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Full Moon and More

April 14th, 2014
Full Moon/Blood Moon – April 15, 2014 – 12:42:18 a.m. PDT
So, Tax Day, Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Cardinal Grand Square and what more????    To say there will be much tension mounting before this day and after is like saying snow is cold. … For sure!
As a field of collective consciousness we can easily see the tension throughout the world. Stories are being told from world leader-to-world leader, newspaper-to-TV, friend-to-friend, counselor-to-client, doctor-to-patient, neighbor-to-neighbor, etc.  These stories are filled with challenges.  A deluge of mishaps are included in the narratives.  It is the constant cry to “change” humanity.  But what can we change?  Only our self; and compassion is the rule of guidance.
I fully align with the message of change by brining back your spiritual self and living the Oneness we all talk about, no matter what our religion or spiritual practice.  I think if we don’t, then we will continue to cry out, “The sky is falling; The Sky is Falling!”  We will try very hard to make illusionary stories as to why it is all happening so we can avoid our great change of leaving separation behind and entering the True Oneness Reality. We seem to like to “blame” God, other Countries and People, and even the blessed Space Brothers and Sisters.  Does this Full Moon continue the message of change?   And will we realize we are at the helm of this change?  It is an auspicious time for all of us, that is for sure.
This Full Moon is called the Blood Moon because it is a Total Lunar Eclipse and the light of the Earth’s sunrises and sunsets create the blood-color glow.  This Lunar Eclipse will be fully seen in North America.  Well, if you are up early enough to see it.    Very close to the moon is a bright light, the planet Mars.   Lending its red glow perhaps?  Red, the power of change and purification….are we listening?  Are we responding or hiding out in old beliefs?
I look through the lens of Astrology with the eye of the Spiritual Content in the Stars and Planets.  Just a little askew of everyday astrology.  So again, here is what is see through the Spiritual lens as I peer at the skyway at Full Moon.
The Grand Cardinal Square is initiated by Mars in Libra opposing Uranus and Mercury in Aries.  This Initiates the challenges to Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn.  All Cardinal Signs in a great tension.  All calling us to the opportunity to take charge and create change.  All reminding us to get beyond our “Rip Van Winkle” syndrom and “Wake up!”    Who will be Leader?  Who will take charge?  Who has  Initiated new ways to accept guidance for the Newly forming states of consciousness for this Earth to Grow and Adapt into a holistic environment with Peace and Love as the Leader of all minds and hearts?  Who is providing the means for harmony, the practice of a higher awareness, the willingness to expand our love for all and our ability to make world-wide changes?  I know plenty who are speaking in tones of the Universe through spiritual practices.  Yet, we need everyone on the trail to honor these changes and enter the heart-mind of love and compassion rather than holding on to disasters and locked doors of new dimensions.
We have been experiencing Earth challenges with heavy storms, mudd slides, Earth quakes, etc.  In a T-square in the arching lights of planets, we can see how the energy has been aiding the vibrations of these catastrophes.  Jupiter expands and contracts and is in Cancer (water sign);   Jupiter opposes Pluto in Capricorn, an Earth Sign.  Pluto erupts things.  We can see the potential of water, earth and eruptions in this alignment.  We also have in the T-square the arcing light of Jupiter and Pluto to Uranus in Aries (Fire) and in California our Fire Season never left us this last year.  Uranus offers unexpected realities that occur so quickly one is taken off guard.  Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto have now joined the field of Mars in Libra as they arc their light vibrations  forming a Grand Square (also called a Grand Cross).  Since Mars is so close to the Moon, it activates the Moon and Sun into this vibration as well.  What might we see from this strong-hold of lights and energy being emitted?  CHANGE1 These are Earth Changes.  But more is going on.
