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Message from Yeshua

August 30th, 2015
Messages from Jesus (Yeshua) while in Texas in August 2015
In a meditation I was granted communication with Jesus Christ: A few messages were given.  I thought they were worthy of everyone having a chance to know them.   There was a healing given around arguments.
“Arguments stem from the things one has to hide, wether you know what you are trying to keep from another, or it is the deeply seated fears not yet captured in consciousness at such a level of awareness that you heal.  Fears are most often the fears of:
Less Intelligent
Overly concerned of being hurt”
He then provided this statement:
“You are a blessed being–call forth your Mastery.  Relax into the holiness of your life.  Keep this place of light radiating throughout your cognitive state.”
A prayer was also provided:
“Yeshua, Son of the Holy Spirit, Father of the World; guide us to Mastery.  Lead us beyond expectations of self-fulfillment.
“Lead us into the knowing of peace, the expression of pure manifestations, and the joy of being Creative Creatures.
“May we all serve the Holy Spirit by Living the Light that we are.”   (Awen, Amen)
love and blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.

Cosmic Alignment – The New Moon August 14, 2015

August 11th, 2015

What? We are ready to end another lunar cycle and so close to the end of Summer? Oh, my, the year is rushing its way through our lives. However, there is still time to play and the gift of the New Moon is the playful energy of Leo as the Sun and the Moon ride hip-to-hip at 21 degrees, 23 minutes within the zodiac sign of Leo.
Venus is also in Leo, yet in her retrograde position. So close to the Sun, she is hidden in its light. Yet she will call you to be aware of your playfulness, creative urges, and power of relating to another with love of self and the other. She will help you explore deep feelings of your inner truth and desires for light in any and all relationships. She, along with the Moon and Sun are sitting opposite of Earth, observing the activities that are to occur all month as you manifest your highest consciousness, inner moods and wisdom, and live masterfully with the resourcefulness that guides you from the shadows to the light.

The Sabian Message of the Duo of the Moon and Sun provide this message: “A Carrier Pigeon.” Oh my, the gift of a messenger, as birds are so often noted in mystical wisdom. And the carrier pigeon always knows how to fly back home where rest, play and awareness shares the wisdom of the day. Look for the most important information being provided to you. Feel in your inner knowing and respond to it consciously from your higher mind. Take in the message and take it home (your inner self) where you may use this message effectively.

In the power of this new moon is another sacred gift that we can note as we recognize that Jupiter has just begun a year-long trek through Virgo. Jupiter is the giver of the abundance of the Universe while Virgo stirs within us the place to put that abundance to work. But, there is more. For Virgo is also associated with the Hebrew Letter of Yod, the Open Hand of God/Goddess, while Jupiter is associated with the Hebrew Letter of Kaph, the Grasping Hand. Placing the two together gives us another theme to follow: To know that the Divine Hand is reaching out to give us all we need and we have the power to grasp that hand and take the gifts into our world. The Universal Law associated with Yod is the Law of Wholeness and the Universal Law associated with Kaph is the Law of Contraction and Expansion. This reminds us to contract our hand around the Divine hand of wholeness/everything, then expand our hand and openly put the gifts into action in our daily lives. By 12:47 a.m. on August 15, the Moon will move into Virgo and the beauty of the Moon is the gift of the Universal Law of Wisdom….providing us the inner wisdom to know exactly how to use the gifts.

Jupiter’s last travel through Virgo was in 2003. What were you trying to grasp then? What was your job and service to humanity revealing at that time? What were you trying to perfect and did you use the Jupiter power to expand the grace of the universe into your world or contract into concerns and fears that you weren’t ready. Perhaps this cycle will give you the inner knowing that all is in it rightful place right now. Be blessed by the gifts of generosity, jovialness and the ability to gamble on your life quest (blessings of Jupiter).

Mercury is also traveling through Virgo, allowing you to focus your mind on what you are creating and bring your talents into a manifest reality. You may not be the perfection of it all, but that is only our human illusion. The Divine is ready to express through you where you are and help you develop further by the actions of mind, body and spirit put into action. Particularly when your expressions are aligned with humanitarian attitudes, actions and service.

Saturn is still slowly finishing its timeline in Scorpio…we are working on realizing what substructure we have created in the inner shadows of our mental/emotional realities. Yet, the power of the wisdom is how to create and recreate our substructure so that we can follow our true goals to manifest in our world in the most successful way intended by our soul. Be sure to read the New Moon Letter, also found on this page.

Pluto is in retrograde in Capricorn and calling for a review of all of humanity. Have we chosen well how to put our world governments into a more positive role? Have we reviewed our worldly actions and subtle subconscious reactions so we may guide us all to a new structure and peak of power that is partnered with true justice, new laws that provide harmony amongst all people, and the gift of assisting all to achieve the goals and ideals imprinted in each soul?

Also in this retrograde season is Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, as well as Uranus in Aries. Slow down, these retrogrades caution. Slow down so you may observe your humanitarian reality or illusion, the old wounds carrying on when they are no longer needed, and reactive forces creating unexpected chaos. Slow down, observe and change…for the gift of change is compassion, healing, and new ideals being lived through the creative processes of all individuals.

Mars is in the fresh pathway of Leo and is ready to play, create, and urge us on to think in the higher ways of our self by remembering we Are the I AM embodied and we must take self dominion to live the knowing of this inner power.

May the gift of the new moon plant many seeds of awareness that will grow all month and become the fruit of your labors throughout this new lunar cycle.

Warm blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.

