of the lunar cycle, calls everyone to take on the power of searching and researching our inner self for a year and a day.  To do so brings about powerful insights and great wisdom.    Are you willing to come to the Ball and dance with your soul for a year and a day?  Are you willing to learn from your most sacred state of consciousness and open the door of Mystical Wisdom?  You have help, not only from this time of the year, but from the Mystical Rectanble  formed by the angling of planets to each other.  Earth, in her sacred alignment of support of this Solar Eclipse, initiates the arching of lights from one planet to another.  She archs to Mars in Virgo and Chiron in Pisces (who vibrate on the axis of healing and service).  Both arch to the Sun and Moon and the entire Stellium of planets that are aligned in Scorpio: Venus, Moon, Sun, and Saturn; along with the North Moon Node and align on the Axis of the Soul as they oppose the  Earth and the South Moon Node.  The wisdom to be revealed is the wisdom of how to Master the Soul Intention to live in the constant vibration of universal change and transformation and understand it, even when it is breaking down old structures of personal and universal states of consciousness.

In other sacred geometrical alignments, we have a Grand Trine and a Kite configuration showing up.  The Divine Grace revealed.    Mars in Virgo starts the field of the Grand Trine, archs to the Earth in Taurus  and to Pluto in Capricorn as they arch energy to each other.  The Earth and Pluto arch to Chiron in Pisces and completes the circuit of the head of the Kite.  As we open the Mystical Rectangle and release the healing power of Source, we most certainly have the opportunity to Master our states of consciousness that reveal our soul voice, passion and purpose,  and free us to live in a world of compassion, peace and a new order of leadership in a territory that may have been foreign to humanity, but is now the New World.

The intensity to step into the power is with us during this lunar cycle.  Some aspects of this power may be hidden, some partially hidden.  However, we, the Seekers of Truth and one’s who desire to live empowered by the voice of our Higher Privilege can lead the way with courage an intention.  Set the intention at the New Moon to gain the wisdom of the cosmos.  Cultivate it in your personal life by responding and let the cultivation overflow for all of humanity to use.   Call everyone to the Ball to be enticed by the Bling of Light that God/Goddess reveals.   Let the Higher Power Within guide you.


Love and Light,

Rev. Katherine Bell

Full Moon – Appulse Lunar Eclipse – Oct 18, 2013

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Once again we come into the flow of dynamic energy at our Full Moon.  A Lunar Eclipse occurs and the Moon is covered by the shadow of the earth for a while.   This is the time when the Earth’s shadow is strong enough to block light from the Sun to the Moon.   During  an Appulse Eclipse (also called a Penumbral Eclipse), the shadow does not create a blackout of the moon, therefore the moon is still seen, to some degree.

The moon is the vibration that stirs our emotions.  It is the internal movement of our being and the energy we use to nurture our selves, harmonize our discontent,  and utilize our intuition for sacred guidance.  It is our “connection” to the Divine Feminine that encourages, reassures, and calms our human nature.  During a lunar eclipse, we experience a temporary loss of this quality.   We experience the “I’m on my own,” message and may feel lost from the internal compass that guides us through our life experiences.

During this eclipse, we are in the complete balance of Self and Others as the Moon resides in Aries and the Sun Resides in Libra.  We can experience the “I’m on my own” or the dependent need of another to give us guidance while we feel emotionally and intuitively lost.  We can also experience the greater guidance of the Infinite Partnership of Aries (Alder) and Libra (Ivy) as we continue to explore Contemplation and Rebuilding, Harmony and Action, and Relating and Self Alignment, as noted in the letter of the new moon, lunar cycle.

The cosmic influence of the Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse provides us further insight of energy we are able to use, even if we have to dip in a bit deeper within ourselves to discover it as the eclipse takes over.  When utilizing the vibration of an eclipse, it is good to remember it is an opportunity for inner changes, particularly the challenges of our personal subconscious.   When releasing the challenges of our personal subconscious, we can open to the Higher Levels of our Supernal Consciousness.   In fact the Sabian Message of the Moon is, “A Man possessed of more gifts than he can hold.”  Using this state of wisdom, we can realize that the eclipse can help us feel the need for change and further our ability to dip into the Higher Heart-Mind consciousness and release the gifts that the Divine has stored within us.  The Solar Message of the Sabian wisdom reveals, “An Eagle and a Large White Dove turning one into the Other.”  When we dip into the inner levels, we will see the Solar Light of Source.  Our Eagle state that is soaring to the highest levels of Spirit will form a Union with the Holy Spirit (Dove) and increase our Living in the awareness of Oneness.

Mercury is helping us dip into the deeper levels of the psyche as it crosses the patterns of Scorpio and prepares to move into its retrograde travels on October 21st.  It is already moving slower and in its shadow.  It is calling out: “Warning, Warning, Warning.  Time to go inward and review the stages of change you are now being called to take on.”  As a messenger, Mercury is calling on you to listen from within the depths of your being and use your Intelligence (right use of logic and intuition) to direct the change.  As Mercury goes through its three weeks of retrograde, you will hear more calls to change.  Will you listen.  If you do, you will take charge of the change.  If you don’t, the change will appear to take charge of you and you will move through its transitions of: No longer a warning, but your awareness of the need and your rejection to change because it is a bit scary to face the problem.  You hope it will just go away.  Ignoring it will only bring on the next stage of prompting the change: Help I have a Major Problem, Now What?  You will feel like you have to change or die.  You may possess the power of anger, the deluge of illness, the uncontrollable reality of others, losses you didn’t expect.  If you still refuse to take charge of the change, you will go into crisis and everything will fall apart.  Your excuses and “waiting for” something or someone else to take charge will not work.  You will change and you will know that you created order out of chaos.  Leap into Faith In fact, take the Quantum Leap by realizing you are the Perfect Being to take charge of your reality because you are the Divine Living in Matter and can Live in a state of a Master Consciousness.

