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Full Moon – August 31 – Blue Moon

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

What can you do at this Full Moon, that is also called the Blue Moon? Seek the sacred inner spaces of self. The inner space flows like your emotions, but at a higher knowing and living power. This point of awareness is necessary because the 2nd full moon of the month (Blue Moon) creates a greater emotional process for all to use. It does not call one to use the negative emotions that cause overwhelm, arguments, disappointments, manipulations and ultimately frustrations that block conscious expansion. When everyone allows the vibrations to move them into the sacred inner spaces, the emotions turn to the soul voice and the soul voice provides inspiration through intuitive channels. This Blue Moon can help you use your intuitive powers effectively as it promotes your ability to refine and define who you are and what your Service to the Whole truly is.

At 6:58:06 PDT, the Moon will be Full and its brilliant light will be flowing in the sign of Pisces–Sacred Vibrations of the Mystical Self can be revealed at this time. In fact, these sacred vibrations will be stirring the Healer from within (Chiron), and the Flow of All Knowing (Neptune) as these energy fields are stirred by their conjunction to the Moon. The Earth is also conjunct the moon, thus allowing the rays of energy to infiltrate Matter and be used to bring forth the greater power of the soul intention to be in Oneness and be in Service to heal any imbalances of this realm of Matter.

The Sun, in opposition to the Moon, is in Virgo…the sign of great service and the sign of the Virgin presenting the power of wholeness and abundance (the zodiac pattern of Virgo as well as the energy of the Great Goddess revealing Her Grace to humanity). We all need only reach out to this gift and be willing to let abundance at all levels flow within our realm and be willing to manifest and use this energy in our daily reality.

These patterns are all forming the sacred geometry of a T-Square to the MidHeaven in Gemini and Jupiter in Gemini. Our challenge through this geometric vibration is to be connected with the Power of the Voice of the Divine Benevolent One and hear the guidance of Healing and Oneness. We must maintain the connection and know It is a call for all to live in the power of cooperation and harmony, compassion and intention to know there is an abundant flow in all areas of life for all to experience. We must want to see this for everyone, not just our personal self.

The Moon and the group of Earth, Chiron and Neptune, form energies of opportunity with Pluto in Capricorn, who in turn is aligning with Mars in Scorpio, and Mars is also being activated by the stellium of planets in Pisces (Moon, Chiron, Neptune and Earth). Pluto also receives the energy of Divine Grace as it radiates from the Sun in Virgo to Pluto. Uranus sends challenging energy to Pluto from it standpoint in Aires, challenging the Pluto energy to continue it clearing while at the same time, allowing the Rays of Higher Light, Higher Intention, and Higher Grace to be the true growth in the Inner Consciousness of everyone. We, must see this Grace, feel this Grace and live this Grace by the power of our own Transmutation. I see the gift of Pluto as transmuting our global reality of personal and world-wide consciousness to the transfiguration of light in every individual, group, and country (Uranus is the transfiguration power), as we take up the greater message of living in the unconditional love qualities of compassionate detachment from the lower fear-based realities created in the collective consciousness of humanity. We have the power to make these changes if we will live from the sacred inner power.

Mars in Scorpio provides a great intensity to make the changes, come into the light from the darkness, transform the darkness to the light, and encourage each soul to live the LIGHT–not wait for another lifetime or the escape from the Earth. There is no escaping. What is required is Oneness and the knowing of the Sacred Relationship that occurs when everyone realizes Spirit is Matter and Matter is Spirit.

Chiron, Neptune, Pluto and Uranus are still in retrograde. These are all the Global planets. It calls us to globally relax into inner dimensions of the Most High Dweller. As we do this, we hear the Voice of the Most High direct us in the Power of the Light Rays that are penetrating our world.

These light rays are similar to the photons that come from our Sun that help the world develop and grow.

As we have been entering the Full Moon cycle, the Shimmering Pearl Rays of Light that are and will continue to effect us for the next six weeks are the Shimmering Pearl of Ruby and Pastel Green. Stimulating the our physical realm, our physical bodies, the power of the Pastel Green continues to help us cultivate the environment within our cells that will assist in growing the consciousness of physical changes that accommodate the High Holy essence of Life. The shimmering Ruby will create the outpouring of wisdom as it provides a channel for each body to talk to consciousness. We want this…for as it talks, we hear the messages that allow the Great World Change to be release within ourselves as well as the Earth and our Galaxy. In fact, the Galactic Energy from the field of the Pleiades is providing a gateway for the Divine action of transforming and transfiguring the Earth, our own selves, and our plant, animal and mineral world. The Ruby vibration is coming from the Galactic Energy Field of the Orion Belt-way and providing the energy of higher communication. This communication will be noted through our bodies. Listen, your body is talking. What is it telling you. Get beyond its pain and crankiness (that is only your blocking the higher truth) and listen for the direction you are to take to achieve the transfiguration of your consciousness.

Be blessed by this full moon, be cooperative with the Great One that calls all of its parts to realize Oneness.