New Moon Letter of Hazel/Grapevine – August 14, 2015

August 11th, 2015

The Gift of Earth Cycles

Woven in Faith, Expressing In Abundance
Living the Dream Expressed through Inner Substructure
Cultivating the Soul Voice activated in Matter

More than a Triad
Powered through Faith
New Moon – July 14, 2015
7:53:21 a.m. Pacific Standard Time

Hello Everyone:

We will be easing into the New Moon on the 14th, and as we have been following all year long, the Moon and Sun are finishing their jaunt through Holly (Leo), at 21 degrees 30 minutes. Yet, we are heading into the realm of Hazel/Grapevine union. That will occur at 12:47 a.m. on August 15th. The Moon will make it’s jaunt into Virgo (Hazel/Grapevine) and we will be working with a very blessed time. First of all, consider the Hand of God/Goddess reaching out to you! Hazel/Grapevine are aligned with the wonders if the Hebrew Letter of Yod (The Open Hand of God/Goddess). This is a time that we can be alert and reach for that hand. In fact, when you read of the Cosmic Alignments, you will see how very effective that field of energy is working with us at this new moon time.
As we did in the time of Birch, we make note that this isn’t simply a Trio of Earth, but the mere fact that Hazel and Grapevine have an inter-connective Weave of the Divine Feminine, we note four qualities of consciousness at work here: Hazel, Grapevine, Birch and Willow. Be there the Glory of the Divine Sacred Work—-the power to Manifest; the fulfillment of the Desire and Divine Plan of God/Goddess. With the Open Hand of the Divine, we have nothing to do but reach for our harvest and let abundance fill our day. How might we do that?

The Eighth Lunar action of 2015 – Initiated in Hazel/Grapevine- The Cognitive State – Woven in Faith, Expressing in Abundance with Active Partners – Mercrianna and Venus

Hazel stirs the power of faith and calls on our mental capacity to continue to see the vision of our desires with our mind in our heart and our heart in our mind. We know from that state that we can see the finish of projects, the harvest of what we have reap, and the power of our lead turned to gold. Our lead has been the challenges and burdens we have walked throughout this year as we cultivated our intentions. Our gold is the reward of the power of Cause and Effect that we have reaped. And as we have held a focus this year for Living our True Calling, each of us are likely seeing the results of that reality.
As I alluded to above, both Hazel and Grapevine capture, are part of, and releases the energy of the sacred field of Yod/h (The Open Hand of God/Goddess; also known as the Finger of Fate), Within this field the Law of Wholeness is expressed. This leaves us knowing that All Is, All is Good, and All is Divinely Given. We have nothing to fear, doubt, or betray. We simply need to take a hold of The Hand, and be guided.
Within Grapevine is a second reality. For Grapevine not only flows in the field of Virgo, it cycles into Libra and in that reality releases the Hebrew Letter of Lamed/ k, the Law of Cause and Effect (Karma), and the wisdom to take what we reap, let go of what is completed and begin setting in the deep field of tomorrow, the ideals, deep desires and creative substances in the seeds of New Beginnings. Lamed means Ox Goad, which presents us with the reality that we must contain the power of Cause and Effect, but learning what our thoughts and emotions create. Turn any thought and emotion around that creates the negative effects of loss, grief, and unworthiness. Honor what has occurred, but move into the action of new beginnings, honoring what we grieve and move forward, and live as worthy beings in the Light of the Divine expression we are (Holly’s energy was a great teacher of this reality). Lamed means to be instructed and too instruct. When we allow our life to instruct us as to the power of cause and effect, we can instruct our mind and emotions to move in more powerful directions of Peace, Love and Harmony, Creativity, True Expression, and the Power to Manifest, and live in Honor, Respect and Fulfillment for the betterment of All.
The Partners working with Hazel and Grapevine create the action of their foundation. Mercrianna activates the mental quality and within the field of Virgo, the stirring of well defined focus toward a perfect outcome occurs. It calls forward the mental ability to use the Divine Mind to visualize, the thought-forms to construct that which is to be manifest, and the power to communicate that construction. With the Power of Venus, the gift of creative imagination takes form with the caring and nurturing qualities that stir our worthiness, help us conquer our inner desires by using right resources, and thus drawing to us the magnetic field that takes the construct and places it into the manifest world. Venus the Heart, works with Mercury, the Mind and together
Thought and Emotion can become Congruent. The Power of the initiators of the T.E.A.M. are at work (Thoughts, Emotions, Action, Manifestation). Reminder: Thoughts and Emotions must be congruent in order for our Actions to activate a true Manifest.

Subconscious Level – Birch, with her partner Saturnea – Living the Dream Expressed by Inner Substructure.
Now Birch is working within our Subconscious Level. This is most certainly a cauldron level within us. It is here that we mix our thoughts and emotions together with all we have woven in our life time (and perhaps other lifetimes). If we are diligent, we are constantly reviewing this point of power within us. We have released the contents of the cauldron and renewed it, particularly at this time of the year when we are celebrating what has emerged from the reaping we have done. With Birch, we can be in new spaces of dreaming new dreams as well as visualizing new realities that are to become manifested in our physical realm of activity. Saturnea, the structural power, will help us build upon the dream, set the boundaries necessary to capture the Universal Energy, and put it all to work in our inner most powerful self….the Cauldron of Creative Power—our Subconscious. Saturnea, with the great structure of dedication, determination, discipline and devotion, will help us stay on target with our automatic mind keeping our body healthy, our mind alert, our emotions fashioned on creating, and our spirit ready to release the Divine Plan of our True Self. Together these elements of the Divine Feminine will guide us through All Dimensions to gather what we need, and lead us through the Universality of each aspect so we may know that the True Calling within us is fully established, Already Is, and must be Manifest according to the Good Work and Absolute Desire of the Holy Spirit. Grasp that Hand and Create the Blessed Outcome ready for you to fully experience.

