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New Moon – Hazel

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

New Moon and More

Feel the impulse of the New Moon? It begins its journey August 28, 2011 at 8:04:05 pm Pacific Daylight Time. Are you ready to make that fresh new start?

The Moon, Sun, and the Asteroid Isis are all 5+ degrees of Virgo. Isis is seen as the Great Goddess in the Egyptian deity stories. She is the daughter of Nut the Mother of the over-arching sky, and Geb, the God of Earth. Thus, Heaven and Earth as One. Isis, WomanSpirit, Mother Mary and All Goddesses of this lineage are seen as The Great Goddess. They provide us with the awareness that She gives birth to Heaven and Earth, brings justice to all, provides shelter for the poor and weak, seeks righteousness for all. the Virgo constellation carries one of the brightest stars in the heaven, SPICA. Esoterically this star reveals the sheaf of wheat or an ear of corn in the hand of the Goddess. It represents that all of humanity will be provided the abundance they need (food, clothing, time, work, money, health, love, and spiritual awareness, etc.). Hazel is also in alignment with the Harvest Time of Year. It is the 2nd moon mother to present the gift of harvest and the time when “Plenty” is a known quantity and quality. Look around you and see the “plenty” in your life and note what you are harvesting.

The Moon, Sun and Asteroid Isis are also part of sacred geometrical vibration of a Grand Earth Trine. Sweet blessings given to the Earth. Yes, we can use the blessings as the Hurricane Irene roars up the East Coast. An Earth Grand Trine brings the energy of ease and calm, dedication and determination and the discipline to construct and maintain energy. Physical balance, resourcefulness, and nurturing are all a part of the Grand Trine. This flow will call many people into action of Service to others.

Mercury has turned direct, but will take a while to backtrack to its position in Virgo when it left and journeyed into Leo. It will make it back into that position on September 9th. In the meantime, remember that the vibration of movement can continue to cause a lack of focus, lack of awareness when communicating, and feelings of “I just need attention.” If these “attention” needs are overwhelming, then you may find yourself acting out selfishly or believing others are doing that and not honoring you. Head toward Virgo with Mercury and understand there is a power of sharing and serving each other with words of appreciation, interest, and playfulness.

The Sabian Symbol of this Moon, Sun and Isis alignment reports, “A Merry-go Round.” This is spirit-lifting. A playground atmosphere can be felt. A circle of friends, a time of socializing, and more. The merry-go-round indicates cycles of ups and downs, spinning one’s wheel of life and not finding the center-point. Frustrations can come from these times when you feel you are getting nowhere in the circle of life. However, create the power of this vibration by choosing to change with a gear-like precision of higher intention. Move your wheel-cogs into the cogs of the Grand Universe and make your changes with the Universe….it is easy…Let Go, Let the Divine Right Order, the Divine Right Thinking and the Divine Right Feeling move you along the cycles of life. Find the delights of life with your child-like innocense of a willingness to explore the merry-go-round…in fact, take time off and go to the park where your favorite Merry-go-Round is active and inviting you onto the wooden horse moving up and down and then remember–grab the Gold Key of Life. Share the joy of the playground of life with others……with a smile on your face, in your heart and delightfully creating positive stories within your mind.

NOTE: Changes have occurred since I wrote of the Malachi Circle of Friends Channeling. Because of the holiday and my trip to Turkey, we have made changes and will begin that event in November. Please check out this page and scroll to the bottom to find the url to follow to sign up for the class: It will begin Nov 7th. It is my pleasure to serve our community and present the wisdom of Malachi.

Sunday Inspiration Class

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Loving Commitment 

Sunday, August 28


Myztic Isle

8036 La Mesa Blvd.

La Mesa, CA




SPICA – Way of Light church presents Rev. Torres who will speak about the Levels of Commitment and initiate the Lunar Month of Hazel.

How many commitments do you have right now?

Class Time:10:00 a.m. – Noon

Contact Katherine at: to request your spot in class 





Positive Talk – Abundance

Monday, August 15th, 2011

The Great Creator is Abundance and Releases Abundance as Grace within me


I am a Channel for the Universal Flow of Abundanc

I accept the Grace of Abundance flowing within me and manifesting in all way

Affluence radiates through my aura, exudes through my pores, and manifests daily

Yes I can, I Am and I will continue the flow of Abundance

I, I AM, I am That, Abundance

Full Moon – August 13

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Feel the strength? Feel Purpose? Feel like your are ready to burst? Full Moon Time!

