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Ego Adjustments

Thursday, September 30th, 2010
As we continue to work with holism, finding sacred balance, and living empowered, we always want to adjust the lower ego state. Talking with clients this week, that subject was brought up.
Our lower ego is a state of being separate, a feeling of being less than, and the unworthiness causes different types of human reactions. At times, that lower ego presents a great facade and a part of our self feels locked up behind a veil and we protect ourselves from being seen or truly known by others. At other times, the lower ego may need so much attention that we act out and try to prove we are great, over shadow others by our grandiose and verbose expressions. We are lost in unworthiness when the lower ego is in charge.
When our higher ego state is involved, we are actively living purpose, confident in our expression. Our empowered state is holism and we don’t have to prove a thing. We live life, we adjust through challenges, we serve with joy, we delight in our own capabilities without having to have others prove to us we are okay. The ego knows it is an agent of Source Consciousness helping soul expression live in the theater of Earth.
I gave to different acronym’s for the healthy Ego this week. Perhaps you would like to contemplate them:
E.G.O.: Experiencing Growth Opportunities
E.G.O.: Expressing God/Goddess Openly
Enjoy your contemplation.


Friday, September 10th, 2010

Can you feel the tension easing? Remember that major T-Square? It is releasing its grip. Saturn and Uranus have let go of each other. Jupiter and Saturn are holding finger-to-finger, but almost ready to drop their attachment. Whew, feel your shoulders drop, your stomach release, the “on-guard” feeling disappear? What a journey it has been. Oh, yes, those oppositional energy fields are letting go, and, their grip with Pluto is also easing, but not just yet complete. Whew! The deep, dark cavern is showing the Light of Source.

Chiron and Neptune are in positive flow under the Grace of the Divine within the vibration of trines that connect with Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Libra. Love for the depths of ones soul, the honoring of self and others, and the realization that old wounds no longer serve insight, are being released within this Trine. It is so “the time,” to know that you can move amongst others without fear, judgement, or jealousy. It is time to know that you can interlock with the power of your Soul and open to the deeper purpose you long to live. With the Moon in Libra and connecting to the essence of Mars in Libra…you will find an ease in relating to others, but most particurly, relating to your Soul.

We are on the Inner Path as the Sun begins its descent in the days of our Fall and Winter of the Northern Hemisphere. We are given the Grace to enter the doorway of Soul-Knowing. Come and journey for the power, passion and purpose of Soul will be the words you hear within, and the wisdom you hear from Masters. Are you living for the evolution of your soul or are you living for the evolution of survival? Give way to your Soul and survival is taken care of.

Be blessed as you also prepare for Mercury to change its course….it moves into position to head forward on September 12th. It will continue to move through Virgo, and recall that the speciality of Virgo is to help you discover your Service. Your soul desire Service to Source, Service to Humanity…but it can only be fulfilled when you have sarved yourself by becoming healthy in Body, Mind and Spirit. Check out your path, as we come to the Inner Path, serving the health of yourself is most prevalent. Balance your Inner state of Empowerment and open to your outer expression of Soul Purpose.


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