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November 2019 Prayer & Meditation

Saturday, October 26th, 2019

As we enter the ending cycles of the year, I welcomed you all to our prayer and meditation circle. Monthly, this process is offered to any and all people who desire to use a bit of guidance to interact with the realm of spirit.

As we are so close to Halloween and All Souls Day, I am honoring the prayer time and meditation to connect with those whose souls have moved beyond the Earth and reside in the realm of Spirit.

May you be blessed and have a beautiful month.

October 2019 Prayer and Meditation Circle

Thursday, September 26th, 2019

Relationships are very important as they are the witness to our journey through life.  In order to be a true witness, we must present our Authentic Self.  May this Prayer and Meditation assist the Reveal of your True and Intimate Essence.

September 2019 – Prayer & Meditation Circle

Wednesday, August 28th, 2019

This month as we honor our prayer and journey into meditation we contemplate the power of healing and the angels that support healing in many different ways.  Of course, we have entered the solar realm of the Zodiac sign of Virgo.  This is a sign of Health and Healing.  Vibrational energy abounds for the concentration of patterns to honor the balance of vital life forced through our bodies.

In our prayer we call on Archangel Ratziel who helps our medical world discover diseases that seem to be a mystery.  Archangel Khamael helps in that arena as well and guides the healing vibrations of very serious diseases such as Cancer and autoimmune diseases.  Raphael comes in alongside Khamael to help the surgeons and guide the healing of wounds, while Archangel Michael helps guide the balance of it all and balance the emotional realms that stir unhealthy realities and the trauma of our experiences of illnesses.  All will guide us to the care and well being of maintaining a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

May you find the perfect guidance for your health and wellness.

Love and Blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell
Learning of the Great Mysteries is the first step.

Living the Mysteries is true Magick.

Being the Mysteries is Oneness.

August 2019 – Prayer & Meditation Cirlce

Friday, July 26th, 2019

This month as we honor our prayer and journey into meditation we expand the wisdom of love the ray of light that love brings forward in the ever-evolving Creation the Holy One.  We are truly guided by Love and Light.  We are healed within this energy.  In the very center of healing we find peace and harmony.  We live in joy and exude love through out our being and selflessly let to flow to others.

May you find this true within you as you honor the prayer and meditation this month.  May the currents of Love and Light elicit joyful bliss from within you.

Love Light Blessings…

July 2019 Prayer & Meditation Circle – I Am Love

Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

This month we honor Selfless Love and not only pray for the blessings of this to be felt within us, but to know its Grace and to share it with our personal family and our Earth family. May Love and Peace Prevail!

June 2019 Prayer & Meditation Circle

Saturday, June 1st, 2019

Angels of Communications

In recent meditations and work with the Whispering Grandmothers, a message was presented regarding how we all can create a greater connection with the Holy One. This grandmother spoke of a Oneness Song and sang it to me. She requested that I present it to my students to honor our Circle of Oneness and to enhance our union. When I sang it with her, I knew there was much more to this. I realized it was a song for more than our Mystery School students. It is for everyone to sing and unionize humanity. We are in a place in our evolution that the “call to Oneness” has grown exponentially. It is a call to know the Holy One within and live from that sacred place of love, compassion, peace and wholeness. I invite all of you to join in the Oneness Song and the sacred Oneness Breathing it provides. Please share this to your friends, to the world at large. Please send messages back to us and reveal the experiences you have with the Oneness Song within you, your family, and groups around the world. From the blessings of the Oneness Song, I shared it with my Webmaster, Shannon Hamilton. She is an incredible Magician and created this heart-rendering video. May you all be blessed by watching the whole video and then re-watch it and move into the inner realm of sacred prayer and shamanic journeying with the Archangels. May blessings of the Oneness Song aid us all in living in peace and harmony. —Rev. Katherine Bell

May 2019 Prayer & Meditation Circle – Abundance

Thursday, May 2nd, 2019

Welcome to Spring and a prayer and meditation geared toward abundance. As we enter a New Moon with both the Moon and Sun in the sign of Taurus, we all feel the blessings, the needs, and the desires for abundance. When counseling with my clients there are several areas of abundance needs. Many are working toward financial affluence. Right along with that are the needs for abundant opportunities to express creative gifts, requirements for an increasing ability to climb the ladder in business, express joy, be in ample alignment with Source Consciousness, and always love is sought in ways that are fully abundant. What is the abundance you are seeking?