Saturday, August 13th at 11:57:29 am Pacific Daylight Time…the alignment of the Full Moon occurs.

We are all talking about the Universal Waves of Light that are emerging from within, flowing around, and weaving through our world, our Galaxy, our Higher Expression. We can feel it, are transformed by it, and can decipher some of it through the cosmic vibrations of the stars and planets. If you look carefully, you will see the power of Transmutation taking shape.

I’ve spoken of the Mercury retrograde message (see below on this News Page). So I won’t repeat all of that again. The influence of this energy is felt and activated within us.

What I will speak of is the reality that Mercury has re-entered Leo and Neptune has re-entered Aquarius. Both are heading back into territory that is familiar in order to recheck—“did I learn anything in this pattern of energy?” Mercury wants to know if the heart (Leo) and the Mind (Mercury) really connected. Mercury (as is noted, is the Law of Expression), is checking on the personal review of Self Dominion (Leo = Universal Law of Self Dominion). With all of this review, when Mercury returns direct, we will take note of how we have been seeking to take dominion of our personal selves and are able to speak in a manner of one who has taken dominion of their SPIRITUAL, EMOTIONAL, MENTAL, PHYSICAL, EGO AND SOUL.

Neptune, moving back into the power of Aquarius, most certainly poses a world-wide question to the soul of humanity. Did you release the secrets, reverse the lies to truth, expand to the Transpersonal Levels, explore the multi dimensions and discover why you are realizing you are One? Neptune, Law of Reversal and Reflection and Aquarius, Law of Illumination and Luminosity, call all to reverse the human trend of feeling and believing by illuminating the Holy Lights within and radiating the power of the light to the world, the universe, the galaxies.

Sacred Geometry: Oh, yes, I cannot forget the arching lights are weaving sacred, geometrical shapes across the skies and the volume of energy being release is activating our Inner Holy Planets to respond to the waves of energy.

Mars is the activator of a Grand Trine/Kite and a Mystical Rectangle. The Grand Trine is a water Grand Trine, calling for Grace of the Psyche, ease in moving through our personal and world-wide emotions, and a willingness, to continue to heal the memory bank of traumas, dramas, old paradigms of wounds and unworthiness. As we do this, the Kite comes alive with Chiron meeting Pluto and Pluto meeting Scorpio on the Ascendent of the Full Moon Wheel (Pacific Daylight Time). The Kite activated leads to the flight of the soul, free to express the transmutation and enter into a new world order.

With the Moon Opposing the Sun, Mercury and Venus, it asks that we feel the deeper truth (Lunar vibration of the inner self), while exploring the outer regions of the higher dimensions (Moon in Aquarius)…but, She asks that we do that with an open heart, evaluating our own magick, resourcefulness, loving and nurturing intentions (Venus), and our willingness to set out the right focus, express the truth, and sign a new covenant to live in joy, love in harmony, share with all, and continue our evolution of a Higher Order.

Uranus in Aries, also in retrograde, squares Mars to help urge the activation of the Grand Trine/Kite and the Mystical Rectangle. Uranus Squares Pluto in order to truly help the Kite stir its waves of energy, calling all to feel the transmutation of soul evolution. This encourages the world to purify (Law of Mars) the emotional encoding of the old traditions (Cancer), and Live from Higher Intentions. This allows all to explore the Awakening and know they are governed by Source rather than by the human counselors of our Countries Governments, and release the power to be innovative and extremely responsive to the I Am Presence (Law of Aries). In so doing, the world does take on the Change of Light and a allow a Transfiguration to occur!

Let there Be Light! And There IS.


