November 9th, 2015

Cosmic Alignment

New Moon is November 11, 2015 at 9:47:06 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. The Sun and Moon are joined perfectly at 19 degrees 0 minutes of Scorpio. We are, perhaps, beyond the most intense time of Scorpio and now journeying on the downslope. May it be a breeze for everyone.

The Moon, the Sun, and Mercury are all aligned in a conjunction in Scorpio. Our minds (Mercury) are still swimming in the details of our inner being. Yet, the Sabian language of these alignments brings us a bit of wisdom. The Sun and Moon hold this message: “A Woman Drawing Two Dark Curtains Aside.” Mercury aligns with the message: “A girl’s face breaking into a smile.” Sweet messengers of the Light are coming through. We have learned what we needed in the dark time of Scorpio. We are ready to come forward in our innocent, renewed self–blessed by the changes we make. Since the message is “breaking”, it conjures up the reality that something is separating into fragments, perhaps two? The Two dark curtains?

While traveling the depths of our inner psyche with intention, we must use both our reasoning mind and our intuitive mind (two sides of the brain). The darkness may mean our challenges and fears, or simply the spaces of our inner realm that we are not familiar with, yet will lead us to the light. Therefore, whatever has been hidden can now be revealed and we can use the inner wisdom with clarity and the joyful spirit of our child-self that is willing to take risks and move on to the next adventure.

So, what might it be? Well, we can look at the New Moon Chart and realize several things. As always, we can look for the bright side of life or see the challenges before us. We can always see the challenges, but can we take them into the cauldron of higher wisdom and use them to create our changes. Can we use the “bright messengers” and gain the power of support and directive messages that encourage our growth?

What is noteworthy in the realm of challenge is Saturn in Sagittarius squaring up with Neptune in Pisces. They are old friends and enemies. Saturn held Neptune in captivity for many years after Neptune was discovered. Saturn was teaching Neptune how not to be lost in the sea of illusion, how to develop a discipline that would allow the sacred wisdom Neptune provide to be released into the world. Saturn released Neptune a few years ago, but now has come back to square off, test the discipline of Neptune’s release of wisdom and continue to call on the power to help humanity rise into higher intentions (Saturn in Sagittarius).

Anyone who does not like being “told what to do,” or to follow a disciplined path, will find this time very challenging. Neptune and Pisces are all about the holy path way of service to others, understanding the mystical wisdom, and living in Oneness. Yet, as you challenge the field of “I want to do it my way,” “I’m all about living through the fog of illusion, and substances that help me remain there.” “Airy Fairy dreaming of my greatest accomplishments without responsibility to all others;”  may find you more discouraged, angry and frustrated.  For those who don’t like the path of disciplines that leads one to the Holy Land of Oneness, or fear the risks of self denial, trouble may feel like it is on the doorsteps knocking louder. The “runaway, quit or hide syndrom” takes over. For those who are seeking the Truth, wanting to Live the Light, valuing the worth of mystical wisdom, then more gifts are about to flow through; for during this Saturn squaring Neptune time, you are given the opportunity to get rid of the old attitudes and enter the sanctuary of the power of order, the discipline of sacredness, and the benevolence of the Holy Spirit guiding you to higher wisdom and right use of Her field of energy. You will learn how to utilize the matrix of oneness in a manner you have not used before. Relax, surrender, and become this sacred. Don’t fight it, flow with it and discover the true regions of the mysteries of the universe.

Ah, another challenge, and yet reward comes through a pattern we are familiar with and for which I have mentioned over the years would truly not be through until 2016. That is the challenge of Pluto and Uranus squaring off with each other. Yes, they are applying the tension once again. Uranus (retrograde) is falling back onto the agitational alignment with Pluto. How are we seeing this alignment right now? A whole lot of unexpected events are occurring. Mysterious events even (such as how the Russian airplane went down). Serious health issues. IRS fraudulent calls. In our community we have had more killings, cop-involved shootings, standoffs, car chases that last through several counties. I find many people coming in and asking, “Are we at the end of the world?” Nope, just the greater power of the call to change and change Big Time. All of this power of unexpected changes with a death-defying reality are activated by Uranus and Pluto. And the Power of Scorpio adds to the intensity.

I always want to share the secrets behind the cosmos. The Universal Laws being activated. Of course in Scorpio is the Law of Transformation. The Sun – Law of Regeneration. The Moon – Law of Wisdom. Mercury – Law of Expression. Pisces carries the Law of Life, Death and Rebirth. Neptune carries the dual Law of Reflection and Reversal. Pluto is the Law of Soul Evolution. Sagittarius is the Law of Adaptation, while Saturn releases the Law of Universality. Uranus carries the Law of Love and Aries carries the Law of Worldly Development. Take some time to ponder these laws with the agitation of the planets, and the positive alignment that the Laws call us to recognize. We must dig in to the higher regions of our self to see the true gifts of what occurs when agitation is provide. Remember, square-offs in the heavens is simply a call to wake up, make a change, and focus on the higher reality you wish to accomplish.

Do we have the discipline to make something happen in a more sanctifying way? I so believe we do. Mars and Venus are still walking hand-in-hand; though one has a foot in Virgo (Mars) and the other a foot in Libra (Venus). Of course, Venus is the ruler and activator of Libra, so loves the frequency of nurturing a relationship, using the power of creative imagination and activating cause and effect for the right outcome. Mars sitting in Virgo may have a sight bit of an advantage. Mars is the law of purification and Virgo is that pure state of the Virgin calling everyone into the realm of purifying mind and body so the human holy temple can be an open vessel for the Divine Light.

Jupiter is also sitting in the power of Virgo and activating the joy of health and healing while supplying universal sustenance to the patterns of Virgo’s strong intent to make everything whole and perfect. Jupiter will remind Virgo to release some tension, take time to play, take some risks, and travel into joyfulness. Jupiter is opposing Chiron who sits in the field of Pisces in Retrograde. As Jupiter works with Chiron, a clarion call to heal and be healed continues, yet not so much through the shadows of discontent, but through the power to remember the sacredness of wholeness and the sustaining power of knowing we are always cared for, now matter what our need: health, love, money, career change, creative expressions of all kinds.

May you all put your finger on your intention to serve life in a way that is gratitude filled, fun-filled, and always nurturing yourself as you would nurture others. Above all, put your finger on the Divine Plan and nurture your relationship with Source.

Sunday Service October 11 2015

October 7th, 2015
Good Morning Everyone:
I invite you, your family and friends to join us for our next Sunday Service at SPICA – Way of Light’s favorite meeting place, Myztic Isle Bookstore.
Time: 9:30 a.m.
Place: Directions to Myztic Isle:
Officiant: Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.
Theme: The 7th Dimension and the DNA of Life.
What does the Divine Mother Hold for us?
Love and Blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.