At Full Moon there is the Sacred Symbol of the Star of David as one grand trine forms from the Moon and Earth at 25 degrees Aries, arching light to Mars at 2 degrees Virgo, and all joining in a beam of light to the Mid-Heaven revealing Sagittarius.  The other grand trine that mixes with the first and creating the design of the Start of David (Heaven and Earth in Oneness) is instigated by Mercury in Scorpio arching light to Jupiter in Cancer and both sending rays of light to the Ascendent revealing Pisces.  This energy Full of Grace, calls on our inner guidance to release the Strength from within to move forward in the intention to purify, heal and harvest our whole being awareness and reveal to the world the Light of the Divine in Living Matter.  We will receive the guidance to expand our foundation so our potentials can be activated sacredly through our personalities.

The Sun, Moon/Earth and Jupiter form a T-Square…a challenging energy.  The challenge is to call us to move beyond old authority memories, discontinue the belief that we are alone in what we are doing, and join in the power of being the authority of our reactions and live the power of our resurgence of harmony with all.  These frequencies call us to regenerate relationships as true partnerships of Oneness.  The power to regenerate our understanding of interdependency and the knowing that together we form one holy and wholesome community of humanity that are the performers of the work of the Divine Creation.

As is always noted, an eclipse provides us with energy to be utilized for at least a month and up to six months.  Shall we create a new creed of relationships?  If so, what shall it be?  Shall we vow to believe in the power of our relationship to the Holy Spirit as a Union of Love?  Shall we vow to believe that the power of relating to others is the sacred attitude of love, care and nurturing of each other?  Shall we set a standard of Living Out Loud the Power of Caring, the Encouragement of Nurturing, and the Harmony of Equality?  Let’s Live Life Out Loud–the Life of Love for All.  What a beautiful relationship we will experience world-wide.

Blessings during this Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde…May they serve you well.

Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.

President, SPICA – Way of Light


Inspirational Education – Seeing through the Veils of Wisdom Mystical Wisdom Training Series

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Inspirational Education – Seeing through the Veils of Wisdom Mystical Wisdom Training Series

9:30 a.m. to Noon at Myztic Isle 8036 La Mesa Blvd. La Mesa, CA  619-465-3005
October 27, 2013
Psychometry and Skrying Training Please bring an object with you, your WomanSpirit deck of Cards, and a small mirror!
Continuing your Mystical Alignment with the Universe Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D. Classes – $20
Thank you.  Your income continues to aid SPICA – Way of Light Church continue its service.
 Please e-mail Dr. Bell if you plan to attend so she may bring enough supplies to the event: 
Rev. Bell  is the President and Founder of SPICA – Way of Light.

NEW MOON – October 4, 2013

Friday, October 4th, 2013

The power of the night befalls us as we come through this time of the year. Quiet times beacon us. “Balance, Come to Balance,” we hear from within. The New Moon connects with the Sun at 11 degrees 56 minutes in the path of Libra.

The Sun and the Moon are also the point of the sacred geometry of a Yod. They connect to Chiron in Pisces and the South Moon Node in Taurus. These two points join together, favorably, attempting to help the Sun and Moon “hear” the messages of their call. The Call is a call of Fate: Follow the Path of Balance. Understand Balance as a deliberating power of Cause and Effect (The Universal Law released through Libra). Thus, as we enter into this lunar cycle, it is important to find our Balance Point so we may effectively initiate causal consciousness with our intention to have a positive effect in manifesting desires.

Chiron in Pisces emits a vibration of sacred intention to heal the world and bring world peace. If anyone is in the challenge of Chiron, meaning living from deep seeded emotional disturbances, the point of balance is not known and the healing does not occur. If anyone is using the challenging energy of the South Moon Node in Taurus, then unworthiness is remembered and the fear of no resources of mind, emotions or physical realities surfaces.

To assist in the power to move into awareness, a T-square is formed by the Sun and Moon agitating Uranus in Aries as well as the Earth circling through Aries. The Sun and Moon also send irritating vibrations to Pluto in Capricorn. These challenges are the power to wake up, stay awake, and know what the irritants are in order to make changes by discovering the Balance Point and living in the power of Peace (Libra). Uranus and Pluto, considered global activators, continue to send the message to our Collective Consciousness to rise up into a higher awareness (Uranus) to develop the new world (Aries), while Pluto calls forth the transmutation of Governments as well as our own inner development for self governing (Pluto in Capricorn).

We continue to see these activations moving us, agitating us, calling on us to make the changes necessary to cultivate the new world alliance with Source. The first order, with the Sun and Moon in Libra, is to create a new, deeply devoted and abiding relationship with the Great Creator/Great Birther. We cannot be apathetic, lost in our own needs for recognition. It is important that we see a world-wide family in need of harmony. We cannot be lost in exuberant negativity or overly exuberant positivity. We need to find our Balance Point and this new moon energy is calling us to know this and live it as well.


The Sabian Message of the Moon and Sun reminds us: “Miners emerge from the mine.” This is the time to come out of our states of the subconscious where we have been digging for the old information. It is time to emerge into the fresh air of new thoughts and ideals. It is a time to know that we have also dug in to obtain the rich ore of our higher consciousness (Sun) and know how to use that rich and vibrant knowledge (Moon) for maintaining balance and releasing the creative field of Cause and Effect with the dynamics of clarity and higher purpose.

Further information of the movement of inner consciousness released by the energy frequencies of the Divine Configuration of stars and planets, can be found on the web page:

Blessings of moonlight as you travel through another lunar month.

Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.

President, SPICA – Way of Light

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