Countries, families, lovers, and individuals cannot escape the call of change.  These frequencies are butted up against the long discussed squaring of Pluto and Uranus who are once again tightening the reigns of their square-off challenges to everyone (My calculations show this very strong moment will likely be April 21 at 6:00 a.m. PDT).
For those of you who have followed my teaching and the wisdom of SPICA – Way of Light, you know I see a different picture in the Astrological alignments.  I see the wisdom of the Universe as S/he emanates secrets within the wisdom of Universal Laws.  Secrets within these laws tell us much more than just the active and passive realities of planets and stars, moving energy of the Universe.  Secret messages are wafting through our collective field.  What can you make of them?
Mars/Libra = Law of Purification/Law of Cause and Effect Mercury/Uranus and Aries = Law of Expression/Law of Love and Law of Worldly Development Jupiter/Cancer = Law of Contraction and Expansion/Law of Containment Pluto/Capricorn = Law of Soul Evolution/Law of Living
If we are telling stories to each other, then what story can you create with this Grand Square?
Here are other Laws to add to your story:
At New Moon I spoke of relationship challenges.  They continue at this Full Moon. So I won’t repeat it as I did.  The Sun is in Aries, the Individual, while the Moon is in Libra, the Others.  The Sun carries the Law of Regeneration, the Moon carries the Law of Wisdom.
And to round out this Full Moon message found below, you might want to add the following Laws:
Saturn/Scorpio – Law of Universality/Law of Transformation Neptune/Venus/Chiron in Pisces = Law of Reversal and Reflection/Law of Creative Imagination/Law of Changes and Law of Destiny; Pisces is the Law of Life, Death and Rebirth.
At the time of Full Moon, Pluto is seen in the heavens as though it is at a stand-still.  More tension.  It prepares to release into retrograde motion.  Saturn in Scorpio  and Mars in Libra are in retrograde as well.   “Go within; get deeper.”  They all are saying.  Review who you are, how you relate to yourself, to others, to the world.  Clear out the wounds, the no longer beneficial beliefs, and the long held discord within you.  Form an active and intimate relationship with your soul-self.  Discover the Higher Truth.   To help guide you to the Sacred Truth, Neptune, Venus and Chiron, all in Pisces, are holding a strong field of challenge with Mars in Libra.  They are calling on the relationship with your Soul Memory of being The One.  They are supporting the great change of the collective field of consciousness.  These three arc a light to Pluto in Capricorn  with an ease of energy offering the doorway of opportunities.  Chiron is calling out for the opportunity to get beyond the old wounds, Venus is sending the message of how we are all One Relation, and Neptune is helping us sink in to the deeper awareness of the message of Christ, “I and the Father Are One; who I Am You Are [We are the I AM].”.  These three send a further message to Jupiter in Cancer, it is the message to relax into the Oneness, be receptive for the Divine is providing Grace.  Let Go and Allow.
Full Moon time, eclipses, and challenging energy are constant realities.  The challenge is not a discord of our self or the Universe.  The Challenge is the power to make a difference.  The Challenges is the gift to move forward with passion and purpose.  The Challenge is the creative inspiration that calls us all to know our self better, live in a greater harmony with others, and discover the cure for the diseases of war and poverty, lack and loss, separation and sadness…..and oh so much more.
May you all be blessed by the challenges you are facing.  May you find the rose in the midst of the thorns of challenge.  May you take up the call to be a participant of the new wave of living.  May you, perhaps, take up the call to lead, if only in your own relationship with others.  May you be the one who initiates the gift of Love, Peace, Harmony, Health and the knowing of Oneness.
Many blessings, Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D. President, SPICA-WAY OF LIGHT
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This is a school and church with a spiritual philosophy that offers the tenets of the Divine Mystery through a protocol of all philosophies of Ancient Wisdom. Through the Divine Feminine, Mystical Christ…