Super Consciousness – Willow and companions Earth and Venus – Cultivating the Soul Voice Activated in Matter.
Willow now takes on the sacred position of the Super Consciousness, our Most High Place within us. The place of our True Master within. Willow becomes the guiding light that reminds us we are Masters and that we can continue to cultivate our soul voice that leads us further into the development of our True Calling. Willow teaches of the magick within us that knows how to use the sacred cauldron of our subconscious and how to bring the magick into our cognitive level. Willow continues to reveal to us how we are one with the Universe and thus how to use the mysterious wisdom of the Divine Feminine to dream-weave and structure the desires so they may become a living quality in the realm of matter. Earth is the birthing place and thus the activator of All manifests as well as the supporter of the place of experiencing and expressing the manifest in our human designs for living. Venus continues the flow of creative urges, visions and the ability to nurture, use right resources, and become interactive with all living creatures so the manifest can be the ultimate harvest of our dreams, desires and True Calling. Our Super Consciousness is at work sending the Light of creative powers, mastery, and cultivation of our soul intentions.
What have you discovered in the power of this Gift of the Earth Cycles? How will you remain aware of your three levels of consciousness interwoven with the Universal Consciousness of the Hazel/Grapevine lunar cycle?

The cosmic alignment of the new moon can be found on the blog page of Just open to that page with this url: I am still having difficulty with my WomanSpirit website. Web Master is working on it now! Until all is in order, I will continue to use our SPICA site.
We do not have a Celtic Festival during this lunar cycle. However we are in the cycles of harvest. I hope your harvesting has been very fruitful and your manifestations the fulfillment of your soul designs.

Warm blessings of love,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.
President, SPICA – Way of Light




~ Lunar Phases of Hazel/Grapevine~
New Moon – August 14th Full Moon – August 29
Crescent Moon – August 17 Disseminating – August 31
First Quarter Moon – August 22 Last Quarter Moon – September 5
Gibbous Moon – August 26 Balsamic Moon – September 9

New Moon of Ivy – September 12

Sunday Service – August 9th

August 4th, 2015
Hello everyone:
We are back from travels and will have our regular Sunday Service at Mystic Isle Bookstore.  Come along, bring a friend!
Time:        9:30 a.m.
Theme:      Creating the Doorway to your Success through the 5th Dimension
Officiant:    Rev. Katherine Bell
Place:        Mystic Isle Bookstore at: 8036 La Mesa, Blvd.  La Mesa, CA
We look forward to a community hug!
Warm blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.

Cosmic Action – New Moon July 15th

July 5th, 2015

Cosmic Action – New Moon July 15th

At New Moon, there is not one planet that is left untouched by the arching light(s) of other planets. Certainly, we will feel the action of this energy. The Sun, so bright and brilliant, will be sitting so near Mercury, Mars, and of course, the moon, that it will outshine them. They, therefore, are not easily seen and also, more hidden in our inner consciousness.

What might this mean? Well, we may want to communicate our feelings (Mercury), but not feel safe to do that (Cancer influence). We may want to take action, but fee the need to wait and wade through our emotions (Mars in Cancer). And, we may be waiting for the light to shed a bit more on the family influence (Moon in Cancer) that we carry in our inner wisdom basket.

Oh, darn, more may keep us from an immediate action (or keep us from taking action too fast). The foursome mentioned above are opposite Pluto (in Capricorn). A greater hesitation may cause us to stall and be sure our inner authority is in the right gear; or we may fear outer authority (or our perception of it) has the corner on our decisions. Oh, my….may we truly have given up this battle. How about we see this opposition as a power to continue to transmute our old beliefs and perceptions (Capricorn) and take some action in a manner that allows us to consciously choose to live empowered, with a great foundation (Cancer) that will present us with the expression of our true potential? Breathe that breath of release because we are always living under the power of choice and we can do it.

Mars and Mercury for another arch of light with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. They form the sacred geometry of the T-Square. Agitation that is simply pulling on us to make our right choices, clean up our act, and communicate with our highest intentions.

As we walk through this Summer, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, and Chiron are all in retrograde. The power to reflect, review, transmute and restructure is not just a call to our personal self, but with these planets and asteroid, we are asked to do this in the expanded world-wide arena. We have some powerful negotiations going on in our world. Now is a time to use this field for ourselves to meditate and reflect on our personal power to influence the world through our affirmations, prayers, and living in our own restructured attitudes of peace within and peace throughout the world.

The Sabian message for the Sun/Moon conjunction in Cancer says, “A woman and two men on a bit of a sunlit land facing south.” Ah, what can this mean to us? This symbol is relating to a love triangle. A bit sunlit is an indication that is nothing is yet in full light. Consciousness is going to have to activate the power of choice and the wisdom of what is revealing a conflict and creating a challenge. As it is two men with one woman, it also reveals that a choice must be made as this triangle needs an adjustment for the harmony of companionship. What triangle are you wrapped in right now? Is it a relationship with others? Is it a relationship with a challenge in your career, wellness, etc? The message indicates facing South. That is a place of the Sun…the mid day, the place of action. Yet partially lit would indicate a lack of clarity for the action to occur. This New Moon message is showing the power of challenge is initiating agitations within our inner self. It is a power to use rather than believe it is a negative. It is the call to be alert, take on the realm of dominion with your cognitive mind (masculine) and subconscious mind (feminine) and form a union that creates the power and passion to truly live your highest qualities. For this Sabian message speaks of the sacral kingship. When using it in an empowered manner, we will let the Fire of Spirit rise where we can see all things as they truly are and make all the right choices to move forward with our inner and outer realities in conjunction with our highest power.

