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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Good Morning:

Our focus is on Thanksgiving everyday. We hold a special day in our heart for celebrating our Country as a dwelling place that was found and now an independent nation that stands high amongst all countries. During your Thanksgiving time, I’m sure you give thanks for the grace of being birthed or living on this land.

Today, May I offer a prayer of Thanksgiving to the Divine:

Most Precious and Perfect State of Being, Source, Thank you for your Presence. Thank you for Your blessings to all humankind. May we all dance in sacred memories of the purpose we have here on Earth, to serve and reflect to you the beauty of your Great Work. May we all feel, know, allow and accept your Abundance as we move out of our way of fear and belief in lack. Oh Great Spirit, may we feel your Essence Living Within and allow this state of our Being to be the True Expressor of our personal Life….for in doing so, we know harmony, love, abundance and peace reign.

May all people throughout the world be blessed by Your Glory, Your Health, Vigor, Love and Abundance. May Your Light be ignited in all.


Moving Forward Spiritually, Abundantly and with Love!

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Not only are those three things a common theme of our life search, but they have been either an irritation or a have left us filled with contemplation over the retrograde period of Jupiter and Venus. But, tomorrow, November 18th, you will have the chance to realize what you have learned and perhaps how to handle all three areas in your life a bit different.

Jupiter has been dancing backward in Pisces (soon after it entered Aries) and that has turned us inward to feel, think and understand our spiritual relationship, our desire to obtain a higher education in spiritual philosophy, and opened our path of awareness of compassion and generosity. It also created a field of thought about our need for good fortune, and opening to our abundance, and realizing the gifts of Source that are in our life already in abundant form.

Venus has danced backward in Scorpio and then returned to Libra. This quest of consciousness has been the research of love for another, ability to share our love, our fortune and all resources. Questions of living together in the future or separation, marriage or divorce have rattle minds and hearts.

While in retrograde, the planetary vibrations call us inward to contemplate, seek to understand, and a willingness to let go and release, and then prepare for new realities to reveal themselves.

The push for the use of what you have been understanding is now beginning. The return to direct motion of each of these planets will cross the field they have been traveling as they return back to the point they left. This will allow a nice review to occur so you can solidify your knowledge and step out with maturity to bring forth a love that desires to share, be compassionate, and delight in life. It calls forth the empowered knowing of what your good fortune really is, how to live with gratitude and sacred attitudes, and how to embrance your higher levels of spiritual education, as well as practice what you learn in your daily activity.

You will be feeling an upliftment, and expansion (as though you can finally take a deep breath), and the joy of being.


New Moon – Scorpio Reed

Friday, November 5th, 2010

It’s Friday! Tonight, in the dark, Scorpio’s energy takes over fully. New Moon begins at 9:51:46 pm PDT. The sun and Moon are both at 13 Degrees and 40 Minutes of Scorpio. Ominous 13, Awesome Reality. Thirteen is a sacred number of the Divine Feminine. It is the number of Lunar Phases that occur in a Solar Year. It is the power of Transformation, and the gift of Proliferation.

Scorpio is the time of our life when we enter the temple of our soul and cull the last vestiges of a year of experiences. We allow our consciousness to enter a fallow state so the clearing can allow the Higher Order to fertilize the soul soil with prepatory energy to encourage a new year of growth.

As we meet the New Moon tonight, the Sun and Moon also have Mercury in Scorpion assisting the travels through the darkness of our inner mind. Mercury stimulates the inner contemplation, evaluation, and power to make right choices. Right behind the Sun and Moon, Venus continues her retrograde and is at 0 Degrees of Scorpio….intense energy fields are being released.

We can either go spinning through our shadows, work on the energies of old beliefs, enter the pathway of jealousy, resentments, anger and frustration, or we can change that tune. We can express our feelings with accountability on our part. We can bring light to our shadowy beliefs and change the false perceptions. We can take the power to create new pathways by culling the old with our personal intention rather than being pulled under the quagmire of victimhood, fear of our own empowerment, and lost through the control factors we attempt to cling to.

We can use the higher consciousness that has settled within as Uranus and Jupiter continue to travel in a retrograde process through Pisces. They are reaching the deep inner sacred places to release the light of truth and the compassion of living as one. They are in a Trine (grace and flow) with Mercury, and thus helping the mental-emotional self understand, release the old secrets and gather the new plans of higher realities.

Saturn is crossing Libra and challenges Mercury to maintain a balance with integrity and determination to follow through with the highest intent. Saturn is in an obsessive-compulsive alignment with Uranus and Jupiter….as though to say, “Hurry Up! We need to get to the bottom of our fears, change them, and enter the Light.” Pluto in Capricorn challenges Uranus and Jupiter as well, squaring off with them and continuing the call of Major Transmutation so the Soul of Humanity is open and ready for the Waves of Light ready to explode into a New Birth of Existence.

Chiron is sitting at a stationary position in Aquarius, still right beside Neptune who continues her retrograde. The stationary moment calls us to pay close attention while we feel the tension of waiting….Chiron, the Law of Destiny, is posed to take on the new level of the Higher Order….but wait….are we ready? Are we willing to give up the old stories of woundedness, incapabilities, false fears? Chiron is asking that question right now. Can you answer it?

Join the forces with the Universe. Take your Co-Executive Position…be willing to move into the depths, reveal the true Light, let your soul-soil go fallow so it may take up the passion to be prolific in a whole new way.


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