Sunday Service – April 13

April 7th, 2014
Hello Everyone:
    Want inspiration?  Seeking Inner Wisdom?  Feeling the Call of Spirit?  Come and join us. 
    April 13th we have our Church Service at Myztic Isle Bookstore.   For directions:
 We offer Reiki Healing Blessings just before our regular service:
9:00 – 9:25 a.m. – Reiki Healing Blessings
9:30 – 10:30 – Sunday Inspiration Service
            Theme:    Hawkers in the Temple
Bring a friend and join our circle of light.
Love and Blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell (AKA: Torres), Ph.D., D.D. President, SPICA – Way of Light 619-588-6483

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March 24th, 2014

March 30th at 11:44:39 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time, we are in perfect alignment of the New Moon.   Joined at the Hip, the Sun and Moon both are at 9 degrees 58 minutes in travel through the zodiac sign of Aries.  They conjunct Uranus, Oppose planet Earth in Libra, and square with both Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn.    This forms a Cardinal Grand Cross, though many Astrologers do not look at the planet Earth as an active quality.  Being encouraged by inspiration of the Divine Feminine, I look deeply into the gift of Earth being a major player in our galaxy and a receiver and actor of the energy with all arcing vibrations of other planets.  A Cardinal Grand Cross provides an energy that challenges us to get going and move forward in our life quest.  It stirs the “initiator,” and provides the assertive energy needed to achieve goals.  Tension is a key word…the tension that is necessary to motivate us when we seem to be trying to quit or carry the lack of urgency.  We need the tension and hope it does not turn into agitation and impatience.  This Grand Cross is so apropos to the Aries quality of “Get Going and Move toward a desired goal.”  The Power of the Earth in Libra lends to the review of relationships that help or deflect our movement toward the goal.  Please read the New Moon Letter to glean awareness of the power of relationships:

Looking further within the cosmic field, we can continue to recognize the Power of the Great Changes that are occurring by looking at the Laws of the Universe being activated through this Grand Square and the T-Square that we have been following with Jupiter in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn and both squaring the field of Uranus in Aries which is conjunct the Moon and Sun in Aries.  The laws we notice are:

Moon – Law of Wisdom

Sun – Law of Regeneration

Uranus – Law of Love

Aries – Law of Worldly Development

Jupiter – Law of Contraction/Expansion

Cancer – Law of Containment

Pluto – Law of Soul Evolution

Capricorn – Law of Living

And honoring the Grand Square with Earth involved:

Libra – Law of Cause and Effect.

Earth – Law of Completion

We can actually follow each law and reveal a mystical vibration taking place in our galaxy and effecting each of us.  Through wisdom we are regenerating our understanding of love and developing our world in that love.  We can contain the love by contracting into our inner self and expanding the wisdom from within to our outer reality of Earthly living.  This then, assists the power of causal energy to effect a completion of our intentions.  May they be the Intentions of balance, harmony, peace and above all, love.

The Sabian message of the Moon/Sun conjunction is “A man teaching new forms for old symbols.”  Ah, this in itself is an edict for our New World Consciousness.  It is time for us to review and transform the wisdom of the symbols.  Mastering the wisdom of symbols is a great work that each individual can endeavor to do.  It is the seeking of new ways of communicating the deep and sacred wisdom within symbols that have been with us since the beginning of time.  Perhaps they have lost their resplendence because of overuse of our usual language.  With this new moon, we can see we can take up the challenge and learn to look at our ancients symbols with a new eye and a refreshing quality of mastering our awareness at the deeper levels of our I Am Presence.

Helping in the heavens are the other planets at work in their radiance of energy.  Mars is retrograde in Libra.  This retrograde field allows for the warrior energy of Mars to slow down and consider what is aiding or abating the balance and harmony in relationships, particularly worldly relationships as Mars arcs light to Venus in Aquarius and Neptune in Pisces.  To Venus Mars sends a message to form the power of graceful relationships with groups as She instills love, worthiness and resourcefulness.  To Neptune, Mars stirs a minor challenge of questioning purpose for the greater whole.  It asks of humanity to feel before taking action of any sort so the right quality of Life can be sorted out and reversals can take place that may be needed to create the true wholeness that humanity seeks to know and live by in the Evolution of Oneness that our New World calls us to honor.

Mercury in Pisces  will help us remain mentally alert to the holistic call of Source.  Mercury connect with Chiron in Pisces who lends a gift of remembering how to heal and to recognize the consequences of war that hampers the creative power and challenges the healing power of everyone.  Mercury forms and energy of inspiration and grace to Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio.  With Jupiter, Mercury inspires the benevolence and honor of our foundations of life.  With Saturn Mercury encourages the ideas and ideals that help old structures implode and explode for the greater good.  Mercury and Saturn form energetic patterns of light to Pluto in Capricorn opening the doorway of opportunities to be explored for the greater good in dynamic, world-wide changes.  They call for new world laws that will seek the power of Grace to unfold the potentials of all souls living through a human experience.

How are you feeling and responding to the influence of cosmic energy?  How are you participating in Sacred Intentions to live up to the challenges that call for new directions to create the harmony, peace and love for All?