New Moon of Holly – July 15 2015

July 5th, 2015

Live Your Christed Self

Fire Cycles

Expressing Self
Activating Divine
I AM, That I AM

More than a Triad
Power of Action
New Moon – July 15, 2015
6:24:18 p.m. Pacific Standard Time

Hello Everyone:

I am early putting this letter out to you. I’m about to travel to Oklahoma for a wedding of a granddaughter. Please finish the work with the final phases of the Water Trio. As a matter of fact, you will once again find you will finish at New Moon as we continue to recognize the power of the changes this year. New Moon is on July 15th at 6:24:18 pm Pacific Daylight Time. The New Moon and the Sun will be finishing their round in Cancer (Oak) as they meet up at 23 degrees 14 minutes of this Zodiac vibration. As the Sun will be opposite Earth in Capricorn, you may find that you are contemplating more about your parents (Cancer – Mother; Capricorn – Father). You may also be aware of what your foundation of life (Cancer) has done to help you expand your career and expression of your gifts to others (Capricorn). Then, the moon will enter the zodiac sign of Leo (Holly) at 7:15 a.m. on July 16th . Do allow yourself to reflect on all that you gathered through the Triad of Water with Oak at the conscious helm. Then prepare to enter the realm of Fire, for the second time this year; with Holly/Leo at the Cognitive Level.

Contemplate this reality: When we enter the realm of Oak in a given lunar year cycle, we make note that what we set as a goal during Birch is ready to come to a fruition and manifest (Birth). When we reach Holly’s time, we are accepting the full birth of what we have set in motion. We are at a stage of reaping the rewards of what we manifest. We are most certainly ready to be working with our ideas, putting them into action and sharing them with others. The Fire quality reminds us that we are prepared to originate this next level. We are ready to take action, and we are ready to share.

The Seventh Trio action of 2015 – Initiated in Holly – The Cognitive State – Expressing your self; with her Active Partner – Suil
We now move the Holly consciousness out of the subconscious level and put this field of energy into action in our daily living and our personal thinking power. We are ready to be with others and demonstrate our Calling. We are ready to expand with a new birth of ideas and directions our soul has lead us to express.
What are you ready to express? How are you prepared to do this?

As we use the Universal energy of this lunar cycle and reveal its power to our selves through the iconic design of Holly, it is important to know that in the cycles of the year, we are at the first harvest of reaping what we have sown. For the next 3 lunar cycles, we will gather from our efforts, take action to express our personal power, and reveal all that we have done to qualify and quantify our Ideal Self. We stand out. We live with the positive expression of knowing we are doing exactly what we have been Called to do!
In the Wisdom of the Tree of Life, Fire is an active field that stands ready at all times to initiate as well as reveal the Great Work of the Divine. Through our self, then, we are asked to stand ready to move into action and manifest the Great Work that is used through our individual self.
Holly aligns with the path on the Tree and the Hebrew letter of Teth (y). Teth translates as Snake and represents the Fire of Spirit moving in Its power (i.e., the Kundalini) through us. When this power moves through our many states of consciousness and fully arrives in our cognitive state, we will automatically live with the power of self expressing our gifts. We will live fulfilled in the Universal Law of Self Dominion. As such, we will delight in fulfilling our True Calling. We will live proudly who we are (without arrogance). And, we be quite willing to share with others so they, too, can dance in the light of confidence, self empowerment and the joy of creating realities best suited for each person’s calling.
With Holly at the Helm of Cognitive Consciousness, we can abide in self awareness and achieve our successes. We can manifest our talents and love what we are doing as well as who we are. We will live in the Universal Law that is stimulated to full strength in Holly: The Law of Self Dominion. No thing, no person, no event, including ourselves, can stand in the way of our good when we are living in true self dominion.
The Action portion of Holly is Suil (Sun). What a power to actively reveal our light. What a gift to bring our mind into the awareness of living out our Highest and Best qualities. Suil calls us into the action of living with our ego through the refined level of our Christed-Self; a Master of living through all elements of our life. And least we forget, Suil vibrates with the Law of Regeneration and the Path of Resh, r , seen on the Tree of Life. It calls us to regenerate the passion and purpose of our soul and live it with consciousness.