Cosmic Alignment – New Moon October 12, 2015

October 5th, 2015

At 5:05:40 pm Pacific Standard Time, the Moon and Sun join together once again. Never fails, once a month, they come together *-). The significance of this “coming together,” resides in the fact that they join in the zodiac sign of relationships, Libra. Their lights shine directly toward the Earth traveling Aries and Uranus, also traveling in Aries. This is the Axis of Relationships and the power of We vs. Me. These four star lights of the heavens form a sacred geometric shape with Pluto in Capricorn; the challenging T-Square.

Remember, challenges are always agitations within us. In this alignment, Uranus is in retrograde (Rx). I love the symbol of the retrograde because it is also the medical symbol of “prescription.” According to Ask History, the word prescription is derived from a Latin word, “recipe,” which means, “Take.” It further notes that the Rx symbol means the Eye of Horus, which produces great healing powers.

So what might we be seeing with Uranus in Rx? It is in the sign of Aries, which is associated with a Hebrew Letter, “Heh.” Its English translation is “Eye of God.” Uranus carries energy of independence, but also a very humanitarian quality, releasing freedom to be just who you are. Hmm, now put this together: The Sun is asking us to be at a higher level of consciousness in our relationship (most intimate partner), while the Moon is asking us to feel the harmony in our relationship (this may also be a business partner) and travel along life’s path with the honor of each person’s individuality (Uranus/Aries), uniqueness and independence. It perhaps is the prescription for the harmony all seek in their togetherness. Add the power of Pluto in Capricorn and you have the gift of being challenged to transmute your ideas about relationships and put them in a foundation of a new order of being together in the new world order. (Of course, take it into a bigger picture: Aires/Eye of God; Rx/Eye of Horus; and see how the world can form a more positive relationship with each other that leads to a greater acceptance of individuality and an independence that allows all people to form a better union.)

Mercury in Libra is helping us move into new awareness of our relationships. Mercury has left the Rx position it held and hopefully has brought the right prescription and awareness of how each person wants to relate via right communication, right choices and healthy awareness. Mercury is in a sextile (opportunistic alignment) with Saturn, who is now fully established in Sagittarius. This may help everyone see the blessings in relationships, with a foundation of romance, honor, and support that provides the desire in all people to maintain a firm dedication, determination, discipline and devotion to a more harmonious union.

Venus, Mars and Jupiter are all aligned in Virgo. The methodical foundation of Virgo, along with its foundation of health and service will be the ground in which Venus, Mars and Jupiter also help in the guidance of relationships. Virgo sets the stage for cooperation. Venus and Mars sets the action and attitude of passion, purpose, love and harmony; and Jupiter wants to expand it all in beneficial ways. Venus is in the opposition mode (relating mode) with Neptune in Pisces (Neptune is a higher order of Venus) and thus keeping everyone on their toes to journey into more sacred territory of loving, nurturing and expanding relationships. However, there is that very fine line between sacred and illusion and we all must be sure what territory we are walking in. Jupiter and Mars are opposing Chiron in Pisces…the gift of healing after we have addressed any wounded beliefs of how relationships must work.

Something to consider with the Virgo constellation is the power of Service and doing our “jobs.” In this case, we may realize that it is not just our relationships with our partners of love, but our relationship in our working world. How are we allowing ourselves to face the challenges that call us to attention and encouragement to be more in the healing, cooperative and harmonizing mode of relating to those we share most of a day with? May we all make sure we are in service to create the harmony, healing and sacred knowing of how important we all are to each other?

May you initiate your New Moon Consciousness into the realm of healing any disharmony within any relationship (including yourself). May you be blessed by the swing of oppositions you will experience throughout the month and realize that by the time we connect with the Full Moon, we will be experiencing the Scorpio-Taurus opposition: the axis of Soul evolution, cultivation, things we cannot control, and you know the rest.

Blessings to all,

Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.

Moon Musings of the Trio of Air

September 12th, 2015

Live Your Christed Self

Trio of Air

Relationship with True Calling
Illuminating Purpose
Discerning Higher Voice
Powered through Harmony

New Moon – September 12 – 13, 2015
Partial Solar Eclipse
11:41:13 p.m.,Pacific Standard Time

Hello Everyone:

All through the year we have been following the New Moon Cycles with an ending as well as a beginning. We have been ending in the cycle of the previous month; fully harmonized with the intended cycle by Full Moon, and repeating the process into the next New Moon. I realized, through dream messages last night, that this is more important than might be recognized at first glance. My writing on the Cosmic Alignment will give you even more insight. However, for now, it is a movement of “Ending the old Imprints,” that has been foretold for several years now. Can we truly let go of the ancient pain, separation messages, and abandonment feelings that have been carried on for generations? Can we ascend our consciousness into levels of a Higher Order of Thinking, Living and Believing in our Oneness? Of course, I do believe so and have watched many dedicated “Light Workers,” let go and enter realms of their higher conscious intentions. I’ve watched Devotion to the Source/Source-Self rise with life practices leading us into living as spiritual beings enveloped in human endeavors (rather than human beings simply seeking to find our spiritual self). We are growing and expanding the Light of Truth and the sacredness of being a Living Master in this world. So, I truly see how this Universal Lunar Cycles of 2015 have been supporting this process.
With all of that in mind, we enter the New Moon with the Moon and Sun at 20 degrees 10 Minutes of Virgo…in the mature state of Grapevine. Our lives are rich with the harvest of our soul intention and the gift of living the True Calling we set out to beckon into action this year. This New Moon is the moment of a Partial Solar Eclipse, and of course, creating emotional challenges, yet allowing us to move inside to search and seek out our Highest Natures. (If you have planets between 15 and 25 degrees in Mutable signs, such as your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Ascendent, or North Node, you may find a greater reaction to this Eclipse.)

The Solar Eclipse will be noticeable through our states of urgency to make sure we are living in the Service to the Divine as She calls us to honor our True Calling. We will also find urgent needs to live healthy lifestyles and make the changes to enhance our ability to heal our bodies, minds and emotional selves. Our health scientists/researchers have been called upon to discover much more about our bodies functioning and dysfunction processes. In fact, in a recent article, a team of medical researchers here in San Diego have been working on the Brain and diseases such as Alzheimer’s , epilepsy, and other brain maladies. They, in fact, have taken notice that the DNA chain in the brain is different than in other parts of the body; yet unique to the individual. Hmm, more DNA discoveries to happen for sure. They have also discovered that the human brain can regenerate new neurons: adult neurogenesis. Of course, they also note that the way to activate neurogenesis is through exercise, diet and stimulating environments. (The San Diego Union-Tribune, September 9 2015, “Brain Breakthroughs.”, By Hieu Tran Phan.) Under this Solar Eclipse, we may all feel motivated to respond to these levels of healthy living.

Note: The Partial Solar Eclipse will be seen in South Africa, South Atlantic Sea, Indian Ocean and Antarctica.