Much love,


Harmonics Earth Healing Prayer

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Good Afternoon everyone:
This is a special prayer request.  It has come during a session a couple was having with Malachi and Kuan Yin spoke to them.  She has for a world-wide prayer as she indicated that today held strong possibilities for disaster around our world.  When a Master Consciousness such as Kuan Yin asks us to participate in prayer-healing, it is because we are called to take charge within our world to help make the vibrational change for the good.  Here is the message from Kuan Yin:
    Blend your mind with your heart and then contemplate the power of healing energy.  Release this energy to your world to thwart disaster that is setting its foundation this day.  Let Love, Peace and Harmony rise within you to create the Harmonic balance.  This power of compassion from within all of you creates the strength and increase in harmony throughout the world.  Know the highest purpose is in Order and you are blending with it.  At the hours 12, 3, 6 and 9 say this prayer with heart-felt contemplation:
    :”Great Spirit, Oh Great Spirit, Divine One of All Essence.  Let there be peace and harmony across the Earth, to the people of the Earth, to the Land of the Earth.  May there be peace and Harmony.  It is So!”
I’m sorry I missed the 12 noon time for you all, but as you will hold to the other times to pause and offer this prayer with the knowing in your heart that all will balance, know that your prayers will be in perfect harmony with this intent.
May you all feel the blessings.

Sunday Inspirational Class – 8/26/12

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012
Hello everyone:
I am back from TX and ready for our Sunday Inspirational Class. It will be at Myztic Isle.
Theme: Alchemy of Spirit and Matter
Start Time: 10:00 a.m.
Please let us know who all will be attending. You may email me at:
Looking forward to seeing you all.
Rev. Katherine Torres, Ph.D., D.D.
President, SPICA – Way of Light

New Moon – Aug 17 2012 – 8:54:25 am PDT

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Furthering our journey into the second half of the year, we come to the New Moon that takes us another step into the shadow time of the year. Though not full of darkness, the nights grow longer and the days shorten even more. Summer is ending and Back to School time is occurring across our nation.

The New Moon is a gift of renewal, refreshing your desires, and noting what seeds you want to plant that can and will develop throughout the month. As you set your intentions at this time of the year, remember you are entering the realm of the Lower World and the intention to reach the depth of your soul. Look into this page for more info:

Cosmically, the New Moon is full of energy to fill our very cells with higher intentions. The Moon is at the hip of the Sun at 25 degrees 8 minutes of Leo and it will move into the Virgo energy field on Aug 18th, still in New Moon Energy. In the meantime, the following flow of energy will leave an impression in your psyche for you to use (if you choose).

Ready to set energy of Intentions? The Leo vibration continues to call you to set the energy of Self Dominion. Then Virgo bursts forth and calls you to wholeness and faith. It also calls you to the power to cooperate with: 1) Your Soul Self, 2) Others, and, 3) The Divine Intention to release the new plans from your soul level to your personal level through the agency of your cellular memory.

The Sabian Message is “A rainbow.” Remember, this is a symbol of the Promise of the Divine as noted in Genesis 9:12 And God said, “This is the sign of the covenant I am making between me and you and every living creature with you, a covenant for all generations to come. It is also noted that the rainbow is the Symbol of Iris, a Greek goddess who was a messenger for Hera (goddess of women and marriage–the power to form right relationships/unions). As we honor the Covenant, it is a time when we can most certainly honor that we have made an agreement to be in Union with the Divine as much as the Divine is in Union with us. Truth is, we are the Divine in Matter and the Marriage is our Personal Minds/Hearts in union with our Divine Mind/Heart. Our Promise is to “Re-Member” this Union and the power of this New Moon brings us to this alignment with the Joy of Intention to commit to the relationship.


Looking at significant realities of the New Moon Chart, what is noticeable is the Signature (Imprint left upon the Earth for use by at least 7 generations), which is an Aries Signature. The Power of Live the I AM Presence in the here and now and lay this frequency into patterns to be followed by generations to come. The Pioneering Spirit is set free. What are you ready to Pioneer as the Living Presence of I AM?

Next is the Power of Virgo on the Horizon. This aligns with the Law of Wholeness and calls for All to Accept the Wholeness of Be-ing. This alignment lets everyone reveal the wholeness, express Service to Others, harmonize by healing self and then others, and calls forth a power of cooperation.

A Sacred Symbol, the Yod, is found in this New Moon Chart. This “Finger of Fate” messenger is a reminder that the Divine Mind is Directing the Course and we only need to be in touch with that Higher Mind Within. The Yod is formed by Mercury (in Leo) arching energy to Chiron and Neptune (who are side-by-side) and to Pluto. At first, these field of energy cause us to have to listen more intently, feel more deeply in order to “hear” the message. As we do, the Buzz between Chiron and Neptune in a positive alignment with Pluto releases the opportunities to transform the old standards and rules (Pluto in Capricorn), while being blessed by the Healing Power of Sacred Wisdom being released within us (Chiron/Neptune in Pisces) as we let go of fear-based realities, illusions, and disconnects from our Oneness Reality. As the Point of the Finger is Mercury in Leo, we are simply asked to be very alert, focused on Self Dominion, willing to focus on the Promises we make to be committed to our Higher Self, and then discover the Power Within to Live the Ultimate Agreement: To BE!