Subconscious Level – Elder, with her partner Jupiteranu – Activating the Divine
As Elder expresses through the subconscious level of ourselves, we will recognize how to keep the refined higher self active consciously by remembering to enter realms of silence through our subconscious, perioidically. For in the Power of Silence, the fire we will connect with will be the banked fire of Source, ready to be released when our three-levels of consciousness are congruently working together.
Elder is aligned with the Hebrew letter of Samekh (x) and the Law of Adaptation. Therefore our inner self will help connect us with the support of a higher order (The Divine, Angels, guides and guardians). And, will help us adapt at all levels to the knowing of our Higher Self/Divine Self that is ready to manifest and reap from wisdom of our True Being. Elder’s influence will guide us to benevolent actions toward are self as well as all others, for we will see the power of Source in the presence of family, friends, and acquaintances. We will be able to see them as “helpers” on the field of our personal growth (challenging or rewarding helpers).
The active power of Elder is Jupiteranu. At this inner level of our subconscious, Jupiteranu will use the vibration of the Law of Contraction/Expansion. Whenever deemed necessary by our Higher Self, Jupiteranu will call us into our inner being, to rest, contemplate and move into silence so we can grasp the wisdom of the guidance we can feel, hear and perhaps see by an inner vision. Jupiteranu is associated with the Hebrew Letter Kaph (f), which means the Grasping Hand. With this power, we can grasp the wisdom for the silent resources of the Divine, feel it through our intuitive knowing, and chose to respond with our ability to bring this wisdom forward through our personal life.
Super Consciousness – Alder and companion Marsella – I AM That I AM
Alder now sits in the field of the Super Conscious state. She allows the Influence of the Higher Mind to stimulate action with a more Divine Intention wrapped in all of our desires. The higher influence is reminding us to Build our World with the Grace and independence of soul desire. The Higher Mind calls us to truly Live the True Calling without any hesitation. Don’t wait on someone to say it is okay. Don’t wait for the day that it will be better timing. Don’t wait on a certain amount of abundance. Alder says, Don’t Wait. Know that who you are and what you are presenting into your daily activity is exactly what is to be. It is the I AM and you are the I Am That I AM. The Creation of Creation. The Power of Expressing the Expression of the I AM…you are That of the I AM. Hear and see within you the Divine saying, “ I Am That, I Am. I AM That, I AM You!” You repeat to the Divine: “I AM That, I AM. I AM That, I AM You!”
Alder’s alignment with the Hebrew Letter, Heh (v), reminds you that you carry, at your highest level, the power to see through the Eye of the Divine. You have the power to recognize your true calling and see exactly what, where and how you are living that calling. The Eye of the Divine (Heh) is your guiding eye!
Alder also associates with the Universal Law of Worldly Development. It is within this Super Conscious State you realize that your higher mind is guiding you to develop your personal world into the stage of expression for your True Calling, living your talents, and being your creative self.
The active partner of Alder, Marsella, will help you activate this quality of yourself. It will be done through the Sound of the Divine Voice through your personal mouth. For Marsella is a vibrant energy of the Hebrew letter, Peh (p). This letter has a translation as Human Mouth and the Law of Purification. Your Super Conscious level will inspire you with the language of the Divine and encourage you to speak with positive conviction and affirmation of who you are, the talents you do possess, and the willingness to actively express your True Calling. With the Law of Purification you will automatically know when you need to clean up your words and change them to words and phrases that honor the I AM that you Are with the courage to act upon your talents and be rewarded by adapting your life in accordance to your highest nature and expressing it to everyone and through every opportunity within your personal reality. Are you ready?
Will you use these beautiful messengers of your 3 state of conscious?

The cosmic alignment of the new moon can be found on the blog page of Just open to that page with this url: I am still having difficulty with my WomanSpirit website. Until all is in order, I will continue to use our SPICA site.
We do have a Celtic Festival during this lunar cycle: It is Lammas, which is the 5th Celtic Festival of the year. It means, “Feast of August.” It is added to the end of this letter, due to the website difficulties.
This is the time of the First Harvest and the doorway to Fall. Yes, Summer begins her end-time. Now you are reaping your rewards, for sure. Yet, know there are 3 months of reaping to honor your intentions of the year. Take your time and harvest well.
The Feast of August (generally August 1st) is another tine in which you can begin using the “Year and a Day” message and commit to something you truly want to accomplish. Do you wish to start a new job, write a new story, build a new division in your business, start a new relationship? Now is the time to take action and be committed for at least a year and a day.
I must apologize for the note on a Black Moon occurring this month. That was incorrect information from last year. I hope I have not totally confused any of you.
May you enjoy the Summer play time that I hope all of you are experiencing. May all travel have the blessings of the be the wings of cars, air planes, boats, etc. Have Fun!

Warm blessings of love,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.
President, SPICA – Way of Light

~ Lunar Phases of Holly~
New Moon – July 16 Full Moon – July 31
Crescent Moon – July 20 Disseminating Aug 3
First Quarter Moon – Julu 24 Last Quarter Moon – Aug 6
Gibbous Moon July 27 Balsamic Moon – Aug 10

New Moon of Hazel – August 14



Magick of Lughnassadh–Lammas

August 1st

This cross-quarter ceremony is best done between August 1st – August 7th (the day the Sun will be at 15 degrees of Leo). It can also occur throughout the Month and all the way up to Fall Equinox. Vibrant energy will be supporting you to align with the Universe and the emanating vibrations known to the Druids as Lughasadh and also called Lammas. It is a celebration day of the Sun and the First Harvest of the year. Lammas is the 5th Festival of a Druidic year. It means, “Feast of August.” It is during this time that our ancestors celebrated the foods of the Earth and the honoring of the Great Mother for her abundance that was not only seen, but felt, tasted, shared and used in many ways for the continuance of life (including replanting of seeds from the foods used at the celebration). It was a time of great gatherings and the families would come together to celebrate the gifts of the Earth Goddes, play games, compete, and form unions. The union of marriage was performed at this time, with a couple coming before the Priest/Priestess to honor their relationship and to set out for one year and a day to explore the relationships value for life. If, after the year and a day they found they could not remain together, they came back to the ceremony of Lughasadh, announced their decision to the Priest/Priestess, and the marriage was annulled. If, they found they were compatible, they held another ceremony to seal the marriage for life.
Commitment was a theme of the day; and so it is for the ritual you will perform. It is time to look at your commitments. What are they for? Are you committed to a loving relationship? Are you looking to commit to a loving relationship? Are you committed to an educational process? Are you committed to a career process? Are you committed to a community project? Are you committed to a Spiritual Quest? What is the commitment (s) you would like to focus on, empower by the right use of energy, and then honor for a year-and-a-day? Think on this with an open heart and open mind. This is a great power time of the Grain Goddesses (all of them from any country, spiritual group or practice). For this Ritual we will call forth Taillte, the Goddess of Grains, Competition and Commitment of the Celts. However, other grain goddesses can be called as well: From the Greek traditions, Artemis; Changing Woman or Corn Mother of the Native Americans; Chicomecoatl of the Aztecans; Guadalupe of the Mexican tradition; Kornjunfer of Germany; Marcia of Italy; Mawu of Africa; Nisaba of the Chaldean’s; Po Ino Nogar of Cambodia; Saning Sri of Japan; Tuaret of Egypt; Yellow Land Earth Queen of China; or perhaps Zaramama of Peru. The choice is yours, the desire needs to be from your heart.
This is a time of sharing, of caring and of honoring all levels of abundance in your life. Be sure that you bring about a way to share your gifts of abundance. Above all, be sure that you set your altar as a reflection of gratitude and awareness that you have of abundance as a way of letting the Great Mother know of your heart filled with thanks for the life gifts you have.
Items to bring to your celebration are loaves of bread, wheat stalks, berries, nuts, ale or fruitful drinks, tea’s and wines. Flowers for the altar are always appropriate with Sunflower’s, Hollyhocks, Acacia flowers and buds of the citrus trees.
Because this ceremony also marks the entrance into the season of Fall and the ending of the Summer Light, it is appropriate to honor the Solar Gods with Lugh (or Llew) being the head of the team. However, others can be called out as well. Lugh is the Celtic God most often called forth to honor the passage of the Summer and the celebration of the first harvest.
As you prepare for this ceremony, do bring to your mind all that you have accomplished so far this year. Look at how you have reaped your rewards and how these rewards look to you today. Review how your were committed to a year-and-a-day as you celebrated one year ago in August. Honor the gifts of abundance you have received throughout this year. Celebrate the awakening of Recognition within you of your union with Source. Are you ready to simply honor your rewards and commit to new ones? Are you ready to expand your process that you are working on for life? What are you ready to commit to as you celebrate Lughasadh?
Spirit of Purpose
The Magic of Lammas/Lughnassadh