Tuesday, August 9th, 2011
Good Afternoon Everyone:
Sunday, August 14th is our August Services. The theme is “Living Enlightened.” Please come and join us, and bring a friend.
We begin our Services with a SPICA REIKI RADIANCE healing time. This begins at 9:00 a.m.
Regular Services Begin at 9:30 pm with a time after to enjoy “sharing the love” with each other.
Our community is solidifying in Oneness and enjoying the togetherness.
As always, we will be meeting at Myztic Isle Bookstore. The address  8036 La Mesa Blvd., La Mesa, CA  91942.
If you cannot make it, remember it is recorded and you can obtain a CD.
Looking forward to hugs, sacred messages, and blessings!
Love and Light,


Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Hello Everyone:

Very soon I will host my own Internet Talk Radio Show on It is an exciting time because it means wisdom can be shared to a broad audience (all around the world with 3.3 million listeners).

My new show is called: SPICA – WAY OF LIGHT, Ignite Your Inner Wisdom! It debuts on November 5, 2011 and will be heard every Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time. Shows will be rebroadcast 12 hours later and archived for On Demand listening….you can’t miss a thing.

 Take a look at the other great programs I’ll be joining on the 7th Wave Channel by following this link: I know you will find other programs that interest you and peak your Inner Wisdom.

On SPICA – Way of Light, Ignite Your Inner Wisdom, I’m thrilled to say you will be listening to other Master’s of Wisdom as I invite guest speakers. Everyone I call to the show will provide their awareness of the Mysteries of this Universe through sound, healing, astrology, symbology, and oh so much more. To plunge into the depth of the Universe and extract wisdom requires positive sacred attitudes and these individuals will reveal that of themselves and encourage that of you.

The show is interactive! Opportunities to call in, send an email or communicate on-line in the moment of the show, is available to all listeners. The Crew (producers, engineers, speakers and myself) want to gear the show toward your desires as well. Please send me an email at: or regarding:

 * your ideas

* your concerns about the changing time

* issues and problems you want to see resolved

Please know your confidentiality will be maintained at all levels.

Here are some of the planned topics for upcoming shows:

* Sacred Feminine. SHE Is the New Paradigm

* A New Paradigm in Psychoanalysis

* Cosmic Influence – Astrological Playground

* Symbology Connects one to their Soul and Source

* Reiki Radiance – Distance Healing

* and much more.

Guest speakers include:

* MaryAnn D’Ambrosio

* James Wanless

* Peggy Black

* Deborah Smith Parker

* Chuck Lass

* and, again, many more.

Please forward this email to people like yourself who would both benefit and enjoy listing to: SPICA – WAY OF LIGHT, Ignite Your Inner Wisdom Internet Radio Show on

When you respond to this email, confirm in the subject line, ADD ME, and I will make sure you receive all future show announcements, e-cards, and other offers relevant to our radio show!

Come and join us at SPICA – WAY OF LIGHT as we share the wisdom of the Most Ancient, the New Levels of Awareness, and the stream of light waves that encourage your inner wisdom to ignite and take flight in your personal world.

If you do not which to be made aware of any further news regarding: SPICA – WAY OF LIGHT, Ignite Your Inner Wisdom, please send an email with the subject line reading: Please Remove Me.

Thank you for your support.

Rev. Torres

An Active Energy Today

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

but only for a moment. It is ready to trek in an apparent backward motion. The effects have been felt already and more to come. Accidents have been high here in So. California (and I imagine wherever you are). Why so drastic? Quite likely because the very focused Mercury in Virgo is letting go to the opposition of Neptune in Pisces.

If we simply choose to look at the events from the Laws of these planets and signs, this is what we see: Mercury corresponds to the Law of Expression, Virgo to the Law of Wholeness. Neptune aligns with the Law of Reversal and Reflection, while Pisces reveals the Law of Life, Death and Rebirth. We can create a message that reveals: The Expression of Wholeness is reversing Itself to reveal the Divine process of life, death and Rebirth. The Rebirth is creating the Awakening to Oneness and all planets are setting the symphony of Light and Sound.

At 8:02:24 am (PDT), there are the sounds of Sacred Geometry arcing the Light and creating a rise in our awareness. The Moon (residing in Libra) initiates a Cardinal Grand Square…a Call to the Leaders, Foundation Makers, Initiators, and Rule Makers of the world. The first strike of light moves to Mars in Cancer (foundation maker). Mars has just moved into Cancer and calls for the activation of protection for our home, homeland, family and the foundation we have created….however, we must be prepared to change that foundation as Mars calls for the Law of Purification while Cancer calls out the Law of Containment.