We can certainly dance around and question ourselves, rely on the old patterns and dysfunctions of being in the dark. Or, we can open to the Higher Will and Live Its Purpose, to laugh and love, create excursions to explore the regions of the dimensions of the GREAT ONE, and KNOW…..we are ONE and Creative Beings displaying the Oneness by all we do Create.

Enjoy creating the Power of Awareness that Transforms and Heals and creates the Sacred Truth of Unconditional Love.

Blessings of Faith,



Sunday Service – Aug 12

Monday, August 6th, 2012
Hi Everyone:
This coming Sunday is our Service Sunday. Looking forward to seeing all of you. Our Theme is the Trinity of Fire. The message we have presented this year have been extremely precious and insightful for self advancement and I so believe this one will be too.
Here is our schedule for Sunday Morning:
9:00 – 9:25 Reiki service and Community Prayer with Prayer Beads
9:30 – 10:30 Trinity of Fire
Shortly after, coffee and sharing with each other.
May you be blessed.
Se you Sunday.

Full Moon Aug 1

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Full Moon – Aug 1 2012

Hello everyone:

Sorry you have not heard from me for a while. I took a vacation with a friend to Alaska. What a wondrous experience. Now it is time to be back at work and sharing wisdom when I can.

Today at 8:27:27 pm PDT the Sun and Moon will be in opposition, thus we see the Full Moon. I do hope all of you will see it. Last night its light was glorious and the energy wonderful. What imprint of energy will it give and the cosmic alignments at this new moon to solidify within and use?

First of all, the Moon will be at 10 degrees 15 minutes of Aquarius while the Sun will be at 10 degrees 15 Minutes of Leo. This is the Axis of Love. So, “love is in the air.” The moon is in the humanitarian side of this love light and thus calling us to feel the love-connection with everyone. The Sun in Leo will remind us to “make love while the sun shines.” Aquarius carries the Law of Illumination and Luminosity, calling us to let our inner lights shine and reveal our higher self to the world. Leo carries the Law of Self Dominion reminding us that as long as we have taken dominion of our self, we love are self and are easily ready to share love with others.

The Sabian Message of the Sun and Moon reveal: “Children on a swing in a huge oak tree,” and “Man tête-à-tête with his inspiration.” This vibrations forms a focus and connection of the free inner creative self being supported by the sturdy strength of the Oak. The Oak creates the power of endurance, the power of inspiration, and the power of great nurturing and maturity. The Celts knew this as the Highest Power and called for all children to soak ups its wisdom. The “swing” provides the symbol of swaying with the rhythm of life that allows the release of inner wisdom. The Man tête-à-tête with his inspiration provides the expression of knowing that the higher wisdom is releasing the creative inspiration and one is in full accord with the divine heart-to-head knowledge allowing for right use of the sudden brilliant flashes of ideas.

To help with this inspirational pose of consciousness, Mercury in Leo (in retrograde) has the focus to call us within to reach the creative fire. Together with the Sun, they activate a Grand Trine/Kite configuration, thus allowing the Grace of the Divine to inspire and the personal soul to soar with the response. The Sun and Mercury reach out to Uranus in Aries (also retrograde) which drives the power of Aries to explore the regions of Aquarius (Uranus rules Aquarius) and release the bounds of compassion that urges the development of a new world. These three activate the MidHeaven point which is centered through Sagittarius and thus, calls for open awareness of the higher goals, urges to take off with them and the power to use the leap of faith to trust the path one is following. The Kite configuration ignites from the Sun, Mercury and Uranus flaring their light frequency to Jupiter in Gemini. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, so it helps release the MidHeaven power to Reveal and take the lead. Within Gemini, the blessing provides the ability to communicate with the higher mind/higher will and feel the generous and loving urges of The Divine coaxing everyone to live in the power of joy, love, generosity, care and sharing of the love.

We have five planets in retrograde: Neptune, Chiron, Uranus, Mercury and Pluto. Mercury is the only one working at the “personal level.” All others are moving us along the global level of Review, Release and Rebirth. All are asking for us to focus (Mercury) and the loving power so we may make positive changes that allow the scope of the Universal Plane to unfold as the World of Peace promised by our fore-fathers and fore-mothers of the Maya, Cherokee, Hopi, Celts, and Ancient ones of Hinduism.

We all play a huge part in this. We must give way the old fashioned beliefs that we don’t have the power to change to the Light of Positive Expression. We must give way the old fashioned beliefs that we are victims of others or we must victimize them by rescuing them from their traumas and dramas. We must see the Light in All and this wonderful full moon can help us through the agency of Unconditional Love.

Imprint this in your being….the energy is here for you to use.

Love and blessings,


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