✬ The time before Lammas/Lughasadh spend contemplating what your harvest is at this time. Create symbols of this harvest with wheat stalk, bread or berry pies.

✬ Establish the Spirit of Purpose (i.e. Honoring the power of Lughnassadh, harvest time, the time of commitment, play and games of life.)

✬ Establish date and time to perform your magickal ceremony. (August 1st – 7th )
✬ Gather specific components for your assisting ritual. Choose the color Yellow or Orange for your candles. The essences of Heather, Cypress or frankincense. Summer flowers can grace your altar. Wine and Bread can call forth the Greatest Wisdom of the time and Magick for Lammas.
✬ From the moment you know what you want to honor for this ceremony of commitment, consciously place this energy into the Heart of the Great Mother and the Heart of the Moon where the Greater Purpose and Guidance can be directed for you.

✬ Create an incantation that will be used in your ceremony. It is best done with your own words and written in your own hand.
‒ An example of an incantation: “Blessings of Harvest, Blessings of Light, Blessings of Dark, it gives me Might. Honor to the Sun who gives way to the Moon. I find the rhythm of commitment–I’m in tune.”
‒ Write out the complete ceremony you wish to follow. Write it in your magickal spells book (from beginning to end). Include a space within the ceremony where you can spend time completely honoring all that you have been aware of as your harvest, your intent in your commitment and your power to reflect this to your world.

✬ An hour or so before your ceremony begin by preparing yourself and placing all items on your altar.

‒ Self Purification – (bath/shower, sage or other cleansing incense/elixir)
‒ Cleanse the place where ritual will occur (sage or other incense to clear the area, i.e., elixir for room clearing, symbolic sweeping with a broom)
‒ Set an altar with a Yellow cloth to place your items for symbols of fire (candle with specific color), water (in cup or shell), air (incense or double edged knife) and earth (a stone or pentacle symbol) as well as sacred items that align your heart and mind with the Spirit of Purpose.

‒ Clear your mind of other thoughts and activities. Bring a vision of your purpose into your mind, feel yourself ready to enter the deepest part of your inner being. Center your mind and emotions into the purpose of your magickal alignment. (Very important)
‒ Create a sacred vortex (a conduit for energy to be mixed and aligned with God/Goddess, the Spirit of your Purpose, and the most sacred vibration of the manifested desire). Mind and emotions must maintain the focus of purpose in order for your ritual to provide the final manifest.
‒ Align with the 4-quarters. Sanctify the circle. Call in the Goddess, deities and the Spirit of Purpose in the manner that is most comfortable for you, but always with clarity and deliberate focus on your purpose.
‒ Speak out your incantation for what you desire. Raise energy (feeling and sensing a rise of energy from your lower belly, begin to visualize it forming a ball of light (i.e., for Lughasadh, Sun Light Glow), hold tight your sphincter muscle and let the energy rise to your heart, then with a large exhale, direct the energy ball of light from your heart into the circle, knowing that it forms the spirit of your purpose).
‒ Meditate in the energy you have created. Visualize the manifest complete and utilize the powers of knowing that it is so: Feel it, put a smell to it, a taste, sound, and see it so. When you feel it deep within, end your meditation.
‒ Give gratitude to the Goddess, deities, elements and elementals, the 4-quarters and conduit alignment above and below. Acknowledge that all is within you now.
‒ Close your circle by snuffing out your candle, and walking in the opposite direction that you set your circle to gather all energy unto yourself.
‒ Say Awen (So it is, So Mote it Be, It is complete).

The following may provide you information for setting your circle after you have cleansed the area and set your items on the altar (cleanse them as well).