April 2019 Prayer & Meditation Circle with Rev. Katherine Bell

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019

This month, as we focus on connecting with those who aid us from other realms, I have chosen a prayer and meditation to call in Archangel Michael.  This heart-centered being helps us balance emotions, aid us in connecting with our Master Self, and create love and harmony in our life.  This angel is surely one who helps us individually, but aids the collective consciousness of humanity to rise up to the quality of our higher selves and share love, compassion and peace.

May you receive many blessings as you connect with and encourage a union with Archangel Michael and all he will do for you and all of us.   On the recording I speak further of the blessings Archangel Michael provides.

Love and Light,
Rev. Katherine Bell

Prayer & Meditation Circle – March 2019

Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

Prayer & Meditation Circle

Saturday, February 2nd, 2019


Welcome to the Prayer-Meditation Circle.  It is our desire to welcome everyone from all over the world.  Dr. Bell’s divine guardians suggested that we create this prayer circle.   The realm of all spirit calls us to join them.  Their message is:  The more we connect to them through prayers, mantras, and incantations, the more we activate the magnetic current attracting their service and blessings to ourselves and our world. This is the theme of our work in this group.

    Each month Dr. Katherine Bell will create a prayer/meditation. The prayer will become a meditation and Shamanic journey beyond our realm of matter. The guardians indicate there is a need for humans to create a more dedicated process in order to remain the connection with the realm of The Divine where guardians, angels, saints, gods and goddesses are waiting for the “call to serve.”  

    These beings abide by the  Law of Interference.   This law states that they (and we)  are to honor the free will and choice of each soul and not to interfere unless asked.  The guardians are calling us and asking to us to let allow them to serve.  For they, and the Divine, are revealing to Rev. Bell (and others) that the veil of separation needs to be lifted by humans.  We of the world are praying less and unable to unifying with our Divine Self and ultimately with the Holy One.  

    We initiate this group because it is the answer to their call.  It is also the call of the collective human consciousness to remember there is more than meets the eye.  This field of consciousness is ready to aid our growth, development in the new paradigm, and our individual and collective needs for harmony, health, and holiness. 

    As a member of this group, you will be able to participate by offering insights you have experienced during the meditations provided.  You may also ask for a particular focus for Dr. Bell to honor for future meditations and prayers.  For now, the meditations will be pre-recorded rather than “live.”  This is done to honor the different time-zones and, thus, no one has to worry or hurry to get to the circle.  This membership is free.  It is a gathering of individuals who desire to answer the call of the universal beings and the Holy One.  It is a gathering of humans to form various intentions that guide the activation of the Law of Attraction.

    Just a note: Prayer is the power of supplicating the assistance and energies of Spirit.  Meditation is the power to form a union with the Holy One and allow the radiance of pure energy to increase in our human reality.  Thus, both are brought together in this circle.  

    Dr. Bell will create prayers and meditations that honor many realms, many guardians, and many intentions.  You, most certainly, are invited to share themes you would like her to bring in future meditations.  During the recording each month, there will always be an introduction regarding the intention for the prayer/meditation. Dr. Bell will also speak of the focus in the realms of the guardians or the intent to simply blend with the Holy One. 

    To join this circle, please connect through the website: . Once you are connected, you will receive updates. After listening to the prayer/meditation, you are encouraged to share your experience, insights, and intuitive knowledge received by leaving a comment.

    May we prove the theory that when two or more are gathered the vibrations increase and blessings occur.  Thank you for responding to the call.  It is a blessing to us all.

                                                —Rev. Katherine Bell, PhD, DD

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