As we call on the influence of the Air Trio via the agency of the Moon, then our lunar intention may best be done at 7:41 pm Pacific Daylight Time when the Moon is at 0 degrees 0 minutes of Libra (air sign) in its New Moon Cycle. Do check your time zone. This alignment can be a great moment to plant seeds of desire in the essence of Ivy, still in the initiating power of a new moon sequence of 3 days, and in alignment with the Divine Feminine Purpose of Perfect Harmony, release through “Still Movement.”

Trio of Air Initiated in Ivy – The Cognitive State – with Venus, the Active Partner
Relationship with True Calling
A great deal of awareness of relationships happen under an Ivy influence. Venus sings love songs in our heart. Desire abounds. If we are in a relationship, we may find it harmonizing. If not in a relationship, we may find we feel now is the time to be connected, intimately, with another. Yet as I look at the start patterns and challenges activating through our heavens, some individuals may find they are in the blast of the past and needing a time of ending, perhaps restructuring, and most certainly, deciding what to do with the flow of this energy calling attention to relationships. With an alignment with an Eclipse, everyone will be triggered toward significant life changes that bring about progressive processes of the mind, heart and soul. Deep movement within our psyche and conscious awareness will be evident. Realizing a great importance to cooperate with others come to the forefront during this lunar event/solar eclipse.

Mindfulness techniques to clear our emotional and mental clutter are called for during this cycle. The Call of the Divine Feminine (WomanSpirit) is strongly urging a deeper relationship with our True Calling. If all has evolved this year, you are aware of your True Calling, have made a commitment to follow through and outwardly live this calling, have felt the benefit of it and now must go deeper into a relationship with your calling.
WomanSpirit brings this to the forefront for you as Her Essence arranges a particular order in which all related realities will fall in line with each other. Watch this occur in your life throughout this Lunar Cycle and the Trio of Air. How is the essence of your True Calling becoming a very important relationship to honor in your life now (not tomorrow or next year)? Within the vibration of Ivy, you are always called to use the power of Still Movement (also known as S.P.A. – Stop, Pause and Allow). It is in this manner you will surrender into the sequence She puts forth and use it at a higher level to fully involve yourself in the perfect harmony of your relationship with your True Calling. Do this and nothing will stand in the way of your good, including you!
Ivy corresponds with the Hebrew Letter of Lamed. It means “to instruct” and thus as you experience moments of Still Movement, you will consciously be aware of the Divine Instruction to be in union, married, if you will, to your True Calling. In listening to this Divine Instruction, you will be at the Causal moment of the Law of Cause and Effect (Karma), that Lamed also activates. You will be in a stage of conscious knowing that you are the creator of the true outcome for living your sacred calling.
Of course, the Active Partner of Ivy, Venus will give you the boost necessary to live in the environment of a conscious relationship with your True Calling. Venus will not only sing the alluring songs of love, She will help you use the gift of creative imagination that continues to help you conquer your inner desires by using right resources, and thus drawing to us the magnetic field that takes the construct of your soul calling and places it into the manifest world. Venus is in alignment with the Hebrew Letter “Daleth.” It means door and reveals the door way of opportunity your soul has to perform cognitively in your world of matter. All you have to remember is to visualize the path, live with a conscious intent to be a true partner with your calling and take action to create the ways and means of fulfilling this relationship in a long term agreement.
Subconscious Level – Rowan and her partner, Urania
Illuminating Purpose
Rowan is now in charge of the subconscious and it is carrying a bright light of awareness.
Her power to maintain the Universal essence of Deliberate Focus will help you maintain clarity of your inner mind and its power to encourage or discourage you. Rowan always calls you to hold to the Light of Transpersonal knowing. She urges you to illuminate your Higher Self through Mind, Body and Spiritual union. She relates to the Hebrew Letter, Tzaddi which translates to “Fish Hook.” Always reminding you that you have the power to hook into the Great Ocean of Consciousness and capture the exact wisdom (fish) that you need at any moment. She is the Light that guides you through the essence of each state of consciousness within each Chakra center. This assists you in clearing any level of limitation and open to a greater reality of who you truly are.
Her partner in action is Urania who carries the high power of the Hebrew Letter of Aleph and the Universal imprint of unconditional love. Aleph is the energy that urges you to cultivate the power within you with a love so sublime, that nothing of any relationship challenges can stand in the way of your good. At the subconscious level, Urania will not allow you to live in darkness, fear, or beliefs that the person, or in this case, your True Calling, can stop you from living fully and completely in harmony with all needs, desires and requirements of your life. Urania says, “Bring everything and everyone to the party and celebrate the great relationship of your Higher Purpose.”
Super Consciousness – Hawthorn and companion of action, Mercurianna.
Discerning Higher Voice

What an incredibly powerful place for Hawthorn to hold court. The Queen of the Higher Mind through the Innocence of the Child’s Mind. In her innocence, she compels you to recall the power you have used to choose to follow a course this year to uncover your True Calling. Through her innocence, she calls you to be devoted to the Higher Cause of your True Calling. Through her power to relate, she urges you to respond to the Great Relationship you have from your personal self through your Divine Self, to live your True Calling.
Hawthorn corresponds to the Law of Union and the Hebrew Letter of Zayin–the Sword. Zayin is a sacred wisdom of the power of discerning and using your free will to make a choice. It is the Sword of Discernment that helps you cut through the muck of falsehoods, confusion and the sounds of “everyone else” that live in the ancient encyclopedia of your memory. In the Power of Union, Hawthorn reminds you that you are in union with your soul, your life purpose and your true calling. Her active partner gives you more.
If you respond to the urge to be Devoted (a call from Hawthorn), then the power of Mercrianna activates the channel that opens your awareness to the Voice of the Divine–the Higher Voice. Mercrianna aligns with the Law of Expression–the Logos of the Divine; thus the Voice of the Divine. She also aligns with the Hebrew Letter, Beth which means the Temple. Your mind, your body, your being is the Holy Temple and the vehicle of the Voice of the Divine. Let this voice, from your higher state of consciousness, help you maintain the union, sacred relationship with your True Calling.
Throughout this month, form a strong bond in the relationship with your True Calling. Let it not fall way in the ebb of the year, as we enter the field of culling as the lunar year prepares to come to its end in the next few months. Remember, that the time of Ivy is still a Harvest Time…allow yourself to harvest the inner power of your True Calling and form a life-lasting relationship!
Powered through Harmony
All three of these states of consciousness (Ivy, Rowan and Hawthorn) are powered through harmony. It gives you a clue that the more you find harmony within your mind, emotions and actions, the more harmonious, balanced and forthright you will be in the expression of your True Calling. Do contemplate the expression of “Powered through Harmony.” Use the Ivy Message of Still Movement….and learn the gift of this phrase of wisdom.
The cosmic alignment of the new moon can be found on the blog page of Just open to that page with this url:

The Celtic Festival during this lunar cycle is that of the Fall Equinox, Alban Elfed (meaning Autumnal Equinox) . You can find the ritual on the blog page of SPICA – Way of Light:

Warm blessings of love,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.
President, SPICA – Way of Light
~ Lunar Phases of Ivy ~
New Moon – Sept 12/13                                  Full Moon – Sept 27
Crescent Moon – Sept 16                                Disseminating – Oct 1
First Quarter Moon – Sept 20                       Last Quarter Moon – Oct 3
Gibbous Moon – Sept 23                                 Balsamic Moon – Oct 7
New Moon of Reed Oct 11

Cosmic Alignment of New Moon – September 12/13

September 12th, 2015

Cosmic Alignment – Partial Solar Eclipse – New Moon September 12, 2015

Here on the West Coast of the U.S., the New Moon will begin at 11:41:12 p.m Pacific Daylight Time. The Sun and moon will be sliding through the last 10 degrees of Virgo as they meet up, hip-to-hip. Of course, we have a Partial Solar Eclipse–a “trigger point” for the world psyche. And what shall it trigger and for how long will this be in effect?
The timing of the effect will be as long as 6 months and perhaps a year. It will cause us to look at changes we may still need to take care of (such as health, cooperation with others, letting go of perfection and realizing we are moving through human experiences to cultivate our internal power). This will be a time to clear our clutter, especially our mental emotional attitudes that clutter our true empowered self. This trigger event can call us to creatively progress in our soul journey; to ascend in consciousness, if you will. The Virgo energy will certainly call us to Service…what will your service be as you enter a new cycle of the Moon?
An eclipse is like a retrograde. It reminds us to release, renew and perhaps redo. While we consciously join forces with this New Moon/Solar eclipse moment, we are also under the shadow of Mercury as it heads toward a 3 week retrograde effect. Mercury retrogrades in Libra and as an air sign, there may be many technologies that might have to fall apart to be redirected for positive use. Yes, I say this, for in the initial states of the shadow I have already had a huge failure of a new computer and a new recording system. I have lost the use of Skype on two systems, and so the Collective Communication Fields are already displaying the power of a Mercury retrograde. That actually stations and then descends through its retrogrades on Sept 17th.
This also reminds us that we truly need to be more attentive to “thinking before we speak.” In relationships, this is very important…words may be said that are truly activators of the trigger of arguments, misrepresentation of what we mean to say, and set a month of disagreements into action. Don’t hesitate to think before you react, speak or take action that becomes an unforgivable event.
Ah, but what more might we be looking at as we continue through the months of harvest and the ability to reap what we have sown as well and complete what we need to? I find something very significant as I look at our day of the New Moon/Solar Eclipse. In fact, we have been working with this field for sometime, but its intensity is growing. I’m speaking of Saturn finishing its visit in the field of Scorpio. It is presently at a prominent state of 29 Degrees; a huge trigger point that will bring us to our knees unless we are willing to listen and learn; as well as respond and change. Through dream-time and early morning contemplation I went through this scenario of the effect this journey Saturn has made sine Oct 6, 2012. It will totally complete this cycle in Scorpio by mid- September when it enters Sagittarius to stay for ~2 -1/2 years. So, pardon me while I digress and do not make this such an astrological look at all the stars and planets in the heaven at New Moon time.
What has Saturn provided us during this journey into Scorpio? Well think of this story: Saturn equates to Cronus a great and powerful father of Hades, Poseidon and Zeus. (Please know there are many renditions of this story; I use one I was taught, and I am not reporting the exact story.) Lore tells us that Cronus was foretold of the eminent powers in his sons. So, when they were born he would eat them and regurgitate them. In fact, he had a fear that they would overcome the reign of all the Gods of Titan. As Cronus was still young, he felt Hades and Poseidon could overcome his thrown of power and oust him. Not to be had, Cronus, commanded them to be sent to realms of the Underworld to take their power; yet he also imprisoned them in these places.
Hades underworld is given the molten energy of the Earth–or Hell as we like to use in our human language. Underground, where he could not be seen and it might be a bit dangerous if you made a connection with him. In fact, the story of Persephone is the maiden Hades enticed and held her captive in this heat of passion, a place of darkness, and when lost in this place, a barren reality. For us personally, this is the field of our fearful self, unworthy and wounded self. It is our Shadow, until we heal and discover it is the conduit to our Higher Self…our Light; our Master Self.
Poseidon, was also put into an underground reality. Yet, this was of the Sea. Cast in the ocean so vast, Cronus believed he would not come forward to interrupt his thrown of power. Poseidon, however, is believed to be the initiator of earthquakes, tsunamis, and great subconscious disturbances. This is the domain of our illusions, willingness to be influenced by other’s as we fall prey to substance abuses, unhealthy lifestyles, and separation from our higher self.
Finally, the younger son Zeus, protected by his mother Rhea, and birthed when Cronus was getting older and losing his spirit of fight; was saved from the wrath of his father’s determination to keep him from overpowering the God’s of the Titans and the power of his own thrown. A god of the skies, lightning, law, order and justice; he was seen as a benevolent god; and one who would be called “Father” of all. He, it is said, visited his brother’s and would encourage them to come out of their underworld prisons and enter the light.
So, I use these profaned statements of the story of these gods to help us enter into a psycho-spiritual contemplation of what the star patterns and movement might be showing us. First, I return to Saturn (Cronus) at its “elder” stage of travel through Scorpio at 29 degrees (Hades environment). Saturn (Cronus) is a great pattern maker for creating structures of power, governments of the world, and the determination to reign in one’s domain. He is the holder of the signature of each soul. Scorpio (Hades environment), is the psycho-spiritual realm of the deep darkness of our emotions; the subconscious levels that take charge and rule with and without conscious direction. It is the place in our personal unconscious in which we have held our beliefs, our falsehoods, our inhibitions, our wounds of human battle. It is our Lower Self….until we learn of who we truly are: Gods and Goddesses. Yet, it is the breading ground of creation, the powerful ground of our soul purpose and passion. It is the foundation of transformation, transmutation and the breeding ground of transfiguration. It is not only this for each person, but for the collective unconscious of our entire humanity. It can stir the wrath of war or the light of peace, that only occurs when the wounds of battle are healed and the compassion of understanding has been revealed.
In the dream, I found that Cronus has been speaking to his son, Hades and listening to this deep inner power express the need to change the foundational structures of the unconscious rules of the collective field of humanity. Cronus has been actively sharing the wisdom of how to release the old structures, false memories, wounds of psycho-spiritual battles, and limited realities. This time and travel through the realm of Hades has allowed father and son to create great changes and to challenge the people of the world to understand the domain they have before them. It is the last vestiges of humanities Fall and belief in Separation from God/Goddess. It has been an inner discussion within everyone: change your beliefs, memories and attitudes of separation. Get out of Hell—for it never existed anyway. Discontinue being the “evil ones” locked in old religious beliefs, family dysfunctions, wounded by unworthiness, sexual and substance abuses, and more. Stop being a Killing Field of the souls of the Great Creator. Rise up, transmute, ascend into the Light of Oneness.
Zeus (Jupiter), seen as the benevolent brother who would help his siblings come out of the underworld that they held court within, is next on the scene of Cronus’ desire to aid in the change. By September 19th, Cronus (Saturn) will be fully involved in Zeus’ environment. Saturn enters the domain of Sagittarius. He will bring to light the changes of the underworld of Hades. He will work within this environment to change the old structural patterning of the way we all see Truth, Courts of Law, Education, Travel, Religion, and above all true Benevolence. He will the hand of his son and urge the unconscious collective field of humanity gain clarity in the power to live in service to each other in ways that support One Family, holistic service, and the power to continue the evolution of Light. As Zeus (Jupiter) travels through Virgo and Cronus (Saturn) begins to travel through Sagittarius, they will join forces of grace and ease to guide the power of loving benevolence and service.
Cronus will not be without a connection to his son Poseidon (Neptune), as they are beginning to come together in a square aspect in the heavens. Cronus will be challenging Poseidon to agitate our emotional selves (hopefully not like an earthquake). We will be called into the Great Sea (Ocean of Consciousness) to remember our way to Oneness. Cronus will be encouraging the release of further use of illusion, substances that keep us lost in airy fairy land, and breaking down of old structures of religious beliefs that keep us separate from our Christ Self. Cronus will be reminding Poseidon that the eruption to be had is the eruption of world-wide love and compassion that holds honor to the Womb of the Universe as it continues to birth new patterns of living on this great Earth.