Draw a circle by standing in the center of your space, face South (the place of the Summer and the entrance to the Fall time of the year. ), allow yourself to draw in white light from the heart of WomanSpirit to your heart. Feel it well up inside like a ball of light, release this light into your right index finger, and circle clock-wise, releasing the light as you complete one full turn around the circle. As your return to the South begin giving honor to the 4-quarters and calling in the elements as well. At your altar light the incense for air, light the candle for fire, and sprinkle water from your cup across your altar to honor the blessings of water, touch your stone and acknowledge the Spirit of Earth that allows you to flow with the essence of love and purpose, Then begin your opening:

Face the south:

WomanSpirit, from my heart to your heart I ask to align with the light of the south
I ask that this door be open and the Archangel Michael and the Goddess Taillte; help me cross this threshold and maintain my integrity, and intent to allow the power of purpose to be my magick that manifests my desire to commit to my dreams and aspirations.
I ask to align with the Spirit of fire and set the fire of greater purpose into full action.
WomanSpirit allow me to become impassioned by the desire of my soul and willing to hold steadfast on the Quest for at least One Year and a Day to honor all that is my harvest and to live empowered by my commitment.

Facing the west:

WomanSpirit, from my heart to your heart I ask to align with the light of the west
I ask that this door be open and the Archangel Gabriel and the Goddess Arianrhod to assist me in crossing this threshold and assist my travels through the astral fluid of Divine Wisdom.
I desire to align with the Spirit of water and the liquid of the sacred states of inner consciousness
WomanSpirit I desire to become one with the powers that be that will assist me in flowing with my desire to live empowered by my harvest and to maintain the power of my commitment.

Face the North:

WomanSpirit from my heart to yours I ask to align with the light of the north
I ask that this door be open and the Archangel Auriel and the Goddess Eiru to help me cross this threshold through the power of Faith.
I desire to align with the Spirit of the Earth and the power to hold the sacred quality of abundance that is so readily seen by are gardens, trees, and lifestyles of harvesting our talents.
I desire to become one with the grounding forces that will help me manifest all desires before me to let my soul release its power.

Face the east:

WomanSpirit, from my heart to yours I align with the light of the east
WomanSpirit, I ask that this door be open and the Archangel Raphael and the Goddess Diedre to help me cross this threshold and help me hold the vision of, and know the love and power of my committed journey before me.
I ask to align with the Spirit of air and the power to hold the vision of the harvest I desire
WomanSpirit allow me to become one with the vision of my inner temple and the place of my Higher Self that I may flow with this power at all times and reveal our union of abundant qualities of talents and whole expressions.

Then speak out your invocation to the WomanSpirit and the goddess that supports your passageway of Lammas.

Stand with arms raised and legs separated revealing the stance of a five pointed star that honors the Goddess and say:

WomanSpirit. I stand before you and call forth your presence, your love, your light and your sacred purpose into the Spirit of the Place, the Spirit of the Hour and the Spirit of this circle.
Great Goddess, WomanSpirit
May I be blessed by our union and the sacred powers within me.
May I hear Your voice and Your direction that I will honor.
Great Mother, penetrate through this moment and bring forth into my awareness your Divine Energy and commence the power of Lammas
Your loving grace and the blessings of my harvest are felt and known.
Inspiration has begun may wisdom follow.
From your loving heart the sacred voice of my soul responds and I shall begin my celebration and renew my commitment to you.

Create a symbol of Anu (five pointed star within a circle), create a prayer from your heart and say:

Taillte, Grain Mothers, I call to thee, Blessed be the fruitfulness that I now can see.
Taillte, Grain Mothers, Blessed be. I call forth the Goddess to form a Union with Me.
Spirit of Love, Spirit of Commitment, Spirit of Harvest, Spirit Nurturing, enter this place and allow me to see the forever blessings that Earth Mother has placed before me.
WomanSpirit, Great Mother, in humbleness I say, Thank you again for this Glorious Day, the gifts of Your Heart, the blessings to my hearth.
Accept from me the gifts of my altar, know that I recognize your abundance never falters. May I offer to thee a seed, in recognition that your force of rebirth will never cease.

Proceed to the incantation: (yours or the suggested one)

“Blessings of Harvest, Blessings of Light, Blessings of Dark, it gives me Might. Honor to the Sun who gives way to the Moon. I find the rhythm of commitment–I’m in tune.”

Maintain a connection to your purpose, the connection with your commitments, the honoring of your abundance, and the joy of rewards in your time and place now. Spend time in meditation, using Creative Visualization to see, feel and know your power to form Union with the Divine and the purest essence of your soul.

Raise energy (feeling and sensing a rise of energy from your lower belly, begin to visualize it forming a ball of light (i.e. moonlight glow), hold tight your sphincter muscle and let the energy rise to your heart, then with a large exhale, direct the energy ball of light from your heart into the circle, knowing that it forms the spirit of your purpose).

‒ Honor the energy you have created. Give honor for all that you experience and will experience
‒ Give gratitude to the Goddess, deities, the 4-quarters and conduit alignment above and below. Acknowledge that all is within you now.
‒ Close your circle by snuffing out your candle (or blowing it out knowing that the light goes out to the world), and walking in the opposite direction that you set your circle to gather all energy unto yourself.
‒ Say Awen (So it is, So Mote it Be, It is complete).
‒ Enjoy a festival of Light, Foods and Drink, and the Joy of play.

Blessings for A year-and-a-day of Spirit, A year of Heart-Living
Awen – It is so! So it is!


Cosmic Influence Initiated at New Moon – June 16

June 13th, 2015

Cosmic Field of Light

New Moon, June 16th at 7:05:18 a.m. PDT.

The Moon and Sun are completely connected in the sign of Gemini. Right next to them is Mars just a little less than 1 degree away. A little further back in the field of Gemini is Mercury. The Great Light (The Sun), extends over the lights of all of these planets. At times, we will not realize that they are actively generating messages. Yet, they are and what might they be?