Warm blessings,

Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.

President, SPICA – Way of Light

SPICA – Way of Light – Sunday Class March 23

March 19th, 2014
Come and join us in our study of Angels, their assistance and our Oneness in the Matrix of the Universe.  Understand the many levels of assistance you are and can receive.   This Sunday we will connect with Archangel Khamael.
Time:     9:30 a.m….
Place:     Myztic Isle Bookstore, 8336 La Mesa Blvd,  La Mesa, CA
Class fee:  $20
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D. President, SPICA – Way of Light

ALBAN EILIR – Spring Equinox

March 18th, 2014

We are at the doorway of a new season:  Spring Equinox.  The Celtic Name for this time is Alban Eilir (Light of the Earth).

March 21st Is Alban Eilir.  If you are wanting to celebrate this celtic festival with ceremony, then visit this page on our website and enjoy the blessings of the Light of Earth and the honoring of Spring.

Warm Blessings, Rev. Katherine Bell


Full Moon – March 16

March 14th, 2014
Full Moon – Sunday March 16, 2014 10:08:18 am Pacific Daylight Time
 Why do we love the Full Moon so?  Is it the mystery of Light in the Dark?  Is it the lunacy that occurs through all species of the Earth?  Is it the “strange” events we all hear about? What is the draw of the Full Moon to you?  How many people realize the Full Moon is a time of balance as we tip-toe through the fields of opposition?  Below is an Esoteric explanation of the flow of energy this Full Moon is providing.
 On Sunday, March 16th,  the Full  Moon is gliding through the zodiac sign of Virgo at 26 degrees 01 minutes.  At the same moment, the Sun is shining through the zodiac sign of Pisces (polarity of Virgo) at 26 degrees 01 minutes.  The Moon is also directly beside the Earth, who is stepping through the Field of Virgo at, yep, 26 degrees 01 minutes.  At this degree, the Earth and Moon are also spurred on by Venus as the ruler of 26 degrees of Virgo (and below you can see the part that Pluto is playing as it rules the degrees of the Sun):  Stirring sweet energy of Earth, cultivation, working creatively and finding ways to be of service to others is contained within the deep feelings of ourselves.
 Ah, the Sun in Pisces, at this 26 degree level has a planetary ruler of Pluto and calls for deeper psyche work.  In the values of Pisces, we must look inside and discover what we have been using to keep ourselves from living our potential.  This happens by looking more deeply into our illusionary trends and actions of delusion.  But we must have Mercy on ourselves, heal and release the deeper recesses of our Mystical Self and not only will the Sun in Pisces help, but so will the pull of the Moon and the draw of the Earth create for us the breeding ground of self-healing which will lead us into the deeper awareness of releasing the beliefs that keep us in the trend of Self Inflicted Negativity (S.I.N.).  The Planet Pluto will helps us go deeper, and deeper and deeper.  With Pluto corresponding to the Universal Law of Soul Evolution, we can see it calls us to the depth of our soul and encourages us to respond to the voice of our soul (a communique of Venus as well).
 This cosmic arcs of light from planet-to-planet, cardinal point-to-cardinal point, and other celestial points,  are offering a few Sacred Geometrical Lines of Light.  The Moon/Earth are focal points of the Cosmic Yod…a finger of fate (open hand of God/Goddess) inspiring awareness.  The Moon and Earth send out the messages: “Come deeper into your feelings, understand your harmonics of health and vitality and your ability to work in tandem with all Earth Creatures,” Moon Mother says.
 “Come and cultivate the power of wisdom and sacred attunements in Matter.  Cultivate your highest levels of service as you use the Resources of Source.  From these resources, foster the growth of the gifts of the land and your own inner gifts to bring light to the world,” Earth Mother encourages.
 These two cosmic vibrations send their messages to Mercury and the South Moon Node (Collective Field of Memory and Rhythm) to stir the energy necessary to follow the inspiration of the Yod.  However, the subtle vibrations need a great attention in order to be heard and felt.  Mercury in Aquarius will help.  The focus to rise above the clatter and chatter of the misnomers of human existence is possible.  Mercury will ask that the communication within the transpersonal realm of consciousness be a part of what we use to gain understanding.  How does one do this?  Meditation, of course.  Yet,  have the focused Intention to live with a higher attitude of realization that the Human Field is a sacred aspect of soul living and the Finger of the Divine is most certainly directing this knowing.  “We are Perfect (Virgo) in all that we are in Matter (Earth).”  The field of our inner consciousness (Moon) is stirring our awareness of this reality.  The field of the Higher Mind is reminding everyone to live the humanitarian attitudes (Aquarius), that lead to honoring of all life and releasing the field of worry by knowing that everyone is in their right place as the greater timing of Now is encouraged for true awareness.  Mercury is radiating opportunities to realize this as its waveform bounces to the South Moon Node.  This energy of Cosmic Rhythm is urging the Collective Consciousness of ourselves to respond to worthiness, cultivate our resources of higher wisdom, and live with the possibilities of mastering our Earthly existence (South Node Crossing Taurus).
 The Moon and Earth are also initiators of a Mystical Rectangle.   The Mystical Rectangle  is like a Treasure Box within us and we can see the plan to open it by following the configuration of planets forming the rectangle. It will release further knowing of the Divine Mystery of life.  The Moon and Earth generate their arch of light to Saturn, retrograde,  in Scorpio and the Ascendent hosting Gemini.  Saturn arcs its light, in this rectangle, to the Sun in Pisces.  The Sun also arcs light to the Gemini Ascendent….thus, completing the circuit of the Mystical Rectangle.  What mysteries might we release with this energy encouraging vibrations to be noticed within us?    Saturn retrograde in Scorpio is calling on a greater healing as it continues to call forth  the explosion of old structures (mental, emotional, physical, and old memories), so they may break apart and open up to the Higher Intentions within every being.  The Sun calls for a regeneration after the explosion.  In Pisces, it is calling for the Regeneration of a sacred memory keyed within everyone: The Regeneration of Oneness; the Memory that Source and We are One and the same.  The Sun and Moon activating the Gemini course of consciousness is calling out for “sound healing,” through communications of all levels.  But to swing open the treasure chest, we must give way to listening to the higher power, rather, than the cacophony of human words and beliefs that hold the limitations of speaking and communication.  This challenge occurs as Mercury squares the Gemini ascendent and calls for more attention to what we are saying (to our self and to others).
 One more call from the Celestial field that is keeping everyone at attention is the sacred geometry of the T-Square configured by the arcing lights of Jupiter in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Aries.  The square between Pluto and Uranus is getting tighter and more tense again.  What is the configuration suggesting, aggravating, and calling us all to be aware of as we continue to feel this tight energy?  The focal point of the Cardinal T-Square is Uranus in Aries.  Ultimately, it is the continuance of Universal Mind creating such an agitation that we can only break free into the Greater Truth of the I AM.  To know that all of Humanity is, I AM.  This energy reminds us to hold to the Power of Love (Universal Law corresponding to Uranus) will the world is being developed (Universal Law of Aries) in a new way.  Pluto, constant companion in the arcing light with Uranus, rides the field of Capricorn and keeps that niggling energy to make the transmutation (Pluto)  of our worldly governments (Capricorn) occur that will support the change of the individuals.  Pluto (Universal Law of Soul Evolution) and Capricorn (Universal Law of Living) continue to push our collective field of evolutionary  consciousness into the realm of great change and the dynamics of knowing the power of utilizing all dimensions of consciousness, not just living in the 3rd dimensional awareness.  Finally, Jupiter in Cancer responds to Uranus and Pluto.  Jupiter will cause a great expansion of the irritations of this T-Square.  At some times, the feelings within us will be a readiness to explode from the challenges.  However.  In the Power of Cancer we can see that we need to change the foundations we were raised in (for many generations) and allow the true containment of the Holy Spirit be recognized as the higher vibrations of consciousness from which to honor our foundation of life and let that expand and contract and balance within us.
May this small view of the cosmos on Full Moon help you contemplate your part in this great cosmic scheme of continuos change.  Enjoy embellishing the Light of the Full Moon and feel the pull from this lunar cycle draw you to the mass awareness of Oneness.
Love and Blessings, Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D. President, SPICA – Way of Light
Rev. Katherine Bell (AKA: Torres), Ph.D., D.D. President, SPICA – Way of Light 619-588-6483