Mars not only activates the next field of Energy of the Grand Cross, but opposes Pluto in Capricorn (another portal of the Grand Cross). Mars connects with Uranus in Aries, also Retrograde). Action is abounding in the power of purifying. In this alignment, Uranus is also feeling the opposing effects of the Moon. The Moon, the Law of Wisdom, in the connection with Libra, Law of Cause and Effect, is reminding the world to Live with the wisdom of the Law of Love (Uranus), while undergoing the changes of Developing the New World (Aries, Law of Worldly Development). Awareness that what we are doing, thinking and feeling are the cause for future events, is quite necessary so we create a great balance, right justice, and harmony for ourselves and the generations before us.

To finish the Grand Cross, Uranus and the Moon, radiate light to Pluto in Capricorn (also retrograde), and Mars is opposing this angle of light. Pluto is most certainly causing a great transmutation of our World and our world governments. Pluto, the Law of Soul Evolution, and Capricorn, the Law of Living, are being called to the home front (Cancer) to take action to purify (Mars) what we now have as our foundation (Cancer) and allow ourselves to change the course of our world toward the Peace we are promised for the Wise Ones who live in Sacred Alignment to the Higher Truth.

The Power of Grace through a Grand Trine is calling us all to know the possibilities of Peace through our willingness to Let Go and Make the Change….Mercury heads the arching of light in this Grand Trine. Radiating Light to the Benevolent One, Jupiter (in Taurus), Mercury calls us to Express the Law of Contraction and Expansion (Jupiter) and come within to gather the Light of Life Mastery (Law of Taurus) and cultivate our new world with the benevolence of Source Consciousness. Jupiter angles the light toward Pluto in Capricorn and once again we see the activate of great change by the Grace of Divine Right Action.

Finally, Mercury heads one other Sacred Geometrical Energy field, the Mystical Rectangle. The Law of Expression in retrograde (Mercury) does ask us to come within and choose to open the treasure chest (Mystical Rectangle) so we may discover the power of purification (Mercury meeting Mars again), the Power of Transmutation in order to allow Soul Evolution to advance (Mercury Meeting Pluto), and finally, so that the Destiny of Sacred Oneness can occur with the Ease and blessings, opportunities and renewing realities as Mars and Pluto positively hook up with Chiron in Pisces (Chiron aligns with the Law of Destiny). Mercury opposes Chiron as well as Neptune, and they too are in retrograde. All are calling us within so we may know the Inner direction, respond to the inner wisdom, move through the power of purification so our evolution is soul-advancing, light expressing, and carrying the Cause for a Higher Awareness as our cosmic result and physical experience.

Much is occurring and nearly half of the planets are in retrograde…don’t forget to come within, live with a sacred attitude, and express the higher intentions in your personal world as well as radiate it to all others.

Lammas – A Time of Joyful Celebration

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Today, August 1st begins the celebration of Lammas. It is a Cross-Quarter Celebration of the Celtic Festivals. It is the First Day of Harvest…oh, yes, our harvesting of Grains and Corn and the first harvest of our efforts of the year. On A Cross-Quarter Festival, the best time is when the Sun has reached 15 degrees of the Zodiac sign it is traveling through. In this case, that is Leo and it will occur on August 7th at 11:45 pm Pacific Time. Check out page: for a ritual to follow, if you so desire.

We are also moving into the Crescent Moon, which calls us to clarify our goals for the lunar month. It is schedule to occur August 2nd. August 6th will be the First Quarter Moon that calls you into action toward your goals. It flows over the August 7th time frame as well. I say, begin to Celebrate Lammas today and dance with it all the way through the 7th.

Enjoy…for Lammas is a time of Joy, playfulness, competition, love and commitment. It is a time to stand up and be recognized, celebrate your state of being Empowered and Living from your Highest Intentions. As you play the game of life, play with the honor of all life, the integrity of harmony, and the joy of seeing the many aspects of Source in the Faces of all others.

Love of Life, Life of Love…Let it Flow through the phases of the Moon and the joy of Lammas.

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