The Sun in Gemini is reminding us to communicate with our Higher Ego and speak from our highest intention. In fact, the Sun is calling humanity to work together in small groups and large groups with humanitarian purpose, and to set new regulations that truly move us toward peace. We need it. We need to be curious about each other’s needs. We need to come out of the darkness and into the Light of Transfiguration so we may walk the walk of our speeches and lead the way to unity. May we do so, and not sit back as talkers in the backroom, hidden from the rest of the world.

The Moon in Gemini calls us to hear the inner voice of our Higher Self and respond with a dialogue with others about the wisdom we hear. Mars in Gemini is telling us to stand up without fear and take the moments and opportunities to be assertive about our higher truth and more distinct wisdom of desires to activate discussions that lead to the level of peace that is beyond wars. The Warrior of Mars stands in a position to communicate with the masses and Mercury leads the way to communicate with groups and organizations, as well as governments that can stir the activity of discussing joint needs. Hopefully assertive, less aggression.

Of course, Uranus in Aries continues to spark the need to gather that Humanitarian reality and place it into ultimate action. No hesitations, no delays. Get It Done. Uranus is slightly agitated by the arching light of Mercury—like the child (Mercury) saying to Grandpa (Uranus), What are we going to do? Why? How? When? Uranus reports back, We are on the Move….just stay planted in love, and expect the unexpected. Uranus is being supported by the Moon, Sun and Mars with positive encouragement to take up the opportunities the moment they come.

Saturn will not let the flow just happen. As the Sun and Moon send the frequencies to speak up, speak out and head toward union, Saturn sits in Scorpio with the aspect of, “I can’t quite hear you.” (A quincunx alignment). In fact, it is sitting in the darkness of Scorpio still trying to understand the shadow of humanity and the reason we are collectively stuck in the valley of war, fears and phobias. Saturn is trying to realize how we have invested ourselves collectively into the constantly re-seeding of old patterns. Scorpio is trying to give Saturn the message of transformation at levels beyond personal control….the mass has to let go, not just the person.

Mercury is just twisting out of an opposition with Saturn and the struggle to communicate with clarity what has happened in the underworld of our human reality has been going on. Yet, the Light will come within a few days. Mercury will tag the vibration of the Higher Messages of the Divine Words. For on the Tree of Life, Mercury is the manifest world of the path that reveals the Word of God/Goddess.

Pluto will help this communication level. Pluto, continuing its long journey through Capricorn, keeps receiving agitated messages from Saturn (they are in respective signs), to help regulate the journey of transformation and transmutation so that the mass consciousness can invest in new structures of living. Remember, Saturn will get stationed in Sagittarius by September of this year. This will bring to light the new directions that can be taken in a more positive manner for all. For now, these two planets are working out the new structures for Universal and worldly laws to work together. They are culling the old patterns and assisting each of us to get into the cycles of our Soul Calling, personally and with our brothers and sisters of humanity.

Neptune and Chiron are continuing the sojourn of Pisces. The process of life, death and rebirth is being aided by these two. Chiron is aiding humanity in its capability to remember to be healed from the old patterns and to help heal others in order to gain the ground of the rebirth of our new world. Neptune is reminding us not to get into the illusion that as we see life is all we get. Neptune is helping us realize the true purpose of this planetary light—to live with compassion, love with the spirit of oneness, and know that all wisdom we need is contained within us. We therefore have the capacity to creatively and positively live a new world consciousness of peace, creative expression, and delight in our diversities.

Ah, let us not leave out Venus and Jupiter who are traveling the path of Leo. They are walking in this playful field together. Sister and Brother. Creating and manifesting. Finding ways to bring the new expressions of life to the children of the world who will be our long-term generations of cultivating a loving world. Time now to play, they chirp. Don’t forget to play or too much seriousness and concern turns the tables to dread and maintenance of the belief that what we see may carry the end result of more strife and troubles.

Okay, so this month I got a bit serious, political, and hopefully stirring different thought-forms within everyone. We are always at Choice….and Gemini carries this power within us. We have our God/Goddess given right to live in this choice to make our world the Stand Up Version of the Manifest God/Goddess, rather than the sit down version of believing something else has control over us and it is dark and dank with possibility of world-ending destructive forces. Oh, my….let us look at the horizon of positive changes.


Sunday Service – June 14

June 9th, 2015
Join us for our Sunday Service – June 14th.  Bring a Friend and….
Step into another Dimension….Explore the realm of Sound Creating and be the practitioner of Sound through Love and in alignment with Angelic Guidance.
Place:    Mystic Isle Bookstore
Time:    9:30 a.m.  
Theme:    Working within 4th Dimension
Serving:    Rev. Katherine Bell
Assisting:    Rev. Barbara Hightower.
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.

SPICA Way of Light – Reiki Radiance Blankets

May 12th, 2015

As we continue to present blankets to our community, Rev. Celeste Mulvihill created 10 sacred blankets. Here is one being held by Judy Bain.  Rev. Barbara Hightower presented Judy with the 10 blankets. Judy is presenting them to a continuation school in San Diego county.  Many of these children are homeless, come to school without warm food or clothes.  The love imprinted in the tying of prayer knots will provide warmth beyond measure.


SPICA Way of Light – Reiki Radiant Healing Blankets

May 12th, 2015

Rev. Annie Watts, Associate Minister of SPICA – Way of Light is presenting 5 Reiki Radiance Prayer Blankets to the staff of Houston Methodist St. Catherine Hospital; a long term acute health care hospital. The staff include; Gary Kemf ( Administrator); Carolyn Masacrenhas (Dir. of Patient Care) and Tere Jackson (Manager of Volunteer Services).