Live the Christed Self Stop, Pause, Increase Christed Awareness – SPICA

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Sunday Service – March 9

March 4th, 2014
Good Morning:
Sunday Services is this coming Sunday March 9th at Myztic Isle Bookstore. 
9:00 a.m. – 9:25 a.m. – SPICA – Reiki Radiance  (Healing time)
9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. -   Service
        Theme:        Sacred Memory
I look forward to seeing you!  You may also hear this service recorded on our webpage:
For directions to Myztic Isle, follow this url: 
Warm Blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell (AKA: Torres), Ph.D., D.D.
President, SPICA – Way of Light

Live the Christed Self

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New Moon and More – January 29, 2014

January 29th, 2014
Hello everyone:
 Whenever we have two new moons in one month, the second new moon is called the “Black” moon.  This term actually comes from the Wyse Women of Old who saw it as beneficial for magickal alignments.  What magick are you attempting to perform?  How can Rowan help you?  Read on and discover how you can spin and weave the energy of heaven into the realm of matter.  Continued….
Cosmic Lights  New Moon occurs at 1:38:30 pm Pacific Time on January 30th.  Its radiance flows through the zodiac sign of Aquarius as it sidles up to the Sun.  The inspiring feeling within our selves is to “be free” and unencumbered.  We want to express is grand style and with as much individual aplomb as we can reveal.
 As freedom seekers we may look at what the sky lights are offering as well as the Sabian message of the conjoined energy of the Sun and Moon.  In fact, let’s start there and look what is to stir within us.  The Sabian message states, “Children on a swing in a huge Oak tree.” … continued on
Celtic Ritual of Imbolc  There are 8 Celtic Festivals celebrated each year.  The first is Imbolc and catches us becoming aware that more light is emitting, the days are growing longer, the ice is melting and the first flowers may be seen popping up from the Earth.  In So. California, our heat has caused trees to flower already.  In the East and North East, not so much.  However, the power of the festival is a time to call all powers of our inner being into active light directing our year.  Continued…

Sunday Service January 12, 2014

January 7th, 2014
Good Morning:
This is a reminder for our Sunday Service On January 12 2014.  We hold this at Myztic Isle Bookstore.
9:00 a.m. to 9:25 a.m. – Reiki Healing Service
9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. + – Inspiration Messages for 2014
We look forward to having you all come and bring a friend.
If you need direction to Myztic Isle, please connect with this webpage:
I look forward to sharing the mystery behind 2014 and the sacred alignment we are all experiencing.
Love blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell (AKA: Torres), Ph.D., D.D. President, SPICA – Way of Light 619-588-6483

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Cosmic Alignment – January 1, 2014 New Moon

December 30th, 2013

At 3:14:08 a.m. on the first day of January we have a New Moon occurrence. We have a very rare experience to have a New Moon on New Year’s Day. Of course, most astrologers and mystical wisdom seekers find this to be auspicious. With the Moon, Sun, Pluto, and Mercury all conjunct each other in Capricorn, a greater power lines up for the world as well as our individual selves. But these 4 have one more partner in the region of Capricorn. Venus, presently in retrograde, is also in this powerful Zodiac sign, though not conjunct with the other 4. So, 5 out of 10 planets (11 if you count the Earth) are in Capricorn. Capricorn is the exuding energy of Achievement, the power to obtain fulfillment of your desires and be at the “head of the class” in your performance. Leadership takes over and in this world in need of changes in leadership, the glory of this alignment may be a prognosticator of what is to come.

I can’t go by without making the statement that Capricorn is the business environment, the field of your career, the head of corporations and governments, and the power that oversees the world. If you are having a bit of difficulty in any of these areas, remember to stop and be your personal authority so you can work most effectively in your worldly environment. Remember, Pluto is bringing up what has not been revealed before. This revelation is often not popular when drudged up through Pluto energy. However, the greater power is the Light that Pluto leads you to: the awareness of what needs to be changed to guide you to the most empowered state of existence.

Before going into even more explanation of the Astrological alignment of the New Moon, let me acknowledge that the Moon will be at her perigee: closest to the Earth and will be the closest of all new moons of 2014. This is another auspicious note for the energy is more strongly felt and utilized by our inner conscious, collective field of consciousness, and our personal intuition.