Ah, times are a changing (Cronus). We are a part of it…for we are not separate from the whole. However, we are graced with Free Will and Choice. Let us use this time of the eclipse, and the end-time of Saturn’s journey in Scorpio to trigger our Service to Humanity (and thus to our self), to make the great changes of living within the bounds of Love, Compassion, Peace and Harmony….it is part of the Great Sea, the Great Sky and the Great Underground.

Ritual of Autmnal Equinox

September 11th, 2015

Autumnal Equinox
Alban Elfed

Balance of Night and Day, Dark and Light, Autumnal Equinox honors equality, just as Spring Equinox did. Alban Elfed (meaning Autumnal Equinox) also celebrates Mabon, the Great Son of the Great Mother. Aligned with the Moon traveling the cycles of Ivy, it is the Light that brings forth the power of abundance and the Spirit of Still Movement. It is the doorway to the shadow time of the year (Winter). This celebration calls forth the honoring of all the work we have done for the year, asks us to complete the hard and fast journeys, and begin to bring ourselves within.

September 23rd is the Day of the Fall Equinox when the Sun enters Libra at 1:21 a.m., PDT. Celebrations often occur for three days . An honoring of the Law of 3. The Law of 3 states that what you put out is returned 3-fold. It also is an honoring of: the Sun, the Moon and the Earth; Maiden, Mother, Crone; Youth, Father, and Elder; Supernal Consciousness, Subconsciousness, and Cognitive Consciousness (to name a few qualities) Autumnal Equinox is the celebration of the last vestiges of Light, for the Shadows of the Moon will reign, and the blessings of winter will come, calling us within.

To honor this celebration is to honor your moments of Equality: your balance of your inner and outer reality, your masculine and feminine qualities of giving and receiving, speaking and listening, being active and being restful, making decisions and being creative. To honor this vibration in the celebrations of the Moon Flow of Grapevine, we honor the Crone’s Moon.

Crone’s Moon Time

Last Quarter – Give honor to what you have received, learned and know. Complete any unfinished business around your desire. Let go of anything that did not work or ideas that did not manifest.

Balsamic Moon – Honor the Waning of the Moon. Move to silent places within. Be quiet in your heart and honor the empty womb. Cleanse and clear your emotions, mind, body and ego to prepare for the New Moon. Use the power within the Circle of Wyse Women to direct your days.
Honor the stages of the last vestiges of the moon throughout your ceremony.

Blessings as you honor the Magickal Ceremony of Autumnal Equinox.
Spirit of Purpose
The Magic of Autumnal Equinox
✬ The time before Autumnal Equinox needs to be spent contemplating what you are willing to honor to be in your state of Harvest and going within. It is a time to contemplate on what you have achieved and what you are thankful for.

✬ Establish the Spirit of Purpose (i.e. what you desire to accomplish and how you want to align with the powerful energies of the Universe to do so during this time);

✬ Establish date and time to perform your magickal ceremony: September 23, 2015 is the Day of Autumnal Equinox. Celebrations can occur for at least three days. Choose the day that best fits your opportunity to respond in the most sacred way.

✬ Gather specific components for your assisting spell. Choose the color of Green or Fall Leaf colors of green and burnt oranges. Use these colors in the candles, for this is the color of Fall, abundance, reward, and completion. The essences of Apple, Cinnamon, Frankincense. Bring in the plant of Rosemary or Poppy. Use the stone of Calcite, Opal or Turquoise

✬ From the moment you know what you want to acknowledge and bring forth abundantly, consciously place this energy into the Heart of the Great Mother, and the Heart of the Moon where the Greater Purpose and Guidance of energy can be directed for you. Create a statement to encourage the empowerment of your ritual purpose.

✴ I Am Living in the Light of Abundance
✴ I am Creating from the Light of Constant Flow
* I AM Abundant

✬ Carve a symbol of a Tree on one side of the candle. This is a symbol of your inner being acknowledging the power of life-force energy flowing through you and grounding into your world.. Then carve a Moon on another side of your candle, symbolizing the Moon Force that is the power of the rest of this year.

✬ One day of your ritual, gather all the elements and tools for your altar, (include your plants, oils, stones, candles, and altar elements ). Place them on your altar cloth. Choose to maintain a sacred attitude about what you are doing.
‒ Create an incantation that will be used in your ceremony. It is best done with your own words and written in your own hand.

‒ An example of an incantation: “God/Goddess I call you now. Listen to my solemn vow. I choose to walk in abundance and gratitude. I desire to live in a positive attitude. Assist me now, I call to you. Help me remain balanced in all I do.”

‒ Write out your complete ceremony that you wish to follow (your intent and your action for setting a circle, the vortex of Universal Energy). Write it in your magickal spells book (from beginning to end). Include a space within the ceremony where you can spend time completely aligning in your moment of balance with your inner and outer aspects of Self.

✬ Prepare for your Ceremony

‒ Self Purification – (bath/shower, sage or other cleansing incense/elixir)

‒ Cleanse the place where ritual will occur (sage or other incense to clear the area, i.e., elixir for room clearing, symbolic sweeping with a broom)

‒ Set an altar with a cloth to place your items for symbols of fire (candle with specific color), water (in cup or shell), air (incense or double edged knife) and earth (a stone or pentacle symbol) as well as sacred items that align your heart and mind with the Spirit of Purpose.

‒ Clear your mind of other thoughts and activities. Bring a vision of your purpose into your mind, feel yourself ready to enter the deepest part of your inner being. Center your mind and emotions into the purpose of your ritual. (This is very important for achieving your desired outcome.)

