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April 2019 Prayer & Meditation Circle with Rev. Katherine Bell

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019

This month, as we focus on connecting with those who aid us from other realms, I have chosen a prayer and meditation to call in Archangel Michael.  This heart-centered being helps us balance emotions, aid us in connecting with our Master Self, and create love and harmony in our life.  This angel is surely one who helps us individually, but aids the collective consciousness of humanity to rise up to the quality of our higher selves and share love, compassion and peace.

May you receive many blessings as you connect with and encourage a union with Archangel Michael and all he will do for you and all of us.   On the recording I speak further of the blessings Archangel Michael provides.

Love and Light,
Rev. Katherine Bell

SPICA Reiki Radiance Master Practitioners

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Reiki Graduates

We are honored and elated to announce our list recent graduates (2015) from the
“SPICA Reiki Radiance Masters” course.
Blessings of Grace and congratulations!!!
Thank you all for participating and sharing in this luminous learning experience.
(Names and links are being added as they are sent in to us).

Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.
Providing Service in San Diego County Area (El Cajon, CA)
Can Be Reached:  (619) 588-6483

Brenda Goodell HHP
Providing Service in San Diego, CA
Can Be Reached:  (619) 203-3731

Shannon Hamilton
Providing Service in Austin, Texas
Can Be Reached: (512) 965-9055

Paul Hoefker
Providing Service in Houston, TX
Can Be Reached: (832) 380-5144

Theresa Landry
Practicing in Houston and TX.
Phone:  (281) 216-5777

Celeste M. Mulvihill
Providing Service in Los Angeles, CA. Westlake Village/Thousand Oaks area
Can Be Reached:  (818) 706-2188

Linda Setzler
Providing Service in Houston, Texas
Can Be Reached:   (713) 501-0319

Annie Watts 
Providing Service in Sugar Land, TX. 77478
114 Guenther St.
Can Be Reached: (281) 265-7276 (work)
(281) 773-4349 (cell)

Jadine Hoefker
Providing Service in Houston, TX
Can Be Reached: (713) 204-0771

Reiki At SPICA- Way of Light

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Using the Universal Energy Field, Reiki is channeled and transferred to another. Healing occurs for everyone involved. Blessings are noted immediately with a relaxed mind and heart. The doors are open for Source and the Miracles of the Divine are seen. Five Principles lived by the practitioner and all, aid the transmission of Love-Light Healing.

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