Because of these beneficial qualities, I urge any of you who follow a mystical intent to be more aligned with Source during the New Moon. Be alert to your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. Be alert to how you are directing energy through these levels of yourself. Remember they are your T.E.A.M. (Thoughts, Emotions, Actions, Manifestation) and need to be congruent on all levels to manifest the most balanced outcome of your desires.

Pluto, the great transmuter, continues to take precedence in the great awakening of our need to change and treat the New World with the power and respect needed to cultivate the way of Peace and Harmony and Higher Conscious Living. It hot, steaming energy will help us continue to melt-down n the fields we need to transform. Pluto is calling all to transform our world from the old structure and create a new, powerful and enduring structure. In fact, as Pluto represents the power of the soil coming to its fallow point so new seeds can be planted, and Pluto (as well as the Moon, Sun and Mercury) are opposite the Earth (in Cancer) on this day of the New Moon, the Soul Soil of the Earth is being strongly activated to release, from its molten level, the power of the Divine intention to reveal the seeds of nurturing from the core of this 5th World into the home/hands of humanity. As Pluto vibrates with the Law of Soul Evolution we can see the Anima Mundi (World Soul) continues to respond to the higher intention of Great Change. Let us not forget that when we see the “worst of things,” we are ready to see the “best of things” that are revealed at the darkest point and the first impression of New Light. This New Moon is New Light and ready to be the revealer of the powerful new structures to come into expression in 2014. What will they be for you and for me?

With the Capricorn energy we can use diligence, determination, discipline and devotion to make sure we get what we say we want. We must utilize our Inner Wisdom (Moon), with our higher intention (Sun), while allowing transmutation to carry on (Pluto), and keep a focus of higher intention (Mercury) that leads us to our mental authority to see what we know is the Divine Intention and Live it to the fullest (Venus).

We have the formation of a Cardinal Grand Cross (and will most certainly see this strongly aligned in May as well). A Cardinal Cross initiates something new. It is also a Cross Road symbol. We are at the Cross Roads of a New World, New Month and New Year. Another auspicious moment of the New Moon. The Capricorn Stellium is arcing light to Mercury in Libra, who arcs light to Jupiter (also retrograde) and Earth in Cancer, and these two arc light to Uranus in Aries and from there back to the Stellium in Capricorn. Will this energy box us in or lead us to the power of being the Authority of our Destination? Will it call us to form harmony in the midst of frustration? Care in the midst of chaos? Humanitarian action in the midst of self-survival? We do have the option to take up the Highest Direction and steer our life towards the Oneness messages we all hear, say we believe and now must take action to live. Or, we can continue to say the responsibility of our human endeavors belong to “others” who can lead us through the land of human laws and regulations while we simply keep pace with our person needs, wants and desires. We can live independently or live as a family of independent thinkers, movers and shakers of the world connected to each other so the individual talents can be the soup of nurturing for everyone.

With Venus and Jupiter in retrograde, we will be using this time to reconsider our resources, understand what risks are viable and what are foolish, and set the pace toward long term successes with the resources we have and the resources we will cultivate. We will also use these two planets to surge ahead in relationships. We will be rediscovering what they mean to us and how they support our ability to remain stalwart in our journey to accomplish what our soul-prompting is, as well as feel the foundation beneath us as secure and benevolent.

Venus is a personal planet while Jupiter is called a social planet. So, personally we will be called to enter into review of our intentions, creative concerns, resources and relationships with Venus. With Jupiter, we will be asked to review our ability to be social with our family (it is in Cancer) and with the world at large. We will be asked to reassess our financial realities with both Jupiter and Venus and take time before spending to contemplate the value of what we are about to do and does it work with the greater whole of our intentions. Retrogrades always carry the energy to stop, pause, review, realign, and readdress where we are going. Great! Use the energy…you most certainly want to be sure you are using energy in the most effective way to achieve what you desire.

We can see the transformational energy continues. It is in Divine Right Timing. Be sure to be listening for what more will come in 2014 as I speak at our SPICA – Way of Light Church and our audio recordings that will be provided at on our “Downloads” page.