‒ Create a sacred vortex by drawing or envisioning a sphere of light circled around you. (a conduit for energy to be mixed and aligned with God/Goddess, the Spirit of your Soul Purpose, and the most sacred vibration of the manifested desire) Your mental and emotional qualities must maintain the focus of purpose.

‒ Align with the 4-quarters. Sanctify the circle by honoring the elements/elementals. Call in the Goddess, deities and the Spirit of Purpose in the manner that is most comfortable for you, but always with clarity and deliberate focus of purpose.

‒ Speak out your incantation for what you desire. Raise energy (feeling and sensing a rise of energy from your womb, begin to visualize it forming a ball of light (i.e., for staying on purpose, a red orange), hold your sphincter muscle tightly as you create this ball of light and let the energy rise to your heart, then with a large exhale, direct the energy ball of light from your heart into the circle, knowing that it forms the spirit of your purpose).

‒ Meditate in the energy you have created. Visualize the manifest of your desire complete and utilize the powers of knowing that it is so: Feel it, put a smell to it (oils, incense or plant help you do this), a taste, sound, and see it so. When you feel it deep within, end your meditation.

‒ Give gratitude to the Goddess, deities, elements and elementals, the 4-quarters and conduit alignment above and below. Acknowledge that all is within you now.

‒ Close your circle by snuffing out your candle, and walking in the opposite direction that you set your circle to gather all energy unto yourself.

‒ Say Awen (So it is, So Mote it Be, It is complete).

The following may provide you information for setting your circle after you have cleansed the area and set your items on the altar (cleanse them as well).

Draw a circle by standing in the center of your space, face West (the place of the Moon, the alignment with Autumnal Equinox), allow yourself to draw in white light from the heart of WomanSpirit to your heart. Feel it well up inside like a ball of light, release this light into your right index finger (or through the use of a wand), and circle clock-wise, releasing the light as you complete one full turn around the circle. As your return to the West, begin giving honor to the 4-quarters and calling in the elements as well. At your altar sprinkle water from your cup across your altar to honor the blessings of water, touch the simple stone and connect to the humbleness within you and the sacredness of the earth, light the incense for air, light the candle for fire.

Facing the West:

WomanSpirit, Great Goddess, I desire to align with the light of the west
WomanSpirit, I ask that this portal be open
I a sk to align with the Spirit of water (touch the water, if you have not), the light of wisdom, the ocean of conscious, and the rewards of my quest.
WomanSpirit, I ask that Archangel Gabriel and Goddess Arianrhod help me enter this portal
I, become one with my intuition, the empowerment of my wisdom, and the Will to live with higher truth and love
Face the North:

WomanSpirit, Great Goddess, I desire to align with the light of the North
WomanSpirit, I ask that this portal be open
I a sk to align with the Spirit of earth (touch the stone, if you have not), the power of faith, the guardianship of earth, and the blessings of knowledge.
WomanSpirit, I ask that Archangel Auriel and Goddess Eriu help me enter this portal
I, become one with my faith, the empowerment of abundance, and the Will to live as a co-partner with You.

Face the East:

WomanSpirit, Great Goddess, I desire to align with the light of the east
WomanSpirit I ask that this portal be open
I ask to align with the Spirit of Air (light the incense, if you have not), the power of Vision, and the Insight of the Masters
WomanSpirit, I ask that Archangel Raphael and Goddess Diedre help me enter this portal
I, become one with the vision of my purpose, the Will to e express from my Higher Self and the diligence to see the signs You present me along my way.

Face the South:

WomanSpirit, Great Goddess, I desire to align with the light of the south
WomanSpirit, I ask that this portal be open
I a sk to align with the Spirit of fire (light the candle, if you have not), the light of integrity, truth and purpose.
WomanSpirit, I ask that Archangel Michael and Goddess Taillte help me enter this portal
I, become one with the enlightenment of my purpose, the empowerment of my Personal Authority, and the Will to live with integrity
The invocation to the Goddess and Deity of the Moon. Stand with arms raised and legs separated revealing the stance of a five pointed star that honors the Goddess and say:

At this moment, a dedicated time of this hour
I call forth the Blessings of WomanSpirit’s Power
(pause and feel the energy align with you)

WomanSpirit, Great Goddess,
Mother of all the spheres,
Guardian of my Soul
I call your presence into my awareness here and now
May I be blessed by our fusion and the authority it provides me to take dominion over my reality
Great Mother, penetrate this moment and project upon me your Divine Essence
Let your loving gaze be the blessings of my Harvest
(Pause and feel the energy of WomanSpirit align with you)

The magick has begun
From your loving heart the sacred powers from within are released.

Create a symbol of Anu (five pointed star within a circle) and say

Arianrhod, Spirit of the Night Skies, I call to you.. Goddess Eriu, Sovereign Goddess of the Land, teacher of abundance, help me to honor the power to manifest and be rewarded for forthright attitudes of Love, Light, Peace, Harmony, Truth, Integrity, Wisdom, Faith, and Knowing. Help me, All, to manifest balance in all that I do. Cerridwen, Sovereign Goddess of my soul, with you I stride with sacred attitudes, help me pass through the the power of the shadows and approach the wisdom of the Inner Realm where I will open to the energies of the Divine. WomanSpirit may your presence guide and assist me as I travel the pathways of Harvest, particularly the harvest of my soul and through the Doorway of Autumnal Equinox. I am grateful for the balance, honored by the energy of intent and purpose and shall respond to the desires and drive within me to accomplish the journeys my soul has chosen to achieve in this life time. AWEN.

Proceed to the incantation: (yours or the suggested one)

“God/Goddess I call you now.
Listen to my solemn vow.
I choose to walk in purpose and wisdom.
And live my life in an empowered fashion.
Assist me now, I call to you.
Help me stay balanced in all I do.”

Raise energy (feeling and sensing a rise of energy from your womb, begin to visualize it forming a ball of light (i.e., for abundant harvest, green or green with burnt orange), hold tight your sphincter muscle and let the energy rise to your heart, then with a large exhale, direct the energy ball of light from your heart into the circle, knowing that it forms the spirit of your purpose).

‒ Meditate in the energy you have created. Spend time focusing and visioning on your balance of Inner and Outer Realities. See the strength of your Masculine and Feminine traits working together, unified, whole. Allow the feminine qualities to emerge as you release from Autumnal Equinox and enter into the shadow time of the year. Let this state of empowerment allow you to feel your Inner Authority. Your knowing that life is yours to create as a co-partner with the Universe, especially when you align from the sacred place within..

‒ Give gratitude to WomanSpirit, the Great Goddess, deities, elements and elementals, the 4-quarters and conduit alignment above and below. Acknowledge that all is within you now.

‒ Close your circle by snuffing out your candle (or blowing it out knowing that the light goes out to the world), and walking in the opposite direction that you set your circle to gather all energy unto yourself.

‒ Say Awen (So it is, So Mote it Be, It is complete).

Awen – It is so! So it is!


Message from Yeshua

August 30th, 2015
Messages from Jesus (Yeshua) while in Texas in August 2015
In a meditation I was granted communication with Jesus Christ: A few messages were given.  I thought they were worthy of everyone having a chance to know them.   There was a healing given around arguments.
“Arguments stem from the things one has to hide, wether you know what you are trying to keep from another, or it is the deeply seated fears not yet captured in consciousness at such a level of awareness that you heal.  Fears are most often the fears of:
Less Intelligent
Overly concerned of being hurt”
He then provided this statement:
“You are a blessed being–call forth your Mastery.  Relax into the holiness of your life.  Keep this place of light radiating throughout your cognitive state.”
A prayer was also provided:
“Yeshua, Son of the Holy Spirit, Father of the World; guide us to Mastery.  Lead us beyond expectations of self-fulfillment.
“Lead us into the knowing of peace, the expression of pure manifestations, and the joy of being Creative Creatures.
“May we all serve the Holy Spirit by Living the Light that we are.”   (Awen, Amen)
love and blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.

Cosmic Alignment – The New Moon August 14, 2015

August 11th, 2015

What? We are ready to end another lunar cycle and so close to the end of Summer? Oh, my, the year is rushing its way through our lives. However, there is still time to play and the gift of the New Moon is the playful energy of Leo as the Sun and the Moon ride hip-to-hip at 21 degrees, 23 minutes within the zodiac sign of Leo.
Venus is also in Leo, yet in her retrograde position. So close to the Sun, she is hidden in its light. Yet she will call you to be aware of your playfulness, creative urges, and power of relating to another with love of self and the other. She will help you explore deep feelings of your inner truth and desires for light in any and all relationships. She, along with the Moon and Sun are sitting opposite of Earth, observing the activities that are to occur all month as you manifest your highest consciousness, inner moods and wisdom, and live masterfully with the resourcefulness that guides you from the shadows to the light.

The Sabian Message of the Duo of the Moon and Sun provide this message: “A Carrier Pigeon.” Oh my, the gift of a messenger, as birds are so often noted in mystical wisdom. And the carrier pigeon always knows how to fly back home where rest, play and awareness shares the wisdom of the day. Look for the most important information being provided to you. Feel in your inner knowing and respond to it consciously from your higher mind. Take in the message and take it home (your inner self) where you may use this message effectively.

In the power of this new moon is another sacred gift that we can note as we recognize that Jupiter has just begun a year-long trek through Virgo. Jupiter is the giver of the abundance of the Universe while Virgo stirs within us the place to put that abundance to work. But, there is more. For Virgo is also associated with the Hebrew Letter of Yod, the Open Hand of God/Goddess, while Jupiter is associated with the Hebrew Letter of Kaph, the Grasping Hand. Placing the two together gives us another theme to follow: To know that the Divine Hand is reaching out to give us all we need and we have the power to grasp that hand and take the gifts into our world. The Universal Law associated with Yod is the Law of Wholeness and the Universal Law associated with Kaph is the Law of Contraction and Expansion. This reminds us to contract our hand around the Divine hand of wholeness/everything, then expand our hand and openly put the gifts into action in our daily lives. By 12:47 a.m. on August 15, the Moon will move into Virgo and the beauty of the Moon is the gift of the Universal Law of Wisdom….providing us the inner wisdom to know exactly how to use the gifts.

Jupiter’s last travel through Virgo was in 2003. What were you trying to grasp then? What was your job and service to humanity revealing at that time? What were you trying to perfect and did you use the Jupiter power to expand the grace of the universe into your world or contract into concerns and fears that you weren’t ready. Perhaps this cycle will give you the inner knowing that all is in it rightful place right now. Be blessed by the gifts of generosity, jovialness and the ability to gamble on your life quest (blessings of Jupiter).

Mercury is also traveling through Virgo, allowing you to focus your mind on what you are creating and bring your talents into a manifest reality. You may not be the perfection of it all, but that is only our human illusion. The Divine is ready to express through you where you are and help you develop further by the actions of mind, body and spirit put into action. Particularly when your expressions are aligned with humanitarian attitudes, actions and service.

Saturn is still slowly finishing its timeline in Scorpio…we are working on realizing what substructure we have created in the inner shadows of our mental/emotional realities. Yet, the power of the wisdom is how to create and recreate our substructure so that we can follow our true goals to manifest in our world in the most successful way intended by our soul. Be sure to read the New Moon Letter, also found on this page.

Pluto is in retrograde in Capricorn and calling for a review of all of humanity. Have we chosen well how to put our world governments into a more positive role? Have we reviewed our worldly actions and subtle subconscious reactions so we may guide us all to a new structure and peak of power that is partnered with true justice, new laws that provide harmony amongst all people, and the gift of assisting all to achieve the goals and ideals imprinted in each soul?

Also in this retrograde season is Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, as well as Uranus in Aries. Slow down, these retrogrades caution. Slow down so you may observe your humanitarian reality or illusion, the old wounds carrying on when they are no longer needed, and reactive forces creating unexpected chaos. Slow down, observe and change…for the gift of change is compassion, healing, and new ideals being lived through the creative processes of all individuals.

Mars is in the fresh pathway of Leo and is ready to play, create, and urge us on to think in the higher ways of our self by remembering we Are the I AM embodied and we must take self dominion to live the knowing of this inner power.

May the gift of the new moon plant many seeds of awareness that will grow all month and become the fruit of your labors throughout this new lunar cycle.

Warm blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.

New Moon Letter of Hazel/Grapevine – August 14, 2015

August 11th, 2015

The Gift of Earth Cycles

Woven in Faith, Expressing In Abundance
Living the Dream Expressed through Inner Substructure
Cultivating the Soul Voice activated in Matter

More than a Triad
Powered through Faith
New Moon – July 14, 2015
7:53:21 a.m. Pacific Standard Time

Hello Everyone:

We will be easing into the New Moon on the 14th, and as we have been following all year long, the Moon and Sun are finishing their jaunt through Holly (Leo), at 21 degrees 30 minutes. Yet, we are heading into the realm of Hazel/Grapevine union. That will occur at 12:47 a.m. on August 15th. The Moon will make it’s jaunt into Virgo (Hazel/Grapevine) and we will be working with a very blessed time. First of all, consider the Hand of God/Goddess reaching out to you! Hazel/Grapevine are aligned with the wonders if the Hebrew Letter of Yod (The Open Hand of God/Goddess). This is a time that we can be alert and reach for that hand. In fact, when you read of the Cosmic Alignments, you will see how very effective that field of energy is working with us at this new moon time.
As we did in the time of Birch, we make note that this isn’t simply a Trio of Earth, but the mere fact that Hazel and Grapevine have an inter-connective Weave of the Divine Feminine, we note four qualities of consciousness at work here: Hazel, Grapevine, Birch and Willow. Be there the Glory of the Divine Sacred Work—-the power to Manifest; the fulfillment of the Desire and Divine Plan of God/Goddess. With the Open Hand of the Divine, we have nothing to do but reach for our harvest and let abundance fill our day. How might we do that?

The Eighth Lunar action of 2015 – Initiated in Hazel/Grapevine- The Cognitive State – Woven in Faith, Expressing in Abundance with Active Partners – Mercrianna and Venus

Hazel stirs the power of faith and calls on our mental capacity to continue to see the vision of our desires with our mind in our heart and our heart in our mind. We know from that state that we can see the finish of projects, the harvest of what we have reap, and the power of our lead turned to gold. Our lead has been the challenges and burdens we have walked throughout this year as we cultivated our intentions. Our gold is the reward of the power of Cause and Effect that we have reaped. And as we have held a focus this year for Living our True Calling, each of us are likely seeing the results of that reality.
As I alluded to above, both Hazel and Grapevine capture, are part of, and releases the energy of the sacred field of Yod/h (The Open Hand of God/Goddess; also known as the Finger of Fate), Within this field the Law of Wholeness is expressed. This leaves us knowing that All Is, All is Good, and All is Divinely Given. We have nothing to fear, doubt, or betray. We simply need to take a hold of The Hand, and be guided.
Within Grapevine is a second reality. For Grapevine not only flows in the field of Virgo, it cycles into Libra and in that reality releases the Hebrew Letter of Lamed/ k, the Law of Cause and Effect (Karma), and the wisdom to take what we reap, let go of what is completed and begin setting in the deep field of tomorrow, the ideals, deep desires and creative substances in the seeds of New Beginnings. Lamed means Ox Goad, which presents us with the reality that we must contain the power of Cause and Effect, but learning what our thoughts and emotions create. Turn any thought and emotion around that creates the negative effects of loss, grief, and unworthiness. Honor what has occurred, but move into the action of new beginnings, honoring what we grieve and move forward, and live as worthy beings in the Light of the Divine expression we are (Holly’s energy was a great teacher of this reality). Lamed means to be instructed and too instruct. When we allow our life to instruct us as to the power of cause and effect, we can instruct our mind and emotions to move in more powerful directions of Peace, Love and Harmony, Creativity, True Expression, and the Power to Manifest, and live in Honor, Respect and Fulfillment for the betterment of All.
The Partners working with Hazel and Grapevine create the action of their foundation. Mercrianna activates the mental quality and within the field of Virgo, the stirring of well defined focus toward a perfect outcome occurs. It calls forward the mental ability to use the Divine Mind to visualize, the thought-forms to construct that which is to be manifest, and the power to communicate that construction. With the Power of Venus, the gift of creative imagination takes form with the caring and nurturing qualities that stir our worthiness, help us conquer our inner desires by using right resources, and thus drawing to us the magnetic field that takes the construct and places it into the manifest world. Venus the Heart, works with Mercury, the Mind and together
Thought and Emotion can become Congruent. The Power of the initiators of the T.E.A.M. are at work (Thoughts, Emotions, Action, Manifestation). Reminder: Thoughts and Emotions must be congruent in order for our Actions to activate a true Manifest.

Subconscious Level – Birch, with her partner Saturnea – Living the Dream Expressed by Inner Substructure.
Now Birch is working within our Subconscious Level. This is most certainly a cauldron level within us. It is here that we mix our thoughts and emotions together with all we have woven in our life time (and perhaps other lifetimes). If we are diligent, we are constantly reviewing this point of power within us. We have released the contents of the cauldron and renewed it, particularly at this time of the year when we are celebrating what has emerged from the reaping we have done. With Birch, we can be in new spaces of dreaming new dreams as well as visualizing new realities that are to become manifested in our physical realm of activity. Saturnea, the structural power, will help us build upon the dream, set the boundaries necessary to capture the Universal Energy, and put it all to work in our inner most powerful self….the Cauldron of Creative Power—our Subconscious. Saturnea, with the great structure of dedication, determination, discipline and devotion, will help us stay on target with our automatic mind keeping our body healthy, our mind alert, our emotions fashioned on creating, and our spirit ready to release the Divine Plan of our True Self. Together these elements of the Divine Feminine will guide us through All Dimensions to gather what we need, and lead us through the Universality of each aspect so we may know that the True Calling within us is fully established, Already Is, and must be Manifest according to the Good Work and Absolute Desire of the Holy Spirit. Grasp that Hand and Create the Blessed Outcome ready for you to fully experience.

Super Consciousness – Willow and companions Earth and Venus – Cultivating the Soul Voice Activated in Matter.
Willow now takes on the sacred position of the Super Consciousness, our Most High Place within us. The place of our True Master within. Willow becomes the guiding light that reminds us we are Masters and that we can continue to cultivate our soul voice that leads us further into the development of our True Calling. Willow teaches of the magick within us that knows how to use the sacred cauldron of our subconscious and how to bring the magick into our cognitive level. Willow continues to reveal to us how we are one with the Universe and thus how to use the mysterious wisdom of the Divine Feminine to dream-weave and structure the desires so they may become a living quality in the realm of matter. Earth is the birthing place and thus the activator of All manifests as well as the supporter of the place of experiencing and expressing the manifest in our human designs for living. Venus continues the flow of creative urges, visions and the ability to nurture, use right resources, and become interactive with all living creatures so the manifest can be the ultimate harvest of our dreams, desires and True Calling. Our Super Consciousness is at work sending the Light of creative powers, mastery, and cultivation of our soul intentions.
What have you discovered in the power of this Gift of the Earth Cycles? How will you remain aware of your three levels of consciousness interwoven with the Universal Consciousness of the Hazel/Grapevine lunar cycle?

The cosmic alignment of the new moon can be found on the blog page of Just open to that page with this url: I am still having difficulty with my WomanSpirit website. Web Master is working on it now! Until all is in order, I will continue to use our SPICA site.
We do not have a Celtic Festival during this lunar cycle. However we are in the cycles of harvest. I hope your harvesting has been very fruitful and your manifestations the fulfillment of your soul designs.

Warm blessings of love,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.
President, SPICA – Way of Light




~ Lunar Phases of Hazel/Grapevine~
New Moon – August 14th Full Moon – August 29
Crescent Moon – August 17 Disseminating – August 31
First Quarter Moon – August 22 Last Quarter Moon – September 5
Gibbous Moon – August 26 Balsamic Moon – September 9

New Moon of Ivy – September 12

Sunday Service – August 9th

August 4th, 2015
Hello everyone:
We are back from travels and will have our regular Sunday Service at Mystic Isle Bookstore.  Come along, bring a friend!
Time:        9:30 a.m.
Theme:      Creating the Doorway to your Success through the 5th Dimension
Officiant:    Rev. Katherine Bell
Place:        Mystic Isle Bookstore at: 8036 La Mesa, Blvd.  La Mesa, CA
We look forward to a community hug